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All characters owned by Marvel.

Dark Spiderman #1: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/dark-spiderman-1/683789/?page=1#div_shout_post_7874861

Peter Parker has just left Mary Jane to seek revenge on Wilson Fisk for the death of his Aunt May. As the masked hero slings through the city, Mary Jane sits on a cheap motel bed waiting for 6:00, when she can finally leave.

Peter Parker has just swung off the bridge onto Ryker's Island, where Kingpin has been held ever since he killed Aunt May. Peter walks the last hundred yards to the gate, ripping through chain link fences with ease. Before the massive steel wall, Peter reminds himself what he must now do.

Peter: This is it. I'm going to kill Wilson Fisk.

Before going in, Peter rips his mask off, then takes off his web-shooters and lays them down on the cold, stony earth. With one hand Peter punches the gate in half, punching through several massive padlocks and 12 inches of steel, with one hand.

His entrance made, Peter enters the labrynth of cells and prepares his mind and soul for what he is about to accomplish.

A guard attempts to stop Peter, but then he realizes it is Spiderman, and the guard backs off slowly. Peter continues walking down a row of cells, knowing the Kingpin is behind one set of bars. Peter walks down to the last cell, where Kingpin is being held.

The fat man looks up at Peter, with a smug grin stretched across his flabby, pale face.

Fisk: The old woman finally died, eh? Resilient old woman! But at that age, a bullet anywhere could ki-

Peter rips the bars off the cell and picks up Kingpin, then throws him over the railing into the cafeteria below. Fisk lands on a table, crushing it. Fisk slowly starts to get up.

Peter: I told you.

After each statement, Peter slaps the Kingpin across the face, using only a fraction of his strength though. By now all the prisoners are peering out of their cells, wide-eyed in excitement. This is the only entertainment they will receive in a long time. Even the guards look down in amazement at the physical prowess, the raw power of Spiderman.

Peter: That if she died.


Peter: I would kill you.


Peter: You will now pay for everything you have done.


Peter: In your miserable life, you have done nothing but cause pain.


Peter: I want you to know that you will burn in Hell for that.


Peter: What I am about to do will rid this world of a parasite.


Peter: You don't deserve this death.


Peter: You deserve to die over the course of a thousand years.


Peter: You deserve to see everyone and anyone you have ever loved or cared about killed.


Peter: You deserve to rot and burn in the very streets you used to own.


Peter: But I don't have the time to do those things.


Peter: I only have time to do this, right now.

Fisk weakly looks up at Peter, spits out blood and several teeth, grinning as he does so.

Fisk: You.. might wanna... save the punishment... for later... after... After...

Peter looks at Fisk with fury in his eyes and screams.

Peter: After WHAT?!

Fisk: After... I kill her as well..

Peter: WHO?!


Fisk: Your girlfriend... at that cheap motel... my men... already there.

Peter looks wide-eyed at Fisk, then narrows his eyes and lets out a primal scream of fury.

Peter: You... you... You damn fool, I... I couldn't... NO! Not again! Not her! Damn you, Damn you to hell, Fisk!

Peter punches Fisk in the stomach, then throws him against the wall. Peter looks at Fisk with disgust, then shoves his head between the bars of a cell. Fisk weakly tries to escape, but Peter bends the bars around his head so that the Kingpin cannot escape until Peter returns. The inmates in the cell start poking Kingpin's eyes with impunity, chuckling and laughing, realizing that they can do anything they want to Wilson Fisk.


Fisk: Gone.

Fisk chuckles, then rests against the cold bars of the prison cell.


Fisk: Even I do not know. I hired these men to make her disappear, I did not give them a location.

Peter: Soon, you will die. My promise still stands. You will die, Wilson Fisk. YOU WILL DIE!

Peter sprints out of the jail so fast the guards don't even see him. Peter grabs his web shooters, and his mask, then leaps into the air, crossing half the bridge in a single bound. He pulls himself along with his webs, rushing, crossing the city faster than he had ever crossed it, running to save Mary Jane.

Peter arrives at the motel too late. The door is barged down. Random people outside of the room MJ was in are lying, dead, in the hallway. Most have bullet holes in them, some have knife gouges in them. Peter notices a small child among the dead.

Peter walks into the room. Blood stains the bed where Mary Jane was resting. The alarm clock suddenly starts beeping; Peter jumps back from it. In a poof of smoke, Nightcrawler teleports into the room.

Kurt: Hello, Peter! Where is MJ? I can take her now!

Peter looks up in disgust and anger.

Peter: Somebody... somebody took her.

Nightcrawler notices the blood on the bed. He turns around and sees, in the hallway, the hand of a small child, surrounded by a pool of blood.

Kurt: Mein God... dear.. oh no.. I am so sorry, I should have come earlier!

Peter: It's my fault. I went seeking revenge... and this happens.... Dammit to hell, this cannot be happening!

Peter and Kurt sit down on the bed, next to the blood.

Peter: Help me, Kurt. Go get Logan. He can help us track her down.

Kurt: Of course, I will be back very soon! Ve shall find MJ! Do not worry!

Kurt teleports out. Peter takes off his mask.

Peter: How could I let this happen... I should never have gone, looking for revenge... In my anger, I let down my defense... Mary Jane... Please... please don't die.

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@ChaosBlazer: Wow! I really liked that! Great improvements from the last one! More details, and I like where this story is going!

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@ChaosBlazer: Don't think he needed to remove his webshooters, I'm guessing that was to show that he wasn't playing but he uses them for offense as much as defense and for travelling. Good story

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@batkevin74: thanks, yeah that was just something I threw in

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@LadyLigeia: Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

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Good job, man!