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Chapter 2

“So, dad” Cable said. “What is your next move?”.

Scott Summers glanced nervously at his son.

“I don’t know, Nathan” he answered. “I didn’t even think that I would have left my cell today”.

The two were sitting in a small room that looked like Scott’s old office at the Xavier Institute. Beetwen them there was a small desk with a small computer on it. Cable was lying on a chair with his legs on the desk, while Scott was curled up on his chair, with his orange jail suit on.

Emma Frost was standing in front of them, leaning against the wall of the room. Her body was shining because of her diamond skin.

“Well, gentlemen” she replied. “I and Magneto have got some plans about our next moves”.

“I hope you won’t be eating kids” said Cable ironically. “Because we really look like terrorists”.

“Nathan is right, Emma” noticed Scott. “Before you freed me, I was a war prisoner. Now I’m a villain”.

“Well, darling” she replied. “I’ve been a villain for so many years… it isn’t as bad as they say”.

“We’re not joking, Em’: if we don’t do something to make people understand that we’re not their enemies, they’ll see us just as common villains” answered back Scott.

“I know, I know” she said. “And I also know that this won’t be easy, Scott. I’ve lost most of my money and my society, and I spent all the money remained to build Cerebra and this place”.

“This place very looks like the Institute, Frost” noticed Cable. “Do you miss it, by any chance?”.

“No, Summers, I don’t” replied Emma while her skin started returning back her usual one. “But I miss my students… even the Cuckoos have refused to come back here, so I thought that we would be needing some new student. And we can’t welcome them in a bunker”.

“You want to bring here new recruits?” asked Cable.

“Exactly” answered Emma. “I’m a teacher, darling. And I can’t teach without students”.

“Yes, this is the best thing to do” said Scott. “But we also have to prevent the Avengers from finding them”.

“I know” replied Emma. “I called Cable exactly because of this: we need him to build a new X-Force. The Avengers must be stopped”.

“Well” said Cable. “I don’t like you, Frost, but I think that we can arrange something”.

“Thanks, Nathan” said Scott. “And… I know that you haven’t been with Hope for a while and I…”.

“I don’t want to talk ‘bout her” he replied. “I’ve done what I had to do to protect her, now it’s better for us if we stop meeting”.

Scott noded his head. “I’m sorry, Nathan… I’m very sorry”.

“Don’t be worried for me, dad” replied Cable. “You’ve been worried for too long”.

“Well” said Emma. “I don’t want to interrupt your little family chat, but we have to start planning our next moves”.

“Yes” said Scott. “It’s better if we call Erik…”.

“No” replied Emma. “He’s busy now. He’s meeting our new recruits”.



“Raven, welcome”.

Magneto was standing in front of a shining step disc while a group of mutants were appearing through it. Illyana Rasputin was next to the disc with her Soulsword in her hands while she was keeping the step disc opened.

When the portal was closed, the four figures just appeared in front of Erik Lensher were finally able to see the place they were sent.

The blue and lethal woman known as Mystique, smiled at Magneto.

“Well, we’ve finally restored the Brotherhood” she said. “But the ones you sent to bring me and Victor here weren’t very gentle”.

Next to her were standing Namor and Danger. Namor was keeping his hands around the wrists of Victor Creed, who wasn’t very happy for being trapped that way. Danger instead had put a hand on Mistique’s shoulder.

“I’m sorry, Raven” replied Magneto. “But you two aren’t very…ehm… reliable”.

“Exactly” intervened Danger. “I’ve put some nanotechnology inside your blood while you were talking with Erik. And Magik has created a spell that won’t allow you to attack us unless you want to lose your soul and spend the rest of your lives in Limbo”.

“You have no rights to…” tried to say Sabretooth but Mistique interrupted him:

“Yeah, they don’t trust us. But this won’t be a problem: we want to help you”.

“I know, Raven” said Magneto. “And we need your help to do what we’re planning to do”.

“And what are you planning to do?” she asked.

“Well, Raven” answered Magneto, smiling. “You both hate Wolverine, don’t you?”.

“You already know the answer to your question” replied Mistique.

“Yes, I know” said Erik. “And I’m going to ask you exactly what you’ve been waiting for your entire life”.

“I’m all ears” said Mistique, while she moved her lips into a malicious smile.


“We can’t find them, Steve”.

Doctor Strange and Diamond Hellstorm were standing in front of Captain America and Tony Stark. The group was inside Cap’s office in the Avengers Tower, and many glowing screens were around them. On each screen there was the face of one of the escaped X-Men, from Cyclops to Emma Frost.

“Why, Stephen?” asked Cap. “I thought you were two of the strongest magician on earth”.

“Yes, we are” answered Hellstorm. “But the same can be said for Magik, too. She’s a Hellord strong as my father Mephisto. If she doesn’t want us to find her, she can use the Limbo to protect them from our spells”.

“So she is using the Limbo to disturb your powers?” inquired Tony.

“Not exactly” responded Strange. “It’s like if their new base is somewhere between Earth and Limbo. And then there’s something else, something psionic”.

“They must be using some Cerebra-type technology to enhance Emma’s powers. This, plus Danger’s technology and Magik’s spells, is enough to block your powers and our scans”.

“So, do you have any plan?” asked Rogers.

“We can ask to Logan’s telepaths to use Cerebra and find them” suggested Strange.

“No” replied Stark. “Cerebra technology creates disturbs for other Cerebras: they inhibit themselves”.

“But what do they want?” asked Hellstorm. “They must be planning something… they must go somewhere, they can’t stay there forever”.

“Exactly” said Cap. “They want to protect mutants. So we have just to wait until they find a new mutant and they leave their base”.

“And then? What do we do?” asked Stark.

“Then we arrest them” replied Cap, smiling. “Now they’re the villains and we’re the Avengers. Arresting them is our new mission… And I’m absolutely intended to carry off our mission”.

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