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A few hours ahead

"oh god..."

The Brain stood inside the T-Sphere Manufacturing Plant. The defenses there had been simple to disable all T-Spheres had been disabled, all Hawkmen had been defeated.

"I feel like my bones ar-"

The Brain turned and looked at the injured Hawkman. He was lying on the floor with a lot of obvious damage done to him.

"SHUT UP!" The Brain shouted. "At least I let you live! Imagine if the Deranger had been here!" The Brain kicked the Hawkman in the stomach causing him to naturally curl up into a ball. The Brain walked across the platform he was stood on and followed a group of wires down a hallway. He stopped and opened a steel door by activating the control switch. The lights in the room automatically turned on, revealing what the Brain had been looking for. Prometheus' helmet...


The White House Tech Labs, Now

"There goes another one sir. This time in Metropolis,"

The Martian Manhunter watched as the screen showing all active Purple Rays started to dim.

"How many is that now Taylor?" The Manhunter asked.

"Over two hundred sir. All across the country."

"Call in a Zeta beam on my position. Bring Skeets along as well. I'm going to Metropolis."


Metropolis, Outside Purple Ray Clinic #199

Everything everyone ever said about Metropolis was a lie. It was no city of tomorrow, not if you didn't know where to go. The Brain walked down the side of the street in a depressed state. An hour ago his best friend, Sharpshot had turned out to be a new type of S.H.A.D.E agent. He'd killed some of the rebels before the Deranger shot and murdered him. Deranger had kicked the Brain out after that due to trust issues. Suddenly a door slammed open in front of him causing the Brain to jump back in surprise. Through the door he heard 3 voices. 2 of them were familiar.

"That was enough explosives right?"

"I have no idea. Did anyone listen during the briefing?!"

"You put too many down. Which means we'll have to smash the last one with ourselves. Which means we have an increased chance of Cancer."

The Brain didn't recognize the last voice, he stepped in the doorway and was slammed into by three superpower beings.

"ow. Who closed the door?" Chris Blood asked in a heap on the floor.

"Man up you two. It's just a kid." The Hawkman hovered above all three of them. Clearly unbothered by the midair collision and clearly unimpressed by his co workers.

"Wait... Bob?!" Kid Thunder shouted. "Hey Jim what the hell are you doing here?"

"You know him?" The Hawkman asked.

"Sure do. Jimmy Bo tends to turn up at awkward times."

The Brain stared at the three men stood before him. As a clone of the original Brain he had to fight the sudden feeling he was getting in his head.

"Well... at least they're not homo sexual apes." The Brain thought.

"Wait... did you three just destroy a hospital?" The Brain asked.

"It's complicated."

"No. I don't think it is at all." A voice said from behind them. "In fact I think you 4 all just earned death sentences." The Martian Manhunter said as he floated above them. The machine called Skeets followed him from behind.

"Hey guys. Round 2?" Skeets said through his voice box.

"Rebels. Welcome to die." Martian Manhunter said as his eyes turned blood red...

To be continued...

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This was really good. You deserve more views.

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Nice job. I've been aching to see more of MM.