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This is the continuation of Time Trappers #1. It's a lead up to the main storyline, so it's a bit short.

Zod? James thought. What kind of name is Zod?

“So, where are we going exactly, Mr Zod?”, he asked.

“We're going to a safe place.”

Half an hour later they reached a little house in a less populated spot of the city. When they entered, they were greeted by a man who looked like Zod, but in his early twenties.

“James, this is my son, Lor.”

“Dad, who's this?”, he asked.

“This is the one we've been looking for.”

Confused by the words that left Zod's mouth, James could help but ask.

“What do you mean 'the one we've been looking for'?”

Zod turned to him. Knowing that he couldn't keep James in the dark any longer, he revealed the astounding truth.

“I'm sure you were wondering what happened earlier today. You see, I believe you actually travelled back in time.”

James chuckled.

“Travelled back in time?! Good one, but not buying it.”

“Really?” Zod asked. “Then, how would you explain it?”

“Well...” James said.

He paused and thought for a minute, but failed to find a rational explanation.

“I thought so.”, said Zod. “Now, you must learn to control the power. There must be a trigger. What happened just before you jumped back in time?”

“I was making an exit for the door when something fell on me.”

“You must have subconsciously jumped to avoid harm. But, why to Metropolis and that exact moment?” Zod wondered considerably.

“What time, exactly?”, Lor asked.

“It was during the battle of Metropolis.” Zod said.

The battle of Metropolis. James knew it well from Earth's history. A battle that claimed thousands of lives [Read CORRUPTED: Book #3]. Zod paced back and forth, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, but left unsuccessful.

“We'll leave this matter for another time.” He said.

“So, what now?” James asked.

“Now, we begin the next phase of the plan.” Said Lor.

“Next phase?”

“We have been looking for you for a while now. You are not who you think you are. You are the Time Trapper. A being who possesses the power to travel through time at will.” Zod said.

Baffled by this new discovery, James believed Zod. Perhaps not because he knew it, but because he wanted to believe it. To believe he had a higher purpose in life.

“What am I supposed to do?” James asked.

“This world is rotting.” Zod said. ”There is a darkness out there that seeks to destroy the world as we know it. We're going to stop it before it can do any harm, but we'll need your help.”

“Great! Where do we start?” Asked James.

“First, we must seek out a woman. I have been keeping in contact with her. She too wishes to prevent this darkness from engulfing the world.”

James threw on his purple hoodie and said, "Let's get going, then." and left the house.

“I didn't think he was stupid enough to fall for that load of crap. Humans really are pathetic.” Lor said. “How long do you plan on using him for?”

Zod smiled.

“We'll use him for as long as we need to, then we'll end his pitiful life.”

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@awesam said:

“We'll use him for as long as we need to, then we'll end his pitiful life.”

Good old Zod! Use'em and abuse 'em! Good work

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@batkevin74: When you're good at something why stop?

Well, it often lands him in the Phantom Zone.

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Awesome! Zod is awesome but still evil as well. Keep it up!

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@awesam: That's true, and Zod is a notable omission from the PZ

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@awesam: “So, where are we going exactly, Mr Zod?”

I almost expect Zod to correct him "General, General Zod!" And the ending, I think James best watch his back...side, front and everywhere where Zod is concerned :)

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@4donkeyjohnson: This is Zod. He should probably also keep his eyes on the sky as well.

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I loved it especially the ending did not see that coming.

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