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The Superior Superman Part 2

2013 The Remains of the Watchtower

Lex Luthor stood across from some of the most powerful beings in the universe. Among the 7 of them, only 3 (including himself) were normal humans. The rest had godlike power. he gazed around the room and looked into the faces of the people he was with. All of them were, bruised and battered. They were all that remained of the Justice League and the Legion of Doom. Well the ones that had been able to get to the Watchtower at least. Stood on top of the nearly destroyed transporter bay were The Flash, Joker, Circe, Batman, Wonder Woman and... Superman. As mush as Lex hated the man desperate times called for desperate measures at least for now.

"I hear by call the final meeting of the Justice League to order." Superman said.

Normally Lex would have objected to this but he just didn't have the time and couldn't see the point.

"So... where is everyone?" The Flash asked.

"Everyone's either dead or busy fighting on Earth. Either way we're all that's left. Meaning there are no second chances." Batman muttered. He'd been less talkative then usual since Darkseid had sent Steppenwolf to destroy the Batcave. It had been Darkseid's second target right after the Watchtower and had claimed the lives of Dick Grayson, Alfred Pennyworth and Barbara Gordon.

"We need a plan and we need one now." Everyone turned towards Wonder Woman, she hadn't been the same since Paradise Island had been destroyed.

"We need to occupy Darkseid's forces. We need our own forces to face against Darkseid's Parademons while his meta troops focus on Earth. That way we only need to focus on Darkseid." Wonder Woman said.

"Actually." The Joker said behind the bandages wrapped around his mouth. His voice box whirred as it clicked out his words. Batman had designed it himself and had designed it so it wouldn't be able to pick up Joker's laughter. "I might have a suggestion! To quote an old associate of mine when is a gang not a gang?"

Everyone stared at the Joker. Nobody was in the mood for his games. The Joker waited for an answer and when he didn't receive one he continued.

"When they're Cannon Fodder! Granted on their own they won't last 50 seconds against the troops but that's what old Lexies for!" The Joker said as he patted Lex on the back.

Superman turned and gritted his teeth, ever the boy scout. He flew quickly and grabbed Lex by the neck.

"I knew we couldn't trust you! What have you done?!"

Lex smiled through the blood coughing up his neck. He stared into the eyes of his nemesis and realized how much he'd changed in the last few months.

"Joker phrased it wrong. Ever since it became clear that you fools wouldn't be able to stop this on your own I've been working on something." Lex said as Superman placed him on the ground.

"What have you done?" Superman repeated.

Lex clapped his hands causing the Watchtower's lights to activate. Superman's eyes widened in surprise as he realized Luthor had hacked into the Watchtower's systems.

"I've been using an old friend of yours Superman. Someone who will make a perfect distraction."

The lights at the other end of the teleporter bay activated, revealing a large figure wearing a helmet,

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... the new and improved Doomsday!"



"ANTS! YOU DARE ATTEMPT TO THREATEN ME?! I AM POWER SUPREME! I AM-" Steppenwolf screamed as the Jokerz surrounded him and the fallen Parademons, He screamed as Doomsday grabbed him by the skull, causing his skull to cave in.

"Well..." The Flash said. "That's one way to make an entrance."

"All right people. Darkseid's chamber is straight ahead of us. This is it. Jokerz, distract the ground troops for as long as you can. It's time to save the world!" Superman shouted as he flew above the heroes and villains stood below him.


Superman turned as he was hit in the chest by the Omega Blast. Everyone below looked surprised, before the Jokerz started to run in the opposite direction. Lex thought into his helmet and felt satisfaction as Doomsday chased after the Joker gang.

"Justice League. TAKE HIM DOWN!" Batman shouted as he and Wonder Woman ran towards Darkseid. Batman threw a Batgrenade at Darkseid hitting him square in the chest. It of course had no effect at all, Wonder Woman pulled out her sword and slashed him across the chest. Darkseid smiled at the effort they were putting in.


Circe started to cast a magic spell at Darkseid, as the Joker pulled his crowbar, out from underneath his coat. Luthor was amazed at the god that stood before him. Perhaps this was the end.

"DEMON! I DON'T KNOW FROM WHAT FLESH PIT YOU CAME FROM BUT TODAY YOU WILL RETURN!" Circe screamed as she fired a blast of fire, hitting Darkseid in the back. For a second Darkseid grimaced. Few could resist magic. Even fewer could survive the full brunt of an assault from it. Clearly Darkseid was in both categories.


Luthor saw a red blur head straight towards Darkseid and hit him several times. Darkseid grabbed the Flash's arm and broke it before disintegrating him with his omega beams. Everyone watched in stunned silence as The Flash's ashes drifted away.

"ENOUGH!" Superman screamed as he flew straight into Darkseid. Superman landed several powerful blows into Darkseid before the New God could strike back. "You've arrived on my home." Superman screamed as he landed a punch into Darkseid's chin. "Killed my friends. My family!" Superman landed his elbow into Darkseid's arm dislocating it. "Today you being of death. You will die." Superman kicked Darkseid in the face, possibly crushing his nose. The force from the attack sent Darkseid flying backwards into the side of his citadel. Out of the corner of Luthor's eye, he saw Wonder Woman helping Batman up off the floor.

"Are you okay?" Wonder Woman asked.

"I'll live. He dislocated my leg with his finger. I wasn't fast enough."

Luthor hover in the air and flew towards the crash zone to see Superman stood over Darkseid's body.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't just kill him right now!" Superman yelled.

"Do it." Luthor said. "Kill him. He's killed billions of people. He deserves it."

Superman raised Darkseid into the air and stared at him. The New God was too weak to do anything, If he tried anything he'd still have the rest of the League and Doomsay to deal with.

"Rest in hell you ba$tard," Superman said as he unleashed his heat vision with enough force to destroy a small planet straight into Darksei'd face. He threw Darkseid's corpse to the ground and spat on it. Everyone gathered round.

"It had to be done." Batman said as he stared at the corpse.

"Of course it did. He had to die. There was no way around it this time."

"Speaking of things that have to be done I'm afraid this does to." Luthor said as he ripped open his armor's chest compartment, revealing a small hellspore. Everyone stared in shock with Superman staring grimly at Luthor.

"A clone. I should've... that's the real reason you had the helmet! Coated with lead."

"Of course. What more perfect a time to kill all of you and not feel the after effects? It's too late now, no where else to run."

The Joker looked at the situation for a second before shrugging and stabbing Batman in the back. He stabbed Batman several times before glancing up innocently at everyone.

"At least now I can die happily." He muttered.

The Luthor clone felt pain as the spore activated and the world went white, as the planet exploded...

To be continued...

Here's the link if you want to sign up for DC Future Shock!


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Darkseid was defeated too easily.

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@avenging_x_bolt: Thanks.

@jnr6lil: I know. It's like what happened in CORRUPTED. In reality it would've gone on for weeks but I didn't have time for that. Neither did those guys.

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Good job. Love the part with Steppenwolf.