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Continued from Part 1: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/criminal-enterprise-episode-1/686470/#13 and Part 2: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/criminal-enterprise-episode-2/686672/#6

Tony and Marco are skulking near an ATM queue. Tony puffs away on a cigarette.

Marco: Wonder Woman?

Tony: Yup Wonder Woman

Marco: Wonder Woman’s from Boston?

Tony: Yeah, had a whole Amazonian embassy there for a while before they went nuts and attacked the world. Plus you saw what she did to that guy on television

Marco: She snapped his neck! Like crack, thump gone! That was cold. And she cut Superman’s throat with her bangle!

Tony through a cloud of smoke: Headband

Marco: Whatever

Tony: So that’s why Boston’s out. She’s mean. Like Superman...but with a great rack and bondage gearm but she will kill you.

Marco: Why don’t people shoot her in the leg?

Tony: What?

Marco: She’s only got those bangles...

Tony: Bracelets!

Marco: On her wrists. Shoot her in the leg. Two in the knee; bang bang!

Tony: She went toe-to-toe with Superman! Shooting her in the leg would be like shooting a rhino with a cap gun! I think you said it best: bang bang crack thump gone!

Marco: It was just an idea. So how we gonna get the money?

Tony: I don’t know Marco. We can try our luck at the casino in Star City

Marco: And get shot by Green Arrow! I’d rather take on your Batman! Green Arrow shoots arrows at people. Arrows Tony! One inch either side and he can kill you, put an eye out, severe your spinal cord, the guy’s a maniac! Jim’s cousin Georgio? Georgio Minghella. He got an arrow through his palm that came out his elbow and his feet pinned to the floor by that Robin Hood wannabe. He’s still in a wheelchair!

Tony dropped his cigarette: I meant trying our luck at the tables, not holding the place up!

Marco: Oh

Tony: He’s another one starting a franchise.

Marco: Man shouldn’t they be out saving the world from comets instead making babies

Tony: Are you going to tell him?

Marco: Hell no! (The queue at the ATM is gone and Marco puts his card in the machine) How much should I get out?

Tony: Do you have twelve million dollars?

Marco: ...No

Tony: Didn’t think so. Just get enough for gas

Marco: We’re not going to Star City are we?

Tony: NO! Green Arrow’s a freak!

Marco: So where Tony, Opal City?

Tony: Starman

Marco: Who?

Tony: Starman. Dude with like…star powers. He got them from his father who got them from his father

Marco: Another franchise?

Tony: Yup.

Marco: Where aren’t there any superheroes? Ahhh damn!

Tony: What?

Marco: Ate my card. Too busy talking

Tony: Idiot!

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{Marco: Why don’t people shoot her in the leg?} Why don't people shoot WOnder Woman in the leg? Because she's Wonder Woman and will kick your head off! :) Tony & Marco are engaging, but why do they need $12 million dollars?????