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D.C.: 5 World Order:

Red Hood

New Gotham

WKGB Studios:

She hated going to these, the bright lights, the cameras, and the fabricated announcers. All of it got under her skin. But her agents says it's a good cover and well the books bring in the extra cash. She couldn't deny that. “I'd like to introduce, Kari Vaughn an acclaimed writer.

She walked on stage putting the best fake smile she could. There was a studio audience, above them hung a monitor that, Kari got to watch herself on. Her agent insisted she wear these awful high heels, and this ridiculous dress with no back. She sat on the couch trying to hid her disgust at the hologram in front of her. “That cheapskate couldn't even book me with a real person!” She thought as she twirled her long blonde hair.

“Nice to meet you all.” She said with mock cheer.

“Now before we begin I'd like to say I'm a huge fan.” The hologram said.

“I could- erm... thank you.” Kari said with apprehension. Her agent wasn't the only one watching.

“So I think we'd all like to know,” The hologram said with exaggerated enthusiasm. “how do you come up with the ideas for you stories? I mean these settings in the 21 century are so life like.” The hologram made a point to look into the camera, and speak in a more authoritive voice. "Also controversial, Particularly the Jason Todd, series of adventure novels."

The audience cheered in agreement. “Oh, a little robin just sits on my shoulder and tells me.” The crowd laughs, Kari noticed the floor director looked uneasy over the statement. She continued,”I was inspired by a dream, I can hardly remember but it made the creative wheels start spinning and I am now the author of twelve bestsellers. “

“I bet you must have been worried, writing is such a shaky format, when someone can just scan a vid from the net.”

Kari leered at the hologram. “Something can be said about those who'll sit down and read something. And if they really wanted to there are vids accompanied by my audio versions of my stories.” Kari cleared her throat. “I like to have the reader explore with their imagination. A vid can't tell you what, Jason's thinking.”

“There is a net application for that.”

Kari clenched her fist and bit her lip. She wanted to hurt this thing. “Well... at least in my stories you can read about a world when men and women didn't have to cower in fear from ever present gods. When we had a choice.”

New Gotham,

Fenris Tower, The office of Sirex Hammond:

Sirex Hammond, an executive at Fenris Pharmaceuticals is the largest medical supplier in North America. Since his promotion to chief executive officer Sirex has increased productivity and several new drugs will be made available to the public. Along with their side effects. “I can have this months shipment sent in a day or two.” He said over his two way communicator. There was a long pause and he got a reply. “Will do.”

He cut connection, sitting behind his desk. Windows surrounded his office, the only exit was through a teleporter he had installed in the center of the room. This past week has not been his best in terms of business. Shipments have gone missing, his hired security detail killed or maimed on the job. Causing him to keep a security team around him at all times. “Damn it.” His hands started to tremble at the thought. The people he found himself working for would not tolerate failure.

“Boss?” One of his body guards said, sounding honestly concerned. He looked at him with tired eyes, hopelessness setting in.

“What is it?” He grunted.

“We lost contact with the team down stairs.” He answered quickly. “The roof team isn't answering either.”

“What!?” Hommond yelled, jabbing a finger onto the guards chest. “How much am I paying you people to do... a... simple...” Sirex was distracted by a flash of light in the corner of his eye, his got closer and closer. As he turns he says, “What the hell is...” He was distracted by a thunderous roar, the entire building began to shake. The windows shattered and the flashing light came into view. It was a missile.

It entered the office, stopping in the center of the room. Sirex ducked for cover under his desk. The missile exploded. Smoke bellowing out of it. The ground in the center of the room flashed, someone used the teleporter. Hammond peeked his head up from his desk. He couldn't get a good look, but a single person stood in the middle. Sirex couldn't tell if it was a man or woman, but the assailant wore a high-tech combat hard-suit and word a blood red mask that appeared to be more of a helmet.

A guard charged the person, only for this person to get behind him and put him in a headlock. Snapping his neck with the flex of an arm. Two more body guards stepped up. One took a swing at the masked individual, only for his arm hyper-extended as this mask thrust his palm up and bent his elbow in the complete opposite direction and rammed his knee into the guards throat. The mask dodged a kick from the other guard and faded behind him, a blade extended from his left forearm and cleaved the guard's head nearly in two.

Sirex watched in horror as this red masked killer continued toward him. The guard nearest him was too scared to move. The masked attacker lifted his arm, the blade shooting out and plunged deep into the guards chest. “Sirex Hammond?” The mask said, it's voice sounded like ground glass. The mask covered even the eyes, the only thing seen was the growing terror on his face.

The red mask lifted him from behind his desk and dragged him to the edge of a window. “Who- who are you?”

The masked killer held him out the window, dangling him in midair. “Call me... The Red Hood

The apartment of Kari Vaughn:

“You've been ordered with a cease order... again! You've also been fined... again!” Kari's agent moaned. He was an older man, his skin dyed magenta. “To ad to all that, you are no longer permitted to being on live telecasts over the net.”

“Boo-hoo.” Kari yawned as she tossed a red mask on her couch. She was in the process of moving in. She was taking her time, not wanting to be bothered with automated movers she was moving everything in herself. She even made the effort to find an actual apartment with stairs and as she soon found, was extremely hard to come across. Also adding to her agents dismay was how expensive everything was.

“Those interviews are goldmines!” He protested.

Kari lounged on her. Looking at her red mask. “Uh, huh. I settled that thing with, Fenris. Red Hood was particularly menacing.”

Her agent sat on the floor across from her. He glared at her, biting his thumb. “You bite your thumb at me sir?” She said, pouting her lips and narrowing her eyes on the agent.

“I bite my thumb.” He grunted. “If you wanted back into the merc game, I could of got you a contract with St. Dumas, League of Assassins is always looking for talent!”

“Their boring, Greg.” Kari yawned.

Greg exhaled and placed his purple palm on his head. He was giving up this argument. “I don't know why you have this sudden interest in the superhero biz. Good way to lose money, good thing you have this large disposable income.”

Kari looked at the ceiling, holding her mask in her lap. “I'll tell you why, Greg.”

She held the mask to her face, seeing a twisted reflection of herself. She stared at it blankly for a moment, before speaking. “I looked in the mirror one day.”

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Great chapter

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Very nice. I think your Red Hood is definitely going to have to meet my Nightwing once I get him established.

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That is a really coolread man!

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Very cool! I like the St Dumas/League of Assassins ref and also the idea of a novellist being a superhero to get ideas for her stories! Keep it up. Great work

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Check out my Nightwing story. I mentioned Red Hood a bit, had Oracle covering Red Hood's tracks a bit. If you want me to change that though I can do that.

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I look forward to the Red Hood/Nightwing crossover and then maybe the Red Hood/Nightwing/Batman crossover

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