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Title: Dare of the Devil

Rated: T+

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that isn't mine. All properties are owned by Marvel, except my characters and story idea.


For seven days and seven nights, I lie in the darkness of a goat shed. I awake stiff and sore. Chains tear into my wrist, painfully wounding them. A foul stench flies through the outhouse. Feet touching the icy earth, I sense the dampness of the red grass. A small pool fabricated by human blood, mine, lies below.

The owner of the shed walks closer. Curtains of pain blind me, even on the long pathway to freedom. The owner presses her pink moist lips onto my cheek, and her hands invade the secrecy of my pockets.

“What a funny animal.” She whispers. “So desperate for freedom, but will never be freed.”

She opens an urn, pouring water down my face. Each drop tingles in the darkness. When there is nothing left, the jug falls to the ground. The noise vibrates against the walls, hurting my ears. She stands there, unwavering, enjoying the spectacle of my agony. Isolation stings, even harder. In some sick, perverse realm, I enjoyed this attention.

“I don’t want to be alone.” I whispered, hanging my head.

“Of course you, don’t.” The woman replied. “You won’t ever be alone again, Matt.”

I understand slowly, and then, I am free. Free of the pain. Free of the emotions. Free of the loneliness.

Then, I hear voices surrounding me. Their glowing, white bodies shine in the dark. “Matt… Matt…” they say, refusing to go away. They come closer, and then vanish. Absolutely nothing except the woman remains.

Her smooth hand caresses my cheek, and I lean into it. After each touch, I realize, she does not have a heartbeat. I do not move away, though. Something is attracting me to her.

“Do not fear.” The woman says. “You are not alone.” I nod, and she continues. “Plant the seeds, and you will never, ever be alone again.”

I remembered the endless struggle between light and darkness. I remembered the vows I made: I will not back down. I will not run. I will not hide, not anymore. I remembered I had a choice: good or evil. I remembered I was the man without fear.

“No.” I said. “I refuse to serve your order.”

“Then, you are cursed.” She said, her eyes burning red. “Fate says you will be the next harbinger.”

Something burned on my chest, surprisingly near the Double D insignia. It sinks lower, straight into my heart.

“Every day will feel just like your last.” She said, lifting my head, and forcing my eye lids open.

My cloudy, light blue eyes stare into hers. I cannot see, yet I can see at the same time. A shroud of pain covers me. I can no longer see or sense anything. Only my hearing remains.

She continues. “There will be no place to hide, Matt.” Her moist lips return to my cheek. “I will be waiting.”


I had some free time, so why not try out DareDevil. My first time writing about his character, and I think I have a good idea where I want to lead this story. I may raise the rating depending upon each chapter.

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@xxYoungFatexx: Nice and short with a good plot, always amazes me how something short like this amasses 50+ views yet only 2 who have seen this actually comment. :/ If you know users on the Fan-Fic board just @reply them so they definitely see it and can't not read it :)

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Thanks for the advice. lol, it is no problem with me. I do not care much about views to be honest. I am too busy writing my next story to pay much attention. Reviews are always nice, but my stories will continue to come out, even if I received none. These short stories help improve my storytelling, so that is the real reward.

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@xxYoungFatexx: This is very good. Can't work out who the woman is: my guesses are Elektra or Death herself! Well done