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Smallville, Kansas 15 years ago

A ten year old boy hid in the barn of an abandoned farm as his parents told him to, they were wanted fugitives accused of inciting rebellion. When the Justifiers caught up to them they placed their son in a loft and pretended to attempt escape and were easily captured. The boy looked out through a crack in the as his parents were executed, he held his mouth shut with his hand to muffle his own scream. His parents ruse worked, their son was safe for the time being.

Keystone City now

Jared Hall sits in a bar thinking back the night he spent in that barn as he sees the Justifiers walk in looking for someone. He quickly downs his shot of whiskey as they leave and follows them. He has a gun in his hand, he knows he won't survive but thinks it will be worth it if he can just take one with him. He takes aim but just before he pulls the trigger a hand lands on his shoulder and yanks him into the alley and drops him on the ground. Jared looks up and sees a tall blond man in an old fashioned 3 piece suit. He looks out of place in this part of town and something about him made Jared uneasy.

He looked down on Jared and asked, "What exactly did you think you were going to accomplish there?" Jared jumped to his feet, "I intended to kill a Justifier, why the hell did you stop me?" The man smiles,"Ahh, you humans are always so amusing when you try to be intimidating. Well since you've decided to be all obstinate I'll get right to it, I'm here to make a deal with you." Jared was confused, "I don't know if you've noticed but I ain't got a lot to offer." The man nodded, "True you are relatively worthless at the moment but I can change all that, I can give you the power to slaughter Justifiers by the dozen if you wish all that I ask in return is your aid in a small matter." Jared's eyes widened,"Who are you." The man stares back, "I'd hoped you'd guessed my name."

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@joshmightbe: Nice work and right at the end is the reference to Jagger & Richards which makes me want to continue singing it. Good job, looking forward to where this deal takes Jared; if he was sensible he'd say "NO DEAL!" but then where's the fun in that :)

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@joshmightbe: cool

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Gone gone O form of man beware the demon Jared? :) Nice introd ude!