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Downtown Metropolis

The Brain had to squint to see the figure standing before him. He was covered in a type of blue energy, which made it hard to see what he looked like. This also made the fact that he was wearing a mask pointless.

"Who the hell are you guys?" The Brain asked.

"The goth with the sword calls himself Chris Blood. I call him Chris Benson. My name's Thunder. Kid Thunder. Nice to meet you @sshole." Kid Thunder said.

"Woah. What's your problem?" Someone said from behind Kid Thunder. The Brain peered over his shoulder and saw Sharpshot groggily coming to his feet. "The kid hasn't done anything wrong. What's your beef? Also speaking of beef do you have anything to eat? I haven't eaten for about 2 days and I think my last meal left when I stepped through that boom tube."

Sharpshot fell over and leaned on the side of the collapsed body of Skeets. Chris Blood rolled his eyes and placed his gigantic sword on his back.

"We're part of the resistance. I take it you two aren't the biggest fans of Superman?" Chris Blood muttered.

"No we're not. We've been looking for you guys." Sharpshot said.

"Then what the hell were you doing? You aren't supposed to draw attention to yourself like this! A boom tube? Really?! If we can detect your boom tube you can be sure SHADE can!"

"What do you mean?"

"When you boom tubed here our resident teleporter was able to sense it! We thought it might be some survivors from Apokolips or New Genesis! Which the both of you clearly are not! How do you think that Skeets thing found you?!"

"Oh yeah. Nearly forgot about him." Sharpshot said as he pulled an arrow out of his quiver. He opened a hatch inbetween Skeet's retinal's and started prodding around.

"What are you doing?" Kid Thunder asked while looking confused.

"Making sure he's down." Sharpshot said as he stabbed a box looking device in Skeet's head.


The Brain glanced up into the sky and his heart stopped for a second. Flying down towards them were hundreds if not thousands of Hawkmen. Sharpshot glanced as well and reacted a lot faster then Brain was capable of.


Kid Thunder and Chris Blood both looked up and saw the impending army of birds heading towards them. Without a word they both started to run down an alleyway. Sharpshot and Brain both following after them. However when Brain ran down the alleyway, Kid Thunder and Blood were nowhere to be seen.

"WHAT?! WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?!" Sharpshot yelled.

The Brain had no idea where they were. However he saw the manhole at the end of the alley and had an idea.

"Callum! The manhole!" Brain yelled.

Sharpshot understood immideatily, he grabbed the manhole and started to pull it out of the hole. He pushed it off and jumped down. The Brain jumped in after him and hoped none of the Hawkmen saw him. The Brain started to climb down the ladder and heard Sharpshot start to yell at someone.

"WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GO?!" Sharpshot yelled.

"There's a reason I'm called Kid Thunder. I have super speed, and Chris can teleport."

The Brain jumped down into the water and was instantly disturbed. Both by the water and by the fact that they could die at any second.

"What are we doing here?" The Brain asked. "Being in a sewer isn't going to help us hide from someone with X-ray vision."

"Hello? Do you even know where you are? These are the Metropolis sewers, Lexcorp covered them in Lead long ago, there's a secret tunnel leading straight under our base. Won't take us long to get there." Kid Thunder said.

"Base? The resistance's base is in Metropolis?"

"Of course. Isn't that why your boom tube brought you here? It didn't take you to our base because our teleporter is able to stop that from happening. Now shut up and get walking."


Skeet's eyes opened slightly. He looked around at the empty streets he was surrounded by. The last thing he could remember was something hitting him from behind. He dragged his husk off the pavement. He would have searched for them but he needed to re-


Skeets had no idea what had just happened. He felt like he had just said something, however he hadn't said anything like that for years. He prepared to run a diagnos-


Skeets started to panic. His voice machine must've been damaged, he raised himself into the air and activated his camoflauge mode. He slowly started to fly over the skyscra-



"Are we there yet?" Sharpshot asked.

They'd been walking for nearly 50 minutes now, nonstop. The Brain's Nth metal armour was stained with urine, and the original gold colouring was fading off.

"Nearly. Unless we've missed it. This happens sometimes." Chris said.

"Scratch that. We're here!" Kid Thunder said as they walked near a tunnel heading in the opposite direction.

"Finally. I'm bloody starving."

They turned and started to walk up the tunnel for a few more minutes. When they got to the end they saw an old wethered door, it was locked with a trip wire strung along the bottom. Before anyone could knock on the door a man in a red and blue costume appeared next to them and teleported them inside the base. The Brain felt sick and closed his eyes so he wouldn't faint. He heard voices near him and felt a cold metal object placed against his head.

"Rub your goddamn eyes." A voice said.

The Brain's eyes opened and he saw himself surrounded by people. Some wearing costumes, some not. All of them had guns that were pointing in their general direction.

"What?" He heard Sharpshot ask.

"Take off your mask and rub your eye, before I put a bullet in your heads!" A man next to the Brain said.

"Okay. Just... calm down." Sharpshot said. He took his mask off and rubbed his eyes. The Brain did the same.

"There. Was that so hard? Who the hell are you people?"

"You first."

"Talk to me like that again and I don't care whether you're SHADE or not."

"My name's Callum Hawke. Son of Connor Hawke."

"I don't know who that is. Who's your friend?"

Sharpshot frowned. He didn't like people not knowing who he is.

"I'm the Brain. I'm a clone of the original Brain. I was born this morning."

"There we go. That's what I wanted to know."

"Who the hell are you?" Sharpshot asked.

The man helped The Brain up off the floor. He scowled at Sharpshot and slowly offered his hand to help him up.

"My name's the Deranger. Welcome to the resistance."



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Great intro for the resistance can't wait to see what happens, also wondering if Deranger and Sharpshot will be having issues with each other.

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Nice the part with skeets was pretty funny.

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I'd have a heart attack if I started sounding like Booster Gold. Good job. I'm really getting into your stories.

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@js_smokeman: Thanks!

@awesam: Thanks. It was supposed to be Skeets' advertising old Booster products like he did in the cartoons!

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@tommythehitman: I actually liked Skeets, I just didn't like Booster Gold in the comics. Also, do you mind @ing this account? I'm not really going to use my other one.

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@tommythehitman: And then I got to the end of the story and saw you'd kinda already done what I just PM'd you about! :)

Very good, did like the reprogramming of Skeets.

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@awesam: Sometimes this account doesn't show up when I @ you...its weird

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@awesam: Sometimes this account doesn't show up when I @ you...its weird

Yeah, it's a zombie account.

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@batkevin74: Well they have only just joined the rebel alliance, there's plenty of time for a shower scene next issue! Which I still have a guilty conscience about.

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Bumped :)