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The White House

"WHAT?!" President Superman yelled as he slammed his fist through the steel table he was sat at.

Martian Manhunter was nervous. He didn't like bringing bad news to Superman. Lower rank workers had been killed for such offences.

"Two meta humans were able to escape me. They rammed me with a train and made their escape." Martian Manhunter said.

Superman was enraged. He punched his fist through a nearby wall in anger.

"Something strange is happening." Martian Manhunter said. "That Lawton girl in Gotham. Lightning bolts in Khandaq and Fawcett City and now these two metas in Paris. It seems almost as if..."

"As if what?"

"As if a new age is starting. Do you want me to call in the Sandmen? There are places Track could find that I can't."

"No. Hawkmen are not enough. People are coming out of the blue thinking they can fight authority. We need to send a message. Have the lab boys finished on Skeets yet?"

"Yes sir. They finished his weapon systems a month ago, but sir..."


"Don't you think sending Skeets in is overkill?"

"Sometimes you need to send a message that we aren't going to stand by while they kill our men. Now send Skeets after them!"

"Yes sir."


The JLI's Paris Headquarters. (Or what's left of it.)

The Brain was amazed at what the boom tube was showing him. He could see every world it had been to. A beautiful paradise. A hellish world. He was amazed at everything about the device. However what he wanted the most was to discover how to activate it.

"Are you done yet?" He heard Sharpshot ask.

The Brain didn't answer. If he did, he'd have to start all over again. The data inside the device were like hallways, he was being careful not to get lost. He was near the activation code now and when he discovered it, they could get to Metropolis. The supposed home of the resistance. He found it after a few more minutes.

"Got it." The Brain said.

The Boom Tube activated and The Brain walked in. Sharpshot wasn't so sure.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

The Brain turned and stared at Sharpshot.

"Would you still be alive if I DIDN'T know what I was doing?"

"Good point. Still you go first."

The Brain walked through the rippling lights and disappeared. Sharpshot started to walk towards it but stopped just before walking in. He hesitated.

"... YOLO." Sharpshot said before walking into the boom tube.


"Sir. We're picking up an energy signiture." A technician said to Martian Manhunter.

"That's impossible. The Green Lantern Corp was destroyed years ago."

"Well sir it's not Green Lantern. It's a boom tube."

"What?! But New Genesis and Apokolips were destroyed! Where did it originate from?!"

"It originated in the remains of Paris sir and is currently opening up in Downtown Metropolis."

"Paris. Keep an eye on the boom tube. I'm sending men to take down the meta humans."

Martian Manhunter stormed out of the room and walked towards the Hawkman barricks. The lab technician turned to his girlfriend and apologised.

"I guess we won't be watching that new Avenging movie tonight."

"That's what I thought."


The Brain stepped out of the boom tube along with Sharpshot. They looked around as people started to stare at them.

"Kid. Welcome to America." Sharpshot said.

The Brain grabbed his head in pain. The clicking he heard from technology was really loud now. It sounded like hundreds of wasps buzzing times a hundred. He managed to channel out the pain and turned towards Sharpshot as the boom tube closed behind them.

"So what do we do now?" The Brain asked.

"Now? I guess we attract the resistance's attention. Not sure how we do that, but we'll find a way."

They both turned as they heard a familliar sound coming towards them. They saw several T-Spheres float around them and scan them with their neon blue light.


Sharpshot fired his pistol at the Sphere causing it to explode.

"Hope that was fast enough." Sharpshot said.

"Why didn't you shoot it when it was scanning us?"

"I love to hear the sound of my name. Also have you seen that bloody light? It gets in your eyes!"

They both turned to walkaway as people started to cheer. They would have continued walking if it hadn't been for the raspy metallic voice they heard behind them.

"So two new meta humans. My, my is that my old master's belt?"

They both turned to see a bulky gold machine flying behind them.

"Master's belt? Wait are you... Skeets?" Sharpshot asked.

"Oh no. I have evolved far past what used to be a pathetic museum guard. I've become far more powerful then anyone could ever imagine!"

Skeet's form started to shift and became even larger. It grew gold legs and sproted arms from it's side. Out of it's body sprouted weapons of all kinds.

"Oh. Crap." Sharpshot said as he reloaded his pistol.

"I would suggest running." The Brain said slowly.

"Pathetic humans." Skeets said. "Running won't save you now!"

To be continued...

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Looks like next chapter will be a good fight. Nice set up.

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@tommythehitman: Skeets reprogrammed, nice idea. This bit at the start, I'm not too sure on:

"Do you want me to call in the Sandmen? There are places Track could find that I can't."

"No. Hawkmen are not enough"

Is Track the new Hawkman thing you've floated in the PM? Because the story is good but just those two parts of Superman and Martian Manhunter's conversation made me scratch my head and have question marks form above my head, especially Sandmen?

Do love Sharpshot being egotistical to wait until he's "announced" by a T-sphere before blowing it up :)

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@batkevin74: Yeah Track is the Hawkman. Sandmen was just the name Dngn game up with. I'm glad you liked the part with Sharpshot. He's a dooche but he's a dooche that you want to be. Like Johnny Cage.

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@tommythehitman: Thanks, dg put it in the PM so now I know what's going on :)

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