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The pitch:

The Titans are in battle with Deathstroke. After a long and hard fought war, the battle slowly starts to end. In the end, Deathstroke using his weapons, leaves big explosions in an attempt to defeat the Titans, eventually losing. Amanda Waller, Director of Project CADMUS sees this enraged at the destruction caused by supers, launches the Metahuman Registration Act, a legislative bill that required the registration of any costumed vigilante with or without powers in the United States to serve as employees as the American Government. Waller believing she needs a face in the superhero community who can not only inspire others to register but is known to keep an eye on them is Bruce Wayne, the Batman, a man she respects highly. Batman having been to alternate universes believes, the registration act will not only stop his activities in Gotham, but will lead to the government using superhumans as weapons as they did with the Ultimen & Galatea. He proposes that the MRA will eventually lead to the government telling heroes who are and aren't the supervillains. Waller now looking for another choice turns to the Smallville Farmboy...Superman.

Superman with lack of trust in the Act believes that not only will he become a weapon or used as a base for cloning, but Ma & Pa Kent could be in danger if any villain hacks into government files. Waller assures him that CADMUS will make sure that they are protected. Not to mention, he is too powerful of a being to be ever truly subdued by the government so there should be no fear of being used as a weapon, just needs to be subdued so people don't think he is a weapon that harms the American people. Also by registering, he will end his conflict with Lex Luthor (saving lives in the future and pushing farther the possiblity of a Justice Lord future) who is onboard with the idea. Superman while still unsure goes along with the idea and shakes hands with Amanda Waller.

A week passes and it is now 4th of July, Batman is in the Metro Tower, while Superman is in the Watch Tower. They both turn on the TV to watch the election of the Bill. By a majority vote, the Act is passed, sides have been chosen with the metahuman community feeling the impact....Civil War has began.

Respond to this topic if you have ideas and/or want to join. I plan to do the main story, while others will do tie ins (Think of CORRUPTED)

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How about hell yes. Put aquaman on bats side and I'm in

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How about hell yes. Put aquaman on bats side and I'm in

I planned to.

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How about hell yes. Put aquaman on bats side and I'm in

I planned to.

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@jnr6lil: What about people who are not from America ie Black Adam?

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@bronze_surfer: I doubt Adam would much care unless supes came to Khandaq and tried to impose the registration act to the Adam family. Even then I don't see him becoming part of the resistance unless someone like kills his family, and even then it's gonna be more like WW3

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Doubt Black Adam will care, unless it interfers with his activities in America. Should be able to post a list of who's on each side by tomorrow before the writing starts.

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I guess I'm in

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I'll Join.

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Pro-Registration Side:


Lex Luthor

Wonder Woman

Amanda Waller

John Stewart

Captain Atom

Captain Marvel


Deadshot (Suicide Squad/Checkmate)

Freedom Fighters


The Flash (Wally West)

Shayera Hol


Red Tornado




Booster Gold

Superboy (YJ)



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Mr. Terrific

Green Arrow

Black Canary

Nightwing (The Titans)



Carwoman (Gotham City Sirens)




Doom Patrol

The Outsiders

The Question



Tim Drake


Etrigan the Demon

The Atom


Neutral: Martian Manhunter, Vixen, Dr. Fate, etc.