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All characters belong to Marvel.

Peter is sitting on the motel bed, clutching his mask in his hands, staring intensely at the wall, deep in thought.

Peter: I lost Ben because I didn't act. I didn't become Spiderman, I didn't become the hero I needed to be until it was too late. But even when I was Spiderman, I lost Gwen. And now, I lost Aunt May, possibly even MJ... If I had never become Spiderman, would they still be alive?

No- Snap out of it, Parker! It's time to act!

Peter: I will save you, Mary Jane! I won't- I won't let you down!

Nightcrawler teleports into the room again, with Wolverine, Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde, and Storm.

Peter: Can you track her down, Logan?

Logan: Doing it now.

Logan steps outside to the bloody mess of bodies. He sniffs the air, then comes back to the room.

Cyclops: Storm?

Storm waves her hand, and the dark, cloudy night becomes clear, the bright moonlight illuminating the street.

Peter: Kitty, stay here and help the police with the bodies. Nightcrawler, you stay as well. The rest of you, let's head out.

Peter, Wolverine, Emma, and Storm head out to the street.

Peter: So, where to?

Logan: They're far. We need a car.

Peter: Kinda mundane for a bunch of X-Men and Spiderman, huh?

Emma rolls her eyes.

Next, the 'team' is seen in a bright red Ferrari, speeding along the dirty streets.

Storm: Too 'mundane' for you, Parker?

Peter: Nah, this suits me.

Logan: Take the turn up here.

Emma turns the car into an empty lot. Nearby, a looming warehouse blots out the horizon.

Peter: She.. she must be in there.

Logan: She must be... or at least, the people who killed those innocents back there are.

The team walks and glides into the warehouse.

Peter: Stop. Trapdoor, below us.

Logan: How did you-

Peter: Spider-sense.

Logan: The trapdoor is danger?...

Peter: Could be. But it could also be where MJ is.

The team opens the trapdoor, revealing a set of polished, metal stairs. The team descends into the darkness below.

Peter: Logan, the killers. Are they here?

Logan: ...Yes. I can smell them. Hear them.

The team walks off the stairs into a large room, filled with several men in labcoats, working at computers and with small chemistry sets of some type.

Peter: (at the top of his lungs) WHERE IS SHE?!?!

Storm summons lightning, which blasts through the computers and lab equipment. The scientists slowly stand up, and begin marching towards the group.

Peter: Emma. Find out what they know.

Emma: I- can't- These aren't humans. they're androids.

Peter: Really?

Peter cracks his knuckles, runs forward, picks up two of the scientists, and wrenches their heads off. Wires and bits of metal spray everywhere. Logan runs forward as well, decapitating an android and gutting another. Soon, the room is quiet.

Peter: The scent leads here?

Logan: Yes... these androids are the killers. But Mary Jane may very well be somewhere else entirely... I picked up the scent of the killers. I only assumed MJ would be with them.

Nearby, a single computer sputters to life. A blue-ish picture is projected onto its screen. Logan, Peter, Storm and Emma huddle around the screen. Norman Osborn's face flickers to life on the screen.

Norman: Ah... Peter... You've enlisted the help of the X-Men! Too weak to pursue me on your own... tsk tsk...

Peter: Where... YOU have her...

Norman: Would you like to hear her scream?

Peter: Please, Norman, I'll give you anything, just let her go.

Norman: Come to me alone, Peter.

Peter: Where?!?!

Norman: Think, you foolish child.

Peter: These androids... they're yours... what about Kingpin's men? YOU work for him?

Norman: Imbecile. Norman Osborn works for nobody. The Kingpin's men killed those people at the motel. My androids were working here all day today.

Peter: But... that can't be... MJ.... but.....

Emma: Let it go, Peter. Where would Norman Osborn meet you?

Peter: Oh...

Logan: You need our help?

Peter: No. I will do this alone.

Peter sprints out of the room, wondering what is going on.

Now, I know this may have been confusing, with some things not coming together correctly. I promise that the next story will answer everything.

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Really good.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: lol. I appreciate it, thanks buddy.

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It is interesting.

Needs development as well as some grammar miscues.

I will look into part two if its put up.

Then we shall see where it goes

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@KMART4455: lol, this is part 3. There are 2 prequels:

http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/dark-spiderman-2/683879/#7 (number 2)

http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/dark-spiderman-1/683789/#9 (number 1)

Thanks for the feedback!

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he's meeting him at the brooklyn bridge where gwen died

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@thespideyguy: bravo!

thats actually exactly where they will meet.