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My name is Eobard Thawne...and something is wrong.

I recently picked up an anomaly in the speed force. A shift in the balance between positive and negative. I found that I was sensing the aura of a speedster from the future. His aura was going back through time....so I decided to pinpoint the era of the aura and find the anomaly.

I located the anomaly in the 41rst Century, and found a startling discovery! I searched the world hundreds of times. It was then same everywhere. I even looked through a few documents to understand what was going on. Something about New Gods from the 5th World. (Also called The Overlords) have taken over this world. It was after a few hours of searching that I found one of my descendants (The resemblance was uncanny) being beaten by one of these "Overlords." I knew this was no matter I could handle alone. I had to find help. However, when I tried to travel through time, I discovered some sort of New God technology prevented time travel in this era...I was trapped! So I decided to use what resources I had...I had to locate the anomaly.


My name is Richard Hayden....call me Robin. I was inspired to become the latest in the long line of ancient crimefighters (despite vigilantism being outlawed). I used my considerable connection to form the first team of TEEN TITANS in thousands of years....life isn't as glorious for us as the originals had it. We hide in sewers to escape the New Gods....so when the ancient time traveler Professor Zoom shows up on our front door...

We fight back.

Still struggling to stay awake...the beating he gave me...it hurts to move.

"YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!" He shouts. "WE'RE ON THE SAME SIDE! I'M HERE TO HELP!" He says, blocking the attacks. "I JUST WANT TO TALK!"

The boy he's fighting is named Garzz. We call him Aqualad. He's the Prince of Atlantis. He kicks up some sewage, and changes it into ice, shooting it at Zoom and knocking him to the floor. " Little advice...Next time," Aqualad says, hitting him, "don't start a conversation. WITH A PUNCH!"

Zoom catches his seventh blow. "Noted." he snaps his fingers, generating a sonic boom. "Now where's the speedster you're hiding?"

Good thing I thought to hide Kid Flash when we saw Zoom at our doorstep.

Mark Masters, Arsenal, shoots an explosive arrow at him....stupid....he catches the arrow and launches it back at him, taking him out of the fight, too.

Ron Brande, Beast Boy, jumps out from behind him in gorilla form and puts him in an headlock, punching him in the back.

"Idiot." Zoom murmurs, gasping for air. I see him vibrate out of Beast Boy's grip and land an uppercut, sending him flying.

Just then, Marina Prince, known as Wonder Girl, flies in, bowling into him and knocking him through a wall then lassos him.

"Get AWAY from them!" She shouts, hammering away at him.

Van El, a Daxamite smuggled onto the planet, flies from behind, hitting him with heat vision. I hear Zoom scream in pain as his flesh crackles.

"ENOUGH!" He shouts, vibrating through Wonder Girl's lasso. He grabs the end of it, and spins, sending Wonder Girl flying into Superboy. He turns around, making sure we're all...crap, he saw me.

"Why are you still awake, boy?"

Everything goes black.

Zoom searches the sewers at super speed, and finally catches up to Kid Flash, who had started running when Wonder Girl and Superboy were out. He grabs the back of his shirt and reals him in.

"You're the reason I am here, boy!" Zoom snaps. "I wanted to talk, but your friends wouldn't listen" What is your name?"

"B-Ben Valor."

I can teach you things, Ben....vital things that can help you in your war against the Overlords...." Zoom smiles, as if he knows something Kid Flash does not.

"What do you say....interested?"

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@primepower53: Nice! Good start, always did like Zoom

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Great job

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I said this in the pm, but I'll say agian. cool.

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Zoom is always cool and with him in this,it's fantastic start.