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This story continues on from http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/dc-5th-world-order-the-flash-part-one/656528/

And is linked in with this http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/dc-5th-world-order-migraine-chapter-4/656731/#6


As Brooks ran faster than he’d ever gone before, everything seemed to slow down to a crawl. Jay’s body hung limply in his arms, but he could hear his voice

“You now have all my speed” he said “You also are now one with the Speed Force”

“The what?” exclaimed Brooks

“The Speed Force. It’s how and sometimes why you’re able to run as fast and faster than light. It was dormant for a while but I’ve been keeping it alive for such a long time”

“How are you talking to me? I watched you…well die?”

“Everything’s energy kid! But I’m dead. The only reason you can hear me is because you’re going that fast and we’re in the Speed Force”

“So IF I keep this pace up, I can bring you back to life?”

“No son, but my time is up. I’ve been alive since 1940”


“Language Brooks” Jay said in a tone that only comes with age and manners “Now you’re going to have to slow down soon”

“Why? This is AWESOME!”

“Well you’ve just done a second lap of the planet”

“WHAT???” Brooks stumbled and screeched to a halt, the ground buckling under his feet

Brooks spotted Jay’s ‘ghost’ and it smiled then started to fade

“Don’t go!” cried Brooks “I’ve got so many questions? What do I do? What’s this uniform made of? Where am I?”

“Brooks Hansen, you are the new Flash. The start of a new beginning. You’ll do well kid, you remind me of Bart” And with that Jay faded away and his body aged rapidly, two thousand years of time caught up with Jay’s cells and withered him into a husk

“Errrr” said Brooks. He looked around and found himself in a field, no clue to his actual location. The field was quiet and tranquil. Brooks dug a sizeable hole and placed Jay’s body inside

“I didn’t know you Jay” he soliloquized over Jay’s grave “But I will avenge your death and do my best to be the Flash…Flash; really? The Flash! How about Speed Hansen? No? Well thanks Jay and may you be at peace. Jeez I’m starving” Brooks doubled over like he’d been kicked in the stomach by a mule “What’s going on?”

Brooks scanned the horizon and saw a large structure “They’ve got to have food oooooh” His stomach was trying to eat his other organs. Brooks took off, his muscles burning with lactic acid, not use to the speed he now could go

He arrived at what turned out to be an arena “Bordeaux Chambre de la Gladiator” he read aloud “Oh great; I’m in France!”

From inside the arena he could hear the roar of the crowd, cheering at some disgusting spectacle. Brooks spotted a vendor selling…well it smelt like food but it certainly didn’t look it

“What is it and how much?” asked Brooks touching himself realising the skin-tight Flash suit had no pockets

“C’est cheval vous stupide Américain et il vous en coûtera sept” she replied dismissively

“Sure okay…oh my what’s that?” Brooks pointed up to the sky and the woman looked. At incredible speed Brooks made himself a burger, ate it and then did it again nine more times to satisfy his new hunger. When she looked back at him he smiled and said “I owe you but thanks”

“YOU WILL DIE SCREAMING UNDER MY HEEL!” echoed a voice from inside the arena

“What the hell is that racket?” said Brooks aloud as the French woman began to berate him for apparently & possibly stealing her food

Brooks looked around and saw all doors to the arena were closed, so he checked above and saw that the top of the arena was clear.

“I WILL WEAR YOUR SKIN” echoed the voice from inside

“If this doesn’t work” he said to the French woman “Please don’t do that laugh you people do okay” Brooks to a short run up and bolted up the side of the arena in a flash, defying gravity and physics. He stood on the top of the arena looking at the scene below. An Overlord, 8ft tall purple man with a brown pony tail stared at a man hanging onto a pole glaring back at him

“WHAT IS YOUR TITLE LITTLE THING?” yelled the Overlord

Brooks watched the scene, seemed the Euro leagues did things differently than the US arenas, but still it was a stupid display of barbarism. Brooks spotted a vendor selling snacks and he was still starving. Brooks hit his new speed and flew around the vendor and gorged himself on the super sugary products making him feel better, but slightly bad at stealing but justified since it was in an arena! Brooks tuned back into the action to see the little guy somehow getting the Overlord on his knees with a wave of his hand

“Go you good thing!” cried Brooks against the flow of the vocal crowd

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?” screamed the Overlord

The guy said something and tried to fly off but the Overlord was having none of that! He leapt up and caught him and slammed him onto the ground. He raised his foot to stomp him into paste


“Not today” said Brooks as he accelerated. Everything went still as he sped down the aisle, over the railing and into the arena. He crossed the floor and grabbed the guy and put him safely about thirty feet away. Brooks scanned the area and smirked as he raced back up into the stands and snapped off a flag pole and back into the arena. He wedged it into the ground leaving the spike on top just under the Overlord’s foot. Brooks then unlocked the guy’s chains and shot back to his vantage point via another vendor and got ready for the show. The Overlord’s foot came down and the spike shot up into his foot and out the other side as he stomped onto the ground! The crowd roared in approval and then in disbelief as the Overlord hopped about holding his impaled foot! The guy looked confused and shot up into the air at break neck speed. Brooks waved him goodbye

“Best get myself home” he said “I got a city to clean up”

And with that he was a red blur

(Yes there's some ACTUAL French in here. You can pop it into Babelfish if you want to know what the woman said...or maybe even guesstimate what she said)

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Kev's stuff is hella consistent, it's always good. 

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great chapter as usual

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@spiderbat87: Thank you, thank you very much

@joshmightbe: Thanks, will be getting back around to the Iron Age very shortly

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@batkevin74: very cool

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So you're the Flash as welll, nice! Loved it esecially how you've tied Migrain and Flash up together but without realy interacting wit heach other. Good job man!!!

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Thanks, will get more up soon just moved and bereft of home internet :(