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Lex Luthor watched inside of his secret underwater base. The Legion of Doom's headquarters had never been discovered by the League. Nobody else ever used the base anymore making it the perfect hideout. He watched through his cameras as his son, talked with his ex girlfriend Wonder Girl. He smiled. He looked forward to his plan being set in motion. Everything had been leading up to this.


"Where the hell have you been?!" Cassie asked.

Connor stared awkwardly at her. He was surprised he hadn't heard her heartbeat. He'd have to look into that.

"I've been busy." Connor said bluntly.

"Doing what?"

"Saving the world."

Cassie stared at him for a few seconds. She stood there with her eyes wide open.

"You did that before and STILL had time for a personal life!"

"True but back then I wasn't the only Superman. I'm not as powerful as Clark was. Which is why I'm trying to be better then he was."

"How? How are you doing better then Clark did?"

"Over the last 12 hours I've been able to save over a thousand people. I like to think that without a personal life I've saved more people then Clark would have been able to. Look what happened when I fought Metallo earlier! Clark would have been doomed in that situation, while I on the other hand beat Metallo with ease. I've effectively made it so that John Corben will never threaten the people of Metropolis again!"

"Connor you ripped out his Kryptonite heart and threw it into space."

"So? John was never technically alive. At least now he won't bother anyone."

"What's happened to you?"

"I've grown with the times."

"No. That's not how we're supposed to work."

Cassie walked towards the window and placed her foot in the opening.

"Goodbye Connor. I hope you see the error of your ways."

She flew out the window and into the night sky. Connor watched and sighed. He stiffened as he heard the sound of screaming and disappeared in a gust of wind.


Lex Luthor was asleep in his chair. He awakened as he heard the sound of beeping coming from one of his monitors. He straightened himself up and tapped on the keyboard. Apparently something was entering Earth's atmosphere and it wasn't burning up. He followed the object as it crash landed in London. His spy satellite zoomed in on the crash zone. Bodies lay broken everywhere, cars smashed however that didn't attract any of Lex's attention. He watched as a gigantic rocky foot stepped from the steaming smoke. The monster roared and charged at a crowd of people. Lex immediately delayed whatever plans he had for the planet. Something terrible had happened.

Doomsday had returned...

To be continued...

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That was... really short. Doomsday should be good though.

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@awesam: Yeah... sorry about that.

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