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This story takes place after the events of Back in Black. Peter has just transferred May to another hospital. Mephisto does not seek out Mary Jane and Peter this time, and there will be no Brand New Day. News has just reached Peter that May is dying; Peter and MJ are now in the hospital with May.

Now, before I start, there was an issue of What If? that explored a 'similar' idea to mine. However mine is original and different from that story, don't worry.

All characters belong to Marvel.

Peter and MJ are huddled around May's hospital bed, Peter is holding her hand and MJ is sitting down next to her.

Peter: Aunt May.. I'm so sorry.

May: Why? I love you Peter; my time has come, and it has always been coming for me since I was born. There was never a way we could have avoided this.

(In the background behind Peter, there appears a scowling man with wild black hair and a red cape, who whispers- 'There is always another way...')

Peter: I let Ben down, I let you down. How can I forgive myself for this?

MJ: Peter.. this wasn't your fault.

Peter: I revealed my identity. I allowed those armed thugs and freaks instant access to both of you. I was such a damn fool, trusting Tony Stark...

May: Peter Parker, this is the fault of one man and one man only... the man who pulled the trigger. Nobody else, especially not you, is to blame.

Peter: I'm sorry, I... I can't lose you, Aunt May! I lost Ben, I was such an idiot... and now, with all my experience, my brains, everything... I failed you too.

May: Please, Peter, I can't die knowing you blamed yourself for this.. Please, let me go. Live your life. Love Mary Jane, raise a family... You have to let this go, dear..

Peter: I let Ben go, Aunt May. I won't ever make that mistake again.

May: I... I love you Peter, and you, Mary Jane...

MJ: May, don't worry about us, we'll be fine.

Peter: I'm sorry, Aunt May. I'm so sorry.

(Aunt May closes her eyes and dies. Her hand falls from Peter's grip on to the hospital bed.)

Later, Peter and MJ are seen walking away from a cemetery, from a small, private funeral. Peter and MJ are then seen in a small hotel room, Peter is packing their things; the black Spiderman costume is lying on the bed.

MJ: What... What are we going to do now?

Peter: You need to go stay with the X-Men for a little while.

MJ: Why?

Peter: To protect you. I can't ever let anybody else around me die... I've let so many people down...

MJ: You aren't coming with me?

Peter: I'm Spider-man. I don't need protection.

MJ: But, where will you go? Don't leave me alone Peter! Not after all that's happened!

Peter: You'll be in safe hands. I trust the X-Men. The Professor will take care of you, I promise. I'll be back soon.

MJ: You going somewhere?

Peter: I... I have a debt to repay.

MJ: You know what May asked you to do... before she died... I.. I don't want to let this go either. But it will give her peace, knowing we listened.

Peter: I tried to be the hero all my life. After Ben died, I felt like I shouldn't be helping anybody, like I didn't need to. I felt like I should just let this city rot. But Uncle Ben told me something, something that meant more to me than anything else. That with great power, comes great responsibility. So I helped, or tried to help. And yet, the public bashed me. The common people hated me, despised me. But I still protected and defended these people, people that, if given the chance, would throw me away in prison to rot.

And then I revealed my identity to these people, being the goddamned fool I was. And now, because of what I did, my Aunt May, the woman who has taken care of me and loved me all my life, is dead. She never got to see you and me married, never got to see if we would have kids, never got to see me become a scientist, she missed so much, because of me.

And now, I'm taking responsibility. I am going to avenge Aunt May, because I made a promise. I promised Wilson Fisk that if May died I would kill him with my bare hands. And that promise still stands.

MJ: Peter, please... don't do this... Once you go there you can never come back. Please, he's in prison already, just let him die there...

Peter: Don't defend that man. He isn't even a man, he is an animal. He... he will answer for his crimes. For everything.

MJ: I... Peter...

(Peter puts on his costume shirt and pants.)

Peter: I've contacted the X-Men. Nightcrawler should be along at 6:00 to pick you up. I promise I will meet back up with you at the mansion within a week. Goodbye, Mary Jane.

(Peter and Mary Jane share a kiss: Peter slips on his mask, then jumps out the window.)

MJ: Oh God... please let us be OK...

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@ChaosBlazer: Really good! I think you should provide a bit more details, but overall I liked it!

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

@ChaosBlazer: Really good! I think you should provide a bit more details, but overall I liked it!


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@ChaosBlazer: Putting Mary-Jane at the X-Mansion for protection ha ha ha that place gets busted up every other day, she'd be safer in her apartment :) As @YourNeighborhoodComicGeek said:

@ChaosBlazer: Really good! I think you should provide a bit more details, but overall I liked it!

said, a bit more detail but overall I liked this. Good job

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@batkevin74: Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!

The next one is up on the forums, some more feedback would be awesome! Thanks again!

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So just anothr day for Spidey then :) he he he Noice!!!

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@tomdickharry1984: @GR2Blackout: @LadyLigeia: Thanks!