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Connor Kent smiled as he entered his apartment, his landlady closed the door behind him. He'd been away for a while but now, he was back. In the year 2013 Darkseid had launched his armies against the Earth, the damage had been catastrophic. Millions had died, hundreds of heroes and villains included. Darkseid had grown tired of Earth constantly defeating him. He wasn't going to have it any longer. The war went on for 5 months, many cities were devastated. Some countries like North Korea were completely wiped away from the face of the Earth. Earth's greatest heroes and villains, the Justice League and the Legion of Doom were forced to work together to kill Darkseid. They succeeded. At the cost of their own lives. They destroyed Apokolips, apparently killing Darkseid and his army. However the damage had already been done. Earth had less heroes to defend it now. The Justice League was destroyed, the Justice Society had disbanded after the team being mostly wiped out. It had been madness. Connor had spent a year along with the other heroes helping repair the planet and then... he'd disappeared. For 8 years Connor had been inside the Fortress of Solitude, learning from the simulations that Jor El had left there for his son the first Superman. He'd spent that time learning about the planet, himself and his powers. Now he was back. He pulled his suit out of his bag and smiled, he was looking forward to wearing it. He sat down and turned the TV on.


Cassandra Sandsmark sighed as she sat down at her table. She glanced at her wardrobe and looked away. For 9 years she'd stopped being a super hero. She'd been trying to live an ordinary life and so far it was going well. She missed her friends. Several Titans had died during the war. She missed Donna and Diana. Technically she should be the new Wonder Woman right now. She didn't care, she didn't want to be Wonder Woman. She just wanted to be Cassie Sandsmark. Still... she missed flying. She also missed Connor. The day after the clean up of Metropolis was done he'd disappeared. Nobody knew where he was. Not Tim, or Bart or anyone. She missed those days. She glanced again at her wardrobe, she tried to fight it but it seemed as if it was calling to her, she walked over and pulled her costume out. It was too small for her but it didn't matter. She didn't have a secret identity anyway. She could just fly around in her normal clothes. She pulled open the window and flew out into the beautiful Metropolis skyline.


"We're receiving reports that Metallo is attacking the Metropolis shipyard. We go to Jack Olsen live at the scene..."

This was what woke Connor. He'd been asleep for the last 15 minutes. He replayed what he'd just heard in his head and instantly got into his costume and zoomed out the window. He flew straight through the city, it was overwhelming, he wasn't sure if anyone actually noticed him. he hoped they didn't. He wanted his public reveal to be massive. He saw what appeared to Metallo a few miles before he arrived there, he seemed to be fighting another person. He watched as Metallo hit the person away and stood above their unconscious body. Connor slammed right into Metallo at superspeed. He felt Metallo struggle beneath him and grabbed him by his metallic throat. He raised Metallo into the air and smiled as Metallo's eyes widened.

"You?! But you're..."

"Superman." Connor said with a smile. He smashed Metallo on the ground and pulled his suit's hoodie over his head. It wrapped around his head as he pulled Metallo's kryptonite heart out of it's chest.

"What?! How did you...?!" Someone said from behind Connor.

"Lead suit. Designed to protect me if kryptonite's nearby." Connor said as he threw the kryptonite into the air. His telescopic vision showed it burning up in the atmosphere.

"No not that. How did you...?" The person asked.

Connor turned around to see Michelle Carter staring at him. She was wearing her deceased brother's costume and was frowning.

"How did you survive Apokolips?"

"I'm not Clark." Connor said as his hoodie unraveled from his face. he smiled at her but she frowned back.

"Connor? Don't pull that whole boy scout thing that Clark did. I knew you as a kid. I know what you're really like."

"Not even a thank you for saving your life? What did Metallo even want?"

"I have no idea. Oh look it's your Que to leave."

Connor turned round and saw several Daily Planet vans driving towards him, he waited for some of the crew to step out and take a picture of him and then flew away at super speed. He hovered above Metropolis and looked down at his city. it was very different from Smallville. He was going to like it here.


"Eye witnesses report seeing the superhero known as Booster Gold fighting the super villain Metallo before the flying man joined in. now nobody has confirmed it but experts are speculating that Superman has returned. Whether this is the original Man of Steel or one of his loyal supporters remains to be seen."

The TV screen turned black as a hand turned it off with a remote. Lex Luthor smiled and held his hands together. Everything was coming along perfectly.

"Well Connor." He said. "Welcome back."


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Great start, but the led suit is cheating! This world actually reminds me of Earth 2.

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@awesam: Well if he has 8 years of learning he's probably going to make up for the fact that he's not as strong as Supes with some intellect. Also that just means he's going to be fighting some very powerful foes!

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Nice fan-fic, keep it going. No nothing of Earth 2 so someone might need to clarify.

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@jnr6lil: In Earth 2 they only had a few heroes. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Huntress and some other guy. So when Darkseid invaded they got their asses kicked and died.

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