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His name is Vor Ryo. The world thinks of him as a Daxamite smuggled into Earth. In actuality, he is a clone of the Kryptonian General Zod. He recently finished training with Are Eth, Superman. He is a member of the Teen Titans...and he is ready for the next stage in his life.

He holds the red and blue costume. The original Superman, Kal El, wore the very same suit when he was his age...he stares at it for eternity. Conflicting emotions build up inside of him. Should he start the next phase in his life? Is he ready to be a full fledged hero? He's the clone of one of Superman's greatest enemies...does he deserve the title of Superboy?

Deep in the ground, the creature awakens...deep in the ground, he breathes his first breath in two thousand years. His eyes open, and hatred overwhelms his savage instincts. Superman had trapped him there...deep in the ground for years. Flexing his muscles and trying to free himself from his restraints take hours. Any other superhuman would be overcome with exhaustion from such a feat, but not the creature. He begins to pound away at his prison. Thoughts race through his head. He experiences deja vu...he did this thousands of years ago...he will do it again...slowly but surely...

Doomsday is coming.

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I like it man keep going