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DC Elseworlds:

Act of God Part 2

“Shazam!” Billy Batson shouted. He stood on the edge of a building. The wind howled and whipped around him. He didn’t know why he was up here. A few months ago when evoked the wizard’s name a bolt of lightning would envelope him and he would become Captain Marvel.

“Shazam!” He shouted. Nothing. He would shout it as loud as he could and nothing would become of it. No lightening, no sudden crack of thunder, and no power.

He raised his leg and held it passed the ledge. He stared down at the street below. Cars drove passed, people walked and went about their business. Like nothing had happened at all. Maybe the wizard would hear him then. “SHAZAM!”

[An excerpt from the official Justice League statement on the Black Light event]

… Yes several members have lost their powers. We don’t know why or even how. But we can tell you what we do know. Three months ago all technology on Earth was disabled. During that time all meta-humans and non-humans lost their abilities. After a few hours non-humans regained their abilities to a degree currently unknown. In the case of meta-humans however, the Black Light event seems to be permanent.

The effects on others seem to be more… selective.


S.T.A.R Labs:

Wonder Woman… Diana Prince snuck into S.T.A.R labs. No easy task. When the Black Light event took her powers she took to investigating what could have caused it. She’s avoided the Justice League. They were scrambling to hold everything together, while the real work was being avoided. Superman was dead and so were others when the event took place. All died in the line of duty. Diana wanted to know why.

She jumped the perimeter fence. Using her lasso she grappled to the top of the building. So far undetected. On the roof top she propped open a sky light and jumped down to the catwalk below. The facility was dark and no one was around.

“I don’t think I would have expected a League member like you to be breaking in at this hour. Considering where we are.” Said a voice from behind the Amazon. She whipped around, two shots rang out. A bullet hit her in the leg, another grazed her arm.

“Argh!” Diana grunted as she collapsed to the ground. She got a good look at her attacker. He was wearing body armor with an orange and black color scheme. One of the eyes in his masked seemed to be blocked out or missing.

“That is one thing I hate about Black Light. It took so much away in an instant.”

“Deathstroke.” Diana grunted, covering the wound on her leg.

Deathstroke raised his gun at the hero. “I don’t think I’ll miss this time.”

There was a crash from the skylight above them. Something swished through the air, knocking Deathstroke’s gun from his hand. Diana looked up; what looked like a giant bat descended toward them. “Batman!” Diana exclaimed as she rolled out of the way.

Deathstroke wasted no time. He unsheathed his sword and thrust it at the costumed hero. The blade ripped through the cap, as Batman landed. Deathstroke side kicked Batman away. The mercenary charged forward, Batman feinted to his right and connected with an elbow to the mercs throat and drove a knee into his gut.

Diana pulled herself to her feet by the railing. She grabbed her lasso and swung it at Deathstroke. The rope wrapped around his neck and tightened. Diana dragged him closer, the mercenary struggled free. Diana jumped on top of him, her knees shooting into his back. She could feel the sir seep from his lungs when she landed. She pulled hard on the rope. Deathstroke still struggled. She pulled harder. Deathstroke’s struggling lessened; but the Amazon’s grip was unrelenting.

“Diana that’s enough!” She heard Batman bark as he grabbed her shoulder and pulled her off of the merc. “You’ve been hit.”

Diana looked at Deathstroke, he wasn’t moving. She looked back at her leg; the bullet must have gone through. “Seems that way. Let’s get out of here.”

The Batcave:

Diana had her wound tended to on the roof top of S.T.A.R labs. It was nothing serious. The two heroes said nothing to each other on the way to the cave. Batman sat at his computer typing away at the keys. Diana limped toward the Dark Knight and stood at his side. “So what have you found?”

“Nothing much.” He answered. “Three months ago the world’s meta-humans lose their powers and no one knows why.”

“I don’t believe that.” Diana cut in; her voice was bitter and angry. Someone did this. She was going to find out and stop them.

“Neither do I.” Batman agreed. “When the Black Light event occurred all technology was shut off. But before that a S.T.A.R labs satellite facility picked up… something and that information was brought to Gotham. “

“Do you know what?” Diana asked.

“No. The facility’s silent alarms went off and shut my access to their computer network off. “ Batman looked back at Diana and even though she couldn’t tell behind the cowl, he was glaring. “That was sloppy Diana. Deathstroke would have killed you.”

“He would have tried.” The Amazon growled.

Batman got up from his chair and walked passed her. “Bullets don’t bounce off of you anymore. Get used to it.”

Diana scowled at Batman. But he was right. Deathstroke got the drop on her and had he have had his powers, maybe she wouldn’t be standing here. “So do we go back to S.T.A.R?” Diana questioned.

“No.” Batman said, marching to a nearby table and pulling up a briefcase. He carried it over to Diana and opened it. Inside was a black, lightly armored suit; similar to Batman’s. “We’re going hunting.”



Lex Luthor popped open a bottle of Champagne and poured two glasses. He was in his office with one of his secretaries. “Uh, what are we toasting sir?”

Luthor looked to a wall behind his desk. Hung and framed was a red cape that was stained by darker red splotches. “To the paranoids in Washington. They just handed me the biggest contract I’ve ever had. Unlimited resources at my command. Oh and I own S.T.A.R labs now.”

“That’s… er… great.” The young secretary said, in a shrill voice.

Luthor ignored her. He gazed at his prize. He downed his glass and poured another. He raised it to the stained red cape. He took a moment to remember all it represented. “To the man who had everything.”

S.T.A.R Labs,

Observatory 3 months ago:

“Oh my god are you seeing this!” An astronomer yelled at his monitor. “Everyone look!”

With the touch of a few keys at his screen the image he was looking at projected onto the screen in front of the room. His colleagues gasped and some were struck dead silent. “We have to—“

The team was interrupted by a flash of black light and then utter darkness. They panicked and whispered to themselves. What did this mean? How would this effect the world at large? They had no idea that they were witnessing change on a large scale; a new and different world had arrived.

To be continued:

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@Time_Phantom: Excellent! Nice work. Two minor errors (you put lightening instead of lightning and Wonder Woman needs a captail W, first time you mention her) But this is really good!

@Time_Phantom said:

"We're going hunting"

Batman and a depowered Wonder Woman are going to kick some @ss!

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cool, It'll be interesting to see others dealing with life without powers

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@Time_Phantom: Any news on part 3?

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@batkevin74: Coming Soon