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Cassie Sandsmark flew in through her window, she'd spent the last few hours flying around the city collecting her thoughts. She sat down in her chair and turned the TV on.

"Over the last 5 hours we've received reports of a mysterious red and black blur appearing near disasters. The blur has been sighted saving hundreds of lives, stopping natural disasters and fighting super villains. Nobody is sure yet but there is much speculation that this new superhero may in fact be Superman. Or at the very least someone taking over for him."

Cassie's eyes widened.

"That son of a b!tch." She muttered to herself. She got up out of her chair and flew back out of her window.


Gotham City

"GRUNDY KILL YOU DEAD!" Solomon Grundy shouted as he smashed Connor on the floor.

"I'll remember that next time" Connor said as he laughed. "It's been a while Grundy. Nice to see you again. However I'm going to have to cut this short since I've got a meeting to attend!" Connor broke out of Grundy's grip and smashed him in the face sending him flying backwards into a van. Connor waited for a second expecting Grundy to get back up. He didn't. Connor looked at his fist in surprise.

"Guess I'm getting stronger." He muttered.

"Either that or you're not holding back anymore." A dark voice said from above him.

"Hello Tim." Connor said. "I hope you're not going all paranoid since you've become Batman... are you?"

Tim Drake dropped down from the building's fire escape. Out of the corner of his eye Connor could see someone else stood on the escape.

"Who's your friend?" Connor asked. "You're hanging around with clowns now? Cause I can understand keeping her in the shadows. I don't need my X-Ray vision to see her curves."

"She's not in the mood to meet you right now." Tim said. "Also I'm Batman. It's my job to be paranoid."

"It's good to be back. What brings you here?"

"This is MY city."

"This is MY planet. Do you know how many people Grundy would have killed if I hadn't intervened? Where were you?"

"You don't know Grundy like I do. We're trying to rehabilitate him. He's too dangerous otherwise."

"Right. So... how are the rest of the guy's?"

"Bart's busy in Central and Keystone, I'm standing in front of you and Cassie is retired."

"Wow really?"

"You haven't been to see her?"

"I got back in Metropolis last night. I didn't have time."

Tim sighed and pulled out his grappling hook.

"You're changing Connor, remember I'm watching you."

"Wow. Have you hit some kind of Bat puberty or something?"

Tim Drake didn't say anything as he zoomed up into the sky. His clown companion took a look at Connor and laughed before jumping up the building to join him. Connor smiled as he watched the two disappear.

"Duela huh?" Connor muttered. "Tim Drake you do have a strange taste in women."

Connor turned and flew up into the sky without a sound. The world had changed but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.


Metropolis Daily Planet Building

"Tell me Mr Kent why should I let you join us?" Patrick Silver asked.

"Mr Silver, my Step dad used to work at the planet. With all due respect he was also one of your best writers. I want to follow in his footsteps. You've seen my qualifications."

"Yes but I'm curious, you're 23 years old! Where have you been recently?"

"I've been finding myself. All of my family died during the Apokolips war. I was just pondering my life."

"Very well Kent you've got the job. Welcome to the Daily Planet. You start next Monday. You'll be sat across from Olsen over there."

"Thank you sir."

"Now get the hell out of my office!"

Connor walked through the door and smiled. He heard a familiar shout come from Silver as he heard Silver shout at him.

"And don't call me Sir!"

Connor pressed the button for the lower floor on the elevator and smiled.

"So that's what that feels like."


Connor walked into his apartment and sat down. He was exhausted. He'd saved a lot of people today. He deserved a rest. He was just about to close his eyes when he heard someone shout at him from behind.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

Connor sat up to see Cassie Sandsmark staring at him angrily. This was about to get interesting...

To be continued...

Okay so Future Shock issue 2 is up! Technically 3 counting @awesam's Atlantis book.

If you want to sign up for Future Shock here's a link for you:


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The blur? What is this, Smallville? Good job, I liked it.

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@awesam: Well he's not exactly showing himself yet.

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