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The Journal of Shirley 'Eden' Addams

"The dream is almost always the same, ever since I was ten years old and my baby brother was born. A pyramid, a pink sky above it, golden sand stretching out to the horizon. I stand before the pyramid with three others whose faces I can't see. Lightning strikes the pyramid and it sinks beneath the sand. A figure in blue wearing a golden helmet hovers in the sky above us. The golden helmet glows with such light it is impossible to tell whether the figure is male or female."

"A voice speaks into my mind, like the figure it is impossible to distinguish if it is male or female. 'You will find Hawkins' pyramid.' The voice says."

"A shooting star falls as the sky turns from pink to deep blue. The shooting star is in the shape of a bird and it strikes the ground where the pyramid stood. The earth shakes violently and the pyramid rises from the sand looking larger and more majestic than before. The pyramid glows brighter and brighter until I can almost see the faces of my companions. That is when I always wake up."

"It was three years after the dreams began that my parents were killed. I couldn't dwell on my own dreams, I was just 13 and found myself taking care of my three year old brother Ben. Life was a struggle but we managed to survive. A couple years later Ben told me about his own dreams and I found they were shockingly similar to my own. I thought though maybe he had overheard me describing it and it became incorporated into his own dreams."

"However another year later when I was 16 we met a man named Taylor who described his own dream to us. The three of us began to travel together finding a bond in our shared dreams. Taylor became like a big brother to Ben over the past seven years. Recently though the dreams have started coming more often, there has been a sense of urgency within the dreams. We've made our way to Egypt where all three of us agree we should start looking for a lost pyramid surrounded by golden sand."


She encrypts her journal as she finishes the entry and shuts down her computer. The holographic display and keyboard fade into nothingness just as there is a knock on the door to her hotel room. She gets a room to herself while Ben and Taylor share the adjoining room. She moves over to the door and opens it.

"I'm not interrupting am I?"

A handsome 27 year old man on the other side of the door asks as the door opens. His face lights up when he sees her. She smiles back but it isn't the smile he hopes to see when she looks at him. She smiles at Taylor the same way she smiles at her little brother. Taylor though wishes she'd see him as something more. He wishes she felt the same way about him as he feels about her.

"No, but even if you were that would be okay Taylor. Is everything set?" She gives him a hug. A sisterly hug.

"Yes. Ben is waiting with the guides. They will take us out into the desert whenever you're ready."

He hugs her back but lets go before she does. He is careful not to linger too long or she might suspect how he really feels. As much as he wants to tell her he's afraid that she doesn't feel the same way and it would just alienate her.

"I'm ready, lets go." She slips past him into the hallway to head downstairs and meet their guide.


Journal of Taylor King

"We've crossed the desert 3 times in as many weeks but still haven't found what we are looking for. The guides keep telling us we should give up and half of them have already given up and returned to civilization. The remaining guides seem to be happy to take our money though. I think they'll keep dragging us across the country until it runs out at least."

"The worst part is the sand. It gets into everything. It's in my clothes, in my eyes, in my mouth. Everything I've eaten in the past week tastes like the stuff. The guides keep saying that the sandstorms are unnaturally frequent this year. They seem to be getting worse. Only Ben is still enjoying himself, he feels like our destination is always just over the next dune."


Taylor shuts down his own journal. The sand is making it impossible to continue writing. Ben is at the head of the little caravan riding a four wheeler like the rest of them. The tires are larger than normal to give them traction in the sand. They could have taken hover bikes and gone more quickly but they would be much harder to control with the sandstorms.

"Ben, don't get too far off course!" His sister calls him.

"I know...but don't you hear that Eden?" Ben just keeps heading over the dune.

Eden follows after her little old brother and crests the dune. Taylor signals the guides to stop and wait for them as he heads after his friends. As soon as he reaches the dune though the whole desert around them seems to explode. The guides are blown back from pursuing them by deadly winds. Walls of sand rise up around Eden, Ben and Taylor but the wind dies off. They are the at in the eye of a great sandstorm.

"Um.....what is going on?"

Taylor tries to return to the guides through the wall of sand but as he gets closer the winds pick up and blow him back to the center of the safe zone.

"This is it. We're here." Ben says.

He drives around in circles looking at the walls of sand and listening trying to find the dead center of the safe zone. Once he thinks he's found it he hops off his four-wheeler and steps on the sand. As soon as both of his feet touch the ground though he is pulled down beneath the sand.

"Ben! Careful Eden!" Taylor calls out.

Eden drives to her brother's four-wheeler and dismounts finding herself being pulled under immediately as well. There's nothing much else for Taylor to do but try to go after them. The walls of sand are as high as ever but they seem to be coming closer. The wind that accompanies the walls seems to be pushing him to the center where his friends disappeared. He turns off his four-wheeler and then the other two, takes a deep breath and steps on to the sand.

It's a curious sensation for Taylor who thinks he's going to drown in sand. But it isn't like the sand that he's begun to hate, it isn't coarse but feels smooth. Pretty soon he's 'spat out' by the sand and sees himself before a giant glowing pyramid. There isn't sky overhead, they're in some kind of cave made up of some kind of pink stone. Ben and Eden come over and help dust him off though there is no need, this sand doesn't cling to them like regular sand.

"Hawkins' pyramid I presume?" Taylor asks trying to be nonchalant.

"No, it's the other missing pyramid buried under the sand that we've been dreaming about." Ben says before rushing around to the other side of the pyramid to see if there's some way to get inside.

Eden just smirks at Taylor and helps him up as they follow.


Outskirts of the Sol System

A ship emerges from hyperspace just beyond Neptune. The ship is gold in color and stylized like a massive bird of prey.

"Are you sure about this Bran? Travel to the Sol system particularly the planet Earth is forbidden for our own safety." The female pilot of the ship asks.

"It's a bit too late to back out now Det. Trust me, this is where we're meant to be. Are we being tracked just like we suspected?" The man in the co-pilot seat responds.

"Yes. There are multiple targets incoming. They've fired missiles and we will be destroyed in 45 seconds." Det doesn't bother with evasive maneuvers, she just places her hand on a lever.

"Wait for it. Too early and all the money and all the work we sank into this ship will be wasted." Bran cautions.

An instant before the missiles hit Det pulls the lever and the ship explodes. From out of that explosion a small craft shoots towards Earth looking just like any other piece of debris from the explosion. They can't risk slowing down but they will be able to direct themselves to a crash site on Earth.

"Stealth is active, we've got not detectable emissions. Where are we going to land?" Det asks as Earth is rapidly filling their front screens.

Bran looks at the continent before them and directs them to crash in the center of a massive brown storm front. "There."

"The middle of a sandstorm? Really?" Det asks.

Pretty soon they won't have a choice where they crash. She just looks are her companion and sees that he isn't going to change his mind. Well if she can pick a spot within the storm she might as well aim for that calm zone at the center of it.

(Continues in DC: 5th World Order - Justice Society - Part 2)

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@PrinceIMC: Nicely done. I see your entwining the Thanagarian/Egypt ties together. I wondering whether it'll be the helmet of Nabu or the claw of Horus they find first or maybe even Shazam. Good work. I do like the love triangle you've set up

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@batkevin74 said:

@PrinceIMC: Nicely done. I see your entwining the Thanagarian/Egypt ties together. I wondering whether it'll be the helmet of Nabu or the claw of Horus they find first or maybe even Shazam. Good work. I do like the love triangle you've set up

Yeah a couple years ago I did a crap load of research into the various Hawkmen and Hawkgirls/women to force myself to understand the different reboots and such. It gave me ideas on how Thanagarians, Nth metal, alien spacecraft, reincarnation, ancient Egypt and all that can fit together.
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@PrinceIMC: Geoff Johns gave it a go...and then there was Savage Hawkman! They ties between Egypt & Thanagar are good, I like that you're expanding them.

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@PrinceIMC: cool.