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DC Future Shock - King of Shazam #1

"Nobody knows, or cares who I am. I am grateful. They all think Captain Marvel is dead, but he is just fine. That is the problem though, I should've gone out like a hero, like the others! I am not worthy...." Billy Batson was intense with emotion. He felt - like a villain. He had one friend, Tawny the tiger in the shape of a Great Dane, and lived in an apartment. Much older now, he had tried to go to high school, but he couldn't get money fast enough. Not knowing what to do he talked to his greatest mentor - SHAZAM.

" Billy, you are deceiving yourself. You are the chosen one for a reason, right? You are a world hero and you saved many lives. Use the heroes' deaths as a motivation, make up for it. You can - no must do it!" Shazam was gone in a flash of lightning.

There was no crime where Billy was, he had stopped them all. He was the worlds mightiest mortal, what should you expect? "Why not, I've seen Superboy is the new man of steel." Billy ran, jumped out the window, yelling "Shazam!" BOOM! Lightning strikes, and the worlds mightiest mortal is free once again. "I feel better than ever!" He flew across the city, uncountable times within moments, swooping up and down, turning trees into chocolate, just having fun...

Soon Billy had nothing to do, no crime to fight, and nobody to talk to. So he blew on his fingers, whistling, and attracted his good friend Tawny. Soon they were off on a new journey, stronger than ever before. Trying to forget the past, Billy set out to help the city.

Still, he remembered the day. He witnessed the death of many. Superman had died at the hands of Darkseid himself. I was helpless, too many soldiers to fight. The army was stronger than ever. "Tawny. I remember Clark's bravery. He shed no tear, felt no pain, let out no shout. Battled Darkseid to the end. I watched in pain as our hero, Superman was burnt to death. Diana too, she was a brave warrior, but the numbers were too much. Kalibak, he was given the "honor of finishing her" they even had Mongul on their side. They were brutal. Diana was choked to death, Barry was pulled to pieces, eaten by dogs. Teated like trash, How Dare They? Their sins are unparalleled. Bruce -" in pain Billy had remembered all of it, in tears of anger and sadness. " Bruce was beheaded by the opponents, laughing and screeching! Granny Goodness did it! That devil! Did gave her what she deserved, repaid Batman. And I hadn't gotten started yet!" Captain Marvel stopped, the moment of sadness, despair, anger - it all hit him. He remembered ripping off Granny's head, ignoring the screaming of citizens. He killed many soldiers, ruthlessly. He summoned the demon Etrigan, and got support from Teth Adam. The enemies, Kalibak and Mongul were beaten, half to death. Billy had no mercy. With a twist of his arms, he had broken the neck of Kalibak, throwing him into the depths of the ocean. Beaten Mongul so badly, his face was caving in. "But Darkseid, he is different, he was a God!" Billy grinds his teeth together whenever the name is spoken "He nearly killed me! He killed most of the League, Florida was destroyed in front of me! And I was helpless when he attacked me, I woke up in a hospital bed, saved by Adam." Billy had had enough. "I've gotta clear my mind, people need me out there, I'm going to do my job!"


After a day of saving cats from trees, people from fires, bombs, rabid dogs and more, Billy was about ready to settle down. Suddenly he noticed a ship, a large ship. He did not recognize the space ship, at least two times bigger than a soccer field, but Tawny did, as he was growling harshly. "What's wrong boy?" Tawny could smell the organisms in the ship. He recognized at least one, he dinot like the scent he smelled. To Tawny's disappointment, he couldn't talk in the dog form.

Shooting a yellow beam of light, four being appeared right from the ship. Two of them too familiar. " Mongul, Kalibak - what're you doing here? The Injustice League has been destroyed many times, and you four delinquents are about to get detention!" Mongul smiled "it seems when we were looking for a powerful kryptonian, we tracked you, we were looking for that new superman. But taking you down wouldn't hurt. And this will be permanent. As you see I have with me Black Beetle and Black Thunder."

Recognizing Black Beetle, Marvel nodded, but he soon noticed the other member. He seemed familiar, Billy could sense it! "Tawny, go get Ettie and Zatanna, but take your time, I can tire them out." The mightiest mortal was ready for battle, but could he succeed?

Quickly, Marvel speed toward Mongul and jabbed his abdomen. Staggering to the right as he barely dodged Black Thunder. He grabbed the arm of his opponent and swung him around, sending Kalibak flying. Just as he did that, Beetle smashed his head through several brick walls "gotcha!" Beetle charged his sonic blast, when the captain grabbed his leg, tripping him, and throwing him into the falling Kalibak who was coming back for battle. Zooming towards the two villains, Billy grabbed their heads and smashed them together, knocking the, out. "Whooo, hard work boys!" Suddenly he was grappled by Black Thunder, and was unable to escape. Mongul appeared through the destroyed wall and spat some blood onto the Captains cape. "It ends now" punch after punch, Mongul weakened Billy. "The final blow!" Mongul pulled his arm back, ready to finish the job. Billy closed his eyes bracing for attack. But nothing happened. "I'm disappointed, you do not harness your powers like you used to. What happened?" Black Adam had taken of his all black outfit that covered his body. HE was black thunder, to Billy's surprise. "How, did you-" "shut up alien, the boy was outnumbered!"

Billy had returned back to normal state. " Adam, what are you doing here?" Adam looked at Billy, a stern look "you have gotten soft. You aren't what you should be. I came to toughen you up!" Suddenly Adam was attacked by Tawny and a small orange creature. "Off boy, off!" Baby Etrigan and Tawny both looked up. "I see you brought Ettie, but Zatanna was not found." Tawny sat by Billy's side, as the baby demon crawled on his back.

"So, shall we get started Billy?" Adam, grabbed the boy. "Lets go."

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@18hunt Pretty awesome! Post it on the PM so that the others know where it is.

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@tommythehitman: thnx, I made an edit, because I didn't finish a sentence

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Good job. Billy's one ruthless SOB.