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The Clone's eyes opened slowly. He was trapped in some kind of containment unit. He had no idea how he got there. He pushed his arms forward and smashed through the glass. He fell through the hole he had made and collapsed on the floor. He raised his head and looked around. From what he could see there was a large amount of destruction everywhere. He raised himself off the floor and tried not to fall over again. Suddenly the clone recoiled in pain as he felt like his head was exploding. He remembered everything that had happened to this world. Superman becoming president, the fool Luthor ruining everything. It seemed he was completly coherent with everything that had happened on this Earth yet he had no idea who he was. All he knew about his life was that the maniac called the Brain had created him. The clone didn't know why he was alive, all he knew was that he shouldn't exist. If the superhumans of this world discovered he existed they'd kill him and there was nothing he'd be able to do to stop them. The Clone sat in the corner and held his knees, rocking back and forth. He had no idea what to do next.


A T-Sphere hovered above the ruins of Paris. It's scans had been useless for a long time now. What few survivors there had been in Paris the Hawkmen had already captured and imprisoned in an American jail. However the T-Sphere was programmed to monitor every sector of Paris anyway and that's what it was going to do. It flew around the city occasionally detecting a Hawkman flying by, it ignored them each time. However after a few hours of it's normal routine it detected something different. It paused for a few seconds as it detected a new signal. Alarms rang in it's circuits and it clicked out loud to nobody in particular.



The Clone was still crouched in the corner, it raised it's head as if detecting a presence nearby. The Clone moved and hid underneath an overturned table as a Hawkman flew through the gaping hole in the cealing. The Clone peeked from underneath the table and watched as the Hawkman searched the area.

"I know you're in here!" The Hawkman shouted. "Come out now and I offer you life in a prison cell! Don't and I offer you death!"

The Hawkman walked over to the table and flipped it over. He looked surprised as he saw what appeared to be a little boy hiding beneath it.

"A boy?" The Hawkman said aloud.

"Ple... please don't hurt me. The brain killed my parents and left me here."

The Hawkman was unsure of what to do. For one the kid was in a no zone. Anyone who came here was punishable by death. On the other hand if the kid wasn't lying he could be here against his will. The Hawkman was unsure of what to do, so he decided to take the kid with him and check with his superiors.

"Come with me kid. I'll get you out of here."

The Hawkman grabbed the boy's hand and started to ready his suit's wings. That's when the Clone struck. he bit into the Hawkman's hand with teeth causing the man to scream in pain. The Hawkman slapped the Clone aside and into a wall. The Clone noticed the fingers now in his mouth. It appeared he wasn't entirely normal. The hawkman pulled a dagger out of his boot, he stared at his hand and lopped it off. It was useless now and would just get in his way. The Hawkman charged at the clone, and threw his mace right at him. The Clone wasn't sure what to do and simply rolled out of the way, the Nth metal mace smashed into the wall and stayed there. The Clone was annoyed, he couldn't believe this man had just tried to kill him! He ripped a table leg off of the ground and threw it straight at the Hawkman. The Hawkman was impaled through the head and collapsed on the floor, dead. The Clone was surprised at this and started to have tears appear in his eyes. He hadn't meant to kill him, he didn't want to kill him. It was the Hawkman's fault! It was his fault for being too slow and stupid to dodge out of the way! It didn't help clear his conscience and he collapsed on the floor crying. He didn't want to live, yet he didn't want to die either.


The T-Sphere hovered above the hole in the pavement where the Hawkman had disappeared into a few minutes ago. It scanned for nearby life forms and when it only detected one heartbeat it measured the possibility that the Hawkman had survived. It didn't make sense as to why the Hawkman would not have arrived back to report by now, so the Sphere concluded that the Hawkman had been killed. It signalled for reinforcements to arrive and floated through the hole to offer it's assistance.


Once again the Clone looked up, it heard a soft humming and saw one of Mr Terrific's T-Spheres flying through the hole in cealing, this time the Clone didn't bother to hide. He deserved to be punished for his crimes and would not delay what was right. He saw the T-Sphere approach him and scan him with a blue light.

< Name: Unknown. Age: Unknown. Status: Metahuman. Powers: Superhuman Strength, Increased IQ, Technology Control, Weapon Morphing. Reccomendation: Termination. Alerting Hawkmen.

Several Hawkmen arrived as the clone thought through what he'd just heard. He didn't want to die! However apparently the Hawkmen didn't feel the same way. One of them bashed him in the face with the butt of their mace, causing blood to burst out of his nose. The Clone fell on his back as the Hawkmen surrounded him and started to punch and kick him. the Clone screamed in pain as his life flashed before his eyes... That didn't last long. The Clone just wanted the pain to stop, he begged silently for it to end. One way or the other, someone was listening. The first bullet destroyed the T-Sphere, the next 3 killed all of the Hawkman. Each one a perfect headshot through the nose. The blood splattered on the Clone's face leaving him shaken. A masked figure in a black and yellow costume appeared above him holding his hand out to help him up.

"Hey kid. You alright?"

"Who are you?"

"Name's Sharpshot, wannabe superhero and all around badass! You?"

The Clone pondered what to say. He thought it over. He had no idea what to say. It felt right to take on the name of the most important man in his life so far.

"You can call me... The Brain."

To be continued....

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T-Spheres are just annoying. Great job. I forgot to comment on the first part. It was also great. By the way, how are the "threat levels" ranked exactly?

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@blackreaper: Threats to the T-Spheres and possible threat in general. I guess. I don't know how a manian president works.

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Interesting I'll be looking forward to seeing what the clone can do

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@joshmightbe: He can cry after killing a person! That counts!

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@wildvine: Practice makes perfect! Thanks for the comment. Who are you writing for Corrupted?

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@joshmightbe: I just realized that this chapter kind of highlights a key advantage Captain Marvel has over the T-spheres, he's not always metahuman so he can actually hide from them.

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Interesting, especially The Brain & Sharpshot's meeting (there's something off with Sharpshot, I smell a rat or Deadpool clone, I'm not sure which) Good job, looking forward to what comes next

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@tommythehitman: Okay (typo 'n' grammar patrol) Sevreal...I think you mean several! And "A boy? with a capital.

Storywise: NICE! Don't often get people BITING people's fingers off in combat!

< Name: Unknown. Age: Unknown. Status: Metahuman. Powers: Superhuman Strength, Increased IQ, Technology Control, Weapon Morphing. Threat Level: ALPHA. Reccomendation: Termination. Alerting Hawkmen.

Like the T-sphere analysis (not sure about the Alpha threat coding personally...little too Marvel in my opinion, but I can dig it)

Now Sharpshot...actually I'll ask this in a PM or even wait until your next chapter. Good work, and hopefully you can work in a Pinky & the Brain gag :)

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@batkevin74: Meh Alpha threat thing is something that isn't really important. Also he was created like 15 minutes before his first fight. I think it's understandable if he bites someone's fingers off. Although that was meant to show that he's actually stronger then he thought. I'll just get rid of the threat level thing. It's not important at all and serves no purpose. Except showing how powerful Brainy can become in a few years.

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@batkevin74: @tommythehitman: Alpha threat level would be like your basic level meta human threat level where as Omega would be like Darkseid and Doomsday. Is that an accurate assumption?

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@tommythehitman: Why? I was just trying to figure out a rating system. Also calling it an Alpha threat level makes sense by this logic since they wouldn't know exactly how dangerous the the situation would be so a baseline threat level would keep them on their guard yet not too intimidated by it.

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@tommythehitman: The bad guys always underestimate the heroes, its like an unwritten rule.

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Bumped for referencing

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@tommythehitman: I bumped it because I needed to check something for continuity, that was all

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@tommythehitmanI loved the action scene near the end and the cold lifeless tone you use when the T-Spheres report. Nice job!