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Resistance Headquarters

"What the hell are you doing?" The Deranger asked.

The Brain turned round and saw Sharpshot stood behind them. He was holding something in his hand and spinning it around with an elastic string.

"What?" Sharpshot asked.

"What the hell is that thing in your hands?"

"Oh, it's a key. It used to belong to my home before Superman destroyed it."

"Why are you...?"

"It's just a thing I do when I'm bored. I have no idea why."

The Deranger stared at him for a second before turning and walking away like nothing had happened. He opened a door and pushed The Brain and Sharpshot inside.

"Welcome to the showers. You two both smell like you need one. Strip."

"A shower?" The Brain asked. He scanned through his mind to see if he could remember one in his memories. He did after a few seconds. He started to get excited. The Brain took off his Nth metal armour and force field belt. He placed them next to the door and stood underneath a stream of water. Sharpshot was hesitant at first but started to do the same when Deranger pulled his gun out. They both started following Deranger's instructions.

"Scrub. Dry. Good you're clean."

"What? Of course we're clean it's a shower!" Sharpshot said.

"No you're clean of bugs. We're being careful. We know nothing about you two and I wouldn't be alive if I wasn't careful."

Sharpshot pulled his costume back on while The Deranger passed some clothes to the Brain.

"Here you go... Bob. People don't like Nth metal here. This stuff is just as good. Now it's late outside. People here like their sleep. So do I. I'll show you around tommorow. Just find an empty cell and go to sleep inside it. Nobody cares."

Deranger walked out into the hallway and pointed in the direction where the cells were.

"Sleep well and remember. We're watching you."

The Deranger walked away and The Brain and Sharpshot both arrived at the cells. It took a few minutes of searching but The Brain finally found one and walked inside. Sharpshot watched as he walked in to his new room.

"What you're just going to leave me out here? I thought we were friends!"

"I never said we were friends" The Brain said as the cell door closed shut.

The Brain laid down on his bed and tried to fall asleep. It had been a long day. He needed a rest. He fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.


The Brain woke up feeling annoyed. He heard a noise in his head, it sounded just like... clicking. Which meant technology was nearby. This was... impossible. The resistance didn't use technology, otherwise Superman would be able to track them. He pulled himself out of bed and followed the sound of the clicking. It was coming from a room near the end of the hallway, he walked cautiously towards it and considerd for a second whether on not he should tell Deranger about what was happening. He decided against it. He opened the door expecting to see someone holding a laptop and sending an email to a Hawkman. He expected to see anything different then what he actually saw. No instead of seeing some kind of criminal mastermind standing there contacting Superman, he saw Sharpshot standing there holding his key which was buzzing with energy.

"Hey kid. What's up?" Sharpshot said as he fired a bullet into the Brain's shoulder.

The Brain was too shocked to do anything, he couldn't even cry out in pain. He fell to the floor and stayed there. He didn't even realise how close to death he actually was, all he could think to do was cry. He felt huge tears welling up in his eyes as his best friend in the world had betrayed him.

"Ah crap. Don't cry you little pussy." Sharpshot said as he stood over the Brain.

"What the hell was that? Is someone shooting?" The Brain heard someone yell from down the hallway. Sharpshot stepped into the hallway and fired his pistol several times. The Brain heard two sicking thuds followed by silence.

"Long story short SHADE are willing to do whatever it takes to find the rebels base. Which is why I'm here. So in a way this is all your fault. How does that feel?" Sharpshot asked as he placed his finger and added pressure to The Brain's bullet wound. The Brain screamed in pain. He blacked out for a second and when he returned to conciousness he found his arms had turned into the energy guns again. He tried to raise his right arm but screamed as he remembered that was where his bullet wound was. Sharpshot turned and looked at him.

"Well. Didn't see that one coming." Sharpshot said about the Brain's arms.

The Brain raised his left arm at Sharpshot and almost fired at him. However something about him hesitated. Somewhere nearby he heard the Deranger shout at him.


The Brain wanted to so much, yet he couldn't he lowered his weapon and Sharpshot laughed.

"Ha! Guess my attempt at being your friend paid off!"

"Oh screw it I'll do it myself." The Deranger said as he fired a bullet through Sharpshot's skull. Sharpshot stood there for a second, he looked dazed before his pupils turned white and he collapsed on the floor. The Deranger placed his pistol back into his holster and spat on Sharpshot's corpse. He walked over and helped the Brain up off the floor, causing Brain to cringe in pain.

"I hope you're happy, because of you, we've not only lost 5 good men, we've now got to move our base, all because you hesitated." The Deranger said angrily.

"I'm... sorry. I didn't want to hurt my... friend."

"That's the problem, if you come across a SHADE agent who's morphed into your friend, if you hesitate you're going to end up dead. I can't have you if you're going to hesitate."

The Brain didn't offer a response, the Deranger didn't expect one anyway. The Brain just stared at Sharpshot's body as blood dripped from his skull. The Brain watched as The Deranger walked away and allowed himself to do something he didn't want to do. He cried at the loss of his best friend, he cried at how everything could have been his fault and he cried because of the pain all of this was bringing.


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Great chapter, but I gotta ask was that the real Sharpshot or was there ever a real Sharpshot to begin with and if so, is he still alive? So many questions. Loved it.

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@joshmightbe: Yes Sharpshot was real. No he's not alive. The whole Connor Hawke story was true except he was captured and trained by SHADE when he was a kid. Thanks.

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@tommythehitman: In that case I'll miss the character. He was fun while he lasted.

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@joshmightbe: Although he was kind of a dooche before he died.

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Awesome. Deranger's actually one of my favorite characters in the CORRUPTED universe.

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@awesam: Any thoughts on the main thing in the issue? Also the @AweSam thing didn't work.

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The issue's really good. Sharpshot turning on Brain was a twist, but it was one I expected, eventually. You wrote it really well, though. There was one thing that bugged me.

"He opened the door expecting to see someone holding a laptop and sending an email to a Hawkman or something like that."

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@wildvine: Thanks. Any thoughts on Sharpshot?

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Thanks. Any thoughts on Sharpshot?

I was surprised for sure. Thought he was gonna be around a while.

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@tommythehitman: "That's the problem, if you come across a SHADE agent who's morphed into your friend, if you hesitate you're going to end up dead. I can't have you if you're going to hesitate." Nice, did a similar reference in Deranger #2. Very nice

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Bbbbrrr... I just got a chill down my spine... freaking Deranger...

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@tommythehitman: This raises more questions than answers, and again it's thrown into an ongoing narrative so a lot of the subtleties are lost on me. I always liked Jim Shooter's maxim that every new issue is a reader's first issue, so it's best that you make it accessible to someone who has never read your title before. While that can lead to clunky exposition, I would always think that a first issue, like Sharpshot #1 was, should be open enough so that any new reader can follow it without the need for "Read [story x] before continuing!" suggestions.