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Jared stands in front of the blond man, still a bit confused as a ring of fire springs up next to him.

A demonic figure appears in the center and looks furiously at the blond man,"Morningstar, what is the meaning of this?"

The blond man looks back,"Watch your tone Etrigan, I can drop you right back where I found you." The demon backs down in frustration as Morningstar continues,"Okay, Jared, you need the power to destroy your enemies, he needs a host to get out from under my heel and I need 7 demons' heads on a plate. I think we can all help each other out here."

Etrigan's anger returns,"Host!"

Morningstar nods, "You didn't think I was going to let you run around up here without a leash did you?"

Jared finally speaks up, "So you're the devil?"

Morningstar looks incredulously at him,"Took you long enough monkey."

Jared lets the insult slide and asks,"How can I trust you?"

Etrigan chuckles to himself as Morningstar speaks,"You can't. You'd be stupid to, but you can trust me to do what's best for me and at this time that's bonding you with him."

Etrigan and Jared stared hard at each other as Morningstar continued, "Here's the deal. You do a job for me, you get the power to kill Justifiers to your hearts content and when every last Justifier is dead, Etrigan will be free to do what ever it is he wants to do. Do we have a deal?"

Jared and the demon nod in approval, suddenly Jared is at the center of the ring of fire and Etrigan is gone though Jared can hear his voice in side him.

Morningstar looks satisfied for the moment as he begins to tell Jared what he needs to know,"When you need Etrigan's power simply say, Gone O form of man Arise the demon Etrigan, and he will be there. As for what you're going to do for me, there are 7 demons called the Sins. Each represents one of the 7 deadly sins. They have been very disrespectful to me of late and I need them returned to hell so I can punish them. However due to certain rules I can't touch them while they're on Earth, so you kill them and they'll return to where the belong. Simple as that." Jared nods as Morningstar fades away and the ring of fire disapates.

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Very cool.

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Oh Jared! Just reading the wording of the deal, I can tell Morningstar is going to screw you BIG TIME! Great chapter

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@batkevin74: Well he did tell him point blank not to trust him

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@joshmightbe: Yeah but he could've been lying...about that as well...maybe...kinda