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Rebellion Hideout

He had been there for what seemed like hours. As soon as he arrived with Code Red, they stuck him in a large white room with an assault course, which was built around his abilities; they were testing him seeing if what they had heard about his skills were true. Timber Wolf knew this. He saw it as an insult. He did not speak out against this insult, they had something he needed. Information and a slight chance of taking him back to his home back to the Legion so he held his tongue, for now. He passed the courses easily; they were underestimating him, he liked that idea it gave him an advantage if he ever found himself against this rebellion. That was very possible to him; he did not feel comfortable working with men and women whose relatives sent chills down the spines of the people in his timeline. But he could do nothing they still had what he needed, this he did not like they had him round in their grip, and wolves don’t take nicely to capture. Even though he was going to be a new member of this rebellion but being in this room no viewible way out he felt more like a prisoner than a teammate he didn't like this feeling he was uneasy they could do anything to him, right now from leaving him in there for all eternity to filling the room with laughing gas. As he sat there, after completing their challenges with little effort he went through all the things they could do to him. It wasn't making him feel better and his his stress level was getting higher and higher the waiting was unbearable, he couldn't stand it. He wasn't the most patient man, often running into situations to fast putting him in bigger risk than he had to, sometimes only just escaping death on countless occasions. It never bothered him though it made it more “exciting” for him. The thrill of being seconds away from death, it was a huge adrenaline boost for him. He would always say it made it more fun when asked by the Legion, although some said he did it keep in the savage wolf that lurked in him waiting to tear out of him and rip his enemies to shreds.

He sat there staring at the wall, no doors could be seen. He waited impatiently starting to wonder in his head how they were able to get the tech that they incorporated into this room. They couldn't afford it that’s for sure, and even if they could where would they buy it from with Superman loyalists everywhere they turn. He had no idea where they were either; Code Red had to blind fold him in case he was ever captured by the Martian. Out of nowhere the wall opened vertically, just bigger than a doorway. He could not see through this walkway it seemed to just lead into darkness, curiously Timber Wolf got out of his chair staring harder into the darkness trying to make out anything or one while leaning his arms on the table. Out from nowhere came a scrawny old man, grasping onto a crimson cane with a glowing pink rock planted into the top. He looked older than he actually was, slouching forward to weak to stand up straight. The old man walked towards him, he had had a gaunt grim face he wore a scowling look on his face, he had dull gray comb over with short scraggly beard. The old man raised out a welcoming hand to Timber Wolf who had receded into his chair, looking the old man over.

“Welcome” The old man greeted, sounding surprisingly cheerful “Everybody knows me by the name Dr. Eld but from what I've been told we’ll be seeing allot of each other so you can just call me Ignius. Strange name I know but we don’t choose our names” He had a European accent, making some words he said hard to make out. His hand was still stretched out offering Timber Wolf a hand shake. He did nothing still looking the man over to see if he was trust worthy. After a few awkward seconds Dr. Eld placed his hand on his cane resting on the other. “Ah...well where was I...oh yes it seems you need information about how you got here but first I think it would be appropriate to get any distrust out of the way and for that I think you need to know me a little better so ask away I think you will find I’m an open book”. Timber Wolf now stood up straight in his chair now gathering questions to ask, although he already had a good feeling about this man with his greeting attitude.

“Okay then Doc let’s do it your way” Timber Wolf said standing up looking deep into the Dr. Elds old gray eyes to try and see if he would lie. “What is your profession?”

“Physicist theoretical mostly, next”

“Okay. Where are we?”

“Currently we are in a facility under ground with a layer of led around the whole area to avoid capture by Superman”

“Did the rebellion build it?”

“No. It was built as a hideout by Lex Luthor when he was on leave from metropolis”

“How did you get in league with the rebellion?”

“Honestly?” He now had a look of sadness in his eyes. “23 years ago SHADE broke into my house while I was away visiting family in Sweden they were after me thinking I was some sort of vigilante an outrageous claim. After that I hid away from the likes of Superman and his allies and some time ago the rebellion came looking asking for my services and well here I am”

“Okay then” Timber Wolf set his eyes on the glowing pink rock on his Kane “What’s with the Pink rock?”

“Ah I’m glad someone finally asked.” A smile started to appear on his crooked mouth. “This is Pink kryptonite it’s supposed to mess with his sexuality I it found on a trip to Egypt 5 years ago. I thought if I was ever in a situation where I had a meeting with superman I could use this to play with his head a little.” Timber Wolf began Chuckling at what the old man had just said it wasn't too long before they were both howling with laughter.

“Old man I think I’m going too really like you” He said in between the laughing.

“I am glad, now we have a lot to discus I have a few theories for why you’re still with us”


Washington DC

The Whitehouse

Superman sat in his throne glaring into the Helm of Nabu like just as he had been for the passing hour. Wonder Woman had taken their son out, to see the soldiers to raise troop morale. That left Superman on his own just him the guards and the helm, whenever he wasn't managing his country or spending time with his new family, not allot of time at that. The rest he spent with the helm it had grown on him. The Martian walked into the room his face emotionless as he walked to his lord and ruler bowing.

“Greetings, man of steel” The Martian greeted formally.

“Ah Manhunter rise have anything to report on” Superman said placing the helm on the table placing a grape into his mouth.

“The opposite I’m afraid there has been another entry into the rebellion” The Martian said his face still dead with emotion.

“I’m guessing this is someone important?” Superman’s attitude was more serious now; he didn't know what to think of this rebellion yet.

“One of the Legion Sir I believe by the name of Timber Wolf. Didn't you train with the legion for sometime in your youth?”

“Yes. That feels like years ago now but the question is what is he doing here and in the rebellion, Manhunter I want you to send in a team of S.H.A.D.E’s finest to find and bring him to me alive. We can benefit from having him on our side.”


Back at the Bloodhaven hideout

2 Hours Later

Timber Wolf and Dr. Eld had been speaking for a while now, not gotten onto the business at hand yet due to their convocation drifting off from work to Life stories, jokes and various topics of convocation. Timber Wolf had not known the man very long but already he felt like he had known the man a lifetime, he had grown very fond of the old man it was men like him that gave him hope that he could have a place in this rebellion. Although he still felt uneasy working with sons and grandsons of serial killers. But he had put that aside he doubted he would ever even meet half of them he expected to be a spy for the rebellion often working alone. Finally there convocation had stopped so they could get onto the business at hand. They had moved from the previous room to the main hub it was filled with forests of Dr. Eld's workings and historical archives of past heroes with all he knew on them, at the head of the room was the main computer it showed a map with all the known locations of allies in green, enemies in blue, and possible locations of people who are natural, may have powers and relations of past heroes. Dr. Eld started to speak with the same cheerful voice and attitude as before.

“Well we should really get started, first lets fill you in on your situation what would you like to know first?”

“Hm...How about the reason I exist” he asked trying not to show is joy in finally getting some answers after half a century.

“Well my theory is that matter cannot be completely destroyed. So when Superman became the president the timeline split in two. This one where Superman took the role of president and he was corrupted into the tyrant we know today and then your timeline where he refused and this mess never even happened"

“Okay then if that is the case then why couldn't have used the time machine to travel my timeline?” Replied confused at what Dr Eld had just told him.

“Because a time machine my boy can only travel across one timeline. A device that could travel across timelines has yet to be invented.”

“Ah...” Timber Wolf went could with the thought that his friends have been living there lives without him just assuming that he had died, gone missing or just left without even saying goodbye.

“Ah...a troubling thought but as they say a silver lining. Ever since i heard about your case i have been trying to find out if it is possible to build a device that could be able to transport you back to your own timeline” Dr. Eld replied trying to uplift him.

“Really!...Wait whats the catch?”

“Ah yes there is i can build this for you. But first we need your assistance, this rebellion cannot fight itself. We need all the help we can get and we have a common enemy" Dr Eld said putting a pipe in his mouth giving Brin a very serious look; He wasn't playing around now.

“Well I have no other options so it looks like I’m with you in this god dammed rebellion.”

“Brilliant! Now all that is left is to put you into the files.” The Doctor started opening up the files on the main computer opening the Allie files passing names like: The Deranger, Code Red, The Brain and a few other names until he opened a new file and started filling in his info.

Name: Brin Londo

Alias: Timber Wolf

Body Age: 29

Actual Age: 99+

Home: Bludhaven

"There now that's out of the way we can get onto your first mission" Dr Eld said looking behind him "Ah just in time. Brin this is who you will be working with in all your future missions, I believe you have already met."

Brin looked behind him. They had already met. Walking up to him was the big purple oaf that he had been chasing the day this all started. (See issue 1 for the first meeting of Brin and his new team mate)

To be continued

There is is i hope you enjoyed if this is the first issue you have read here are the links to the others:

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The rebellion's getting desperate when it comes to recruitment. Great issue.

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@js_smokeman: Okay....so Code Red took Timber Wolf to a secret site to test his powers and then hook him up with Dr Eld? Just making sure I'm on the same page. Coz shortly I'll need Red back.

Love the idea the Dr Eld has the "gay" kryptonite!

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