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Here is the final version of my superhero, her power set and her look. It was the best I could do, given that I was given preloaded options.

Name-Winn (real name Claire Guthrie) Motive-Get back home(she's stranded on an alien planet). Her strength level is normal. Powers-Accelerated running-as fast as a car does. 200 mph max. Shoots webbing out her wrists, like movie spiderman. Kinetic inertia flight (allows her to fly at whatever speed she's moving). Durability-NOTHING can kill her unless...... Weakness-Her powers are drained by water hitting her suit, her suit can evaporate the water at her whim, but that drains her power as well. If she failed to evaporate a sizable spash of water on her suit for only a minute, her powers would dry up. They would return when her suit is dry. Meantime she would be a normal human wearing a costume, leaving her vulnerable.

She doesn't technically need shades, cause her durability would protect her, but she doesnt want flies in her eyes when she runs. I could not find goggles so this was the next best thing.