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It started here Episode 1: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/criminal-enterprise-episode-1/686470/#4


Tony and Marco are sitting at a bus stop across from the bank. Tony is reading the Daily Planet, Marco is eating an ice-cream.

Marco: He can’t be everywhere?

Tony looking over the top of the paper: He’s Superman! He could hit you from space with his eye beam things and you’d never know it.

Marco looking up and protecting his ice-cream slightly: He wouldn’t…he’s a good guy!

Tony: And we’re bad guys robbing a bank in his hometown. How do you think he’s going to react? Parade? Big hug? Or one of those right crosses that shatter every bone in your body?

Marco: Right cross

Tony: And unless you’ve got kryptonite, super powers and a death wish, he’ll mop the floor with you! Bullet proof, super strong, x-ray vision, he can fly, eye beams, cold breath, he’s super fast, he...

Marco: Not as fast as the Flash

Tony: Superman beat him in a race

Marco: Flash is the fastest man alive!

Tony: Superman is faster than Flash

Marco: Superman’s an alien. Besides the Flash can run so fast he can run across water!

Tony: Superman can fly!

Marco: Flash can run so fast he can pass through walls!

Tony: That’s physically impossible!

Marco: It is not! I saw it at the Flash museum in Central City

Tony: Another town not to commit a bank robbery in

Marco: Why’s that?

Tony: ...The Flash, stupid!

Marco: I’m not stupid! Flash hangs out in Keystone City…idiot

Tony: How fast is the Flash?

Marco: Way fast. Like (clicks his fingers) that fast

Tony: So by the time we’ve held the bank up, do you think he’d be there?

Marco: Probably

Tony: And how many Flashes are there?

Marco: Let’s see (counts his fingers) about four plus Flash Girl

Tony: So five guys moving at light speed against us…let’s leave Keystone and Central City alone okay. May as well go back to Metropolis

Marco: So where then? Gotham’s out because of “The Batman”. Superman in Metropolis, Flash in Keystone. Boston?

Tony folds the paper up and stands up: Boston

Marco: Nothing wrong with Boston

Tony: Have you finished yet?

Marco: Yeah

Tony: C’mon (Tony walks off)

Marco: What’s wrong with Boston?

Tony: Wonder Woman

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@The Poet: Thanks, part 3 going up soon

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@LadyLigeia: Thanks

This is the one that isn't linking through via..ahhh whatevs, if it works it works. If you can great, if not oh well. Thanks

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@batkevin74 Ha ha ha arguing that running through a wall is physically impossible but flying is okay :) Very funny, slightly droll, but very very good stuff! Enjoyable read, as I find with a lot of your stuff. Keep up the good work.

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@4donkeyjohnson: 3 is coming...actually it'll be up in a moment


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Excellent! I shall go and have a lookey look! :P