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2 Days from now. Washington DC

"I know that recently our fine country has suffered a brutal attack." Superman said with a great sorrow in his eyes. Surrounding him was Wonder Woman and Starfire. Cameras snapped loudly as reporters took pictures of the invulnerable president. "These merciless rebels have taken this too far. Killing fine soldiers. Disturbing the peace. Destroying hospitals and..." The Man of Steel paused for a second. "They kidnapped my son." There was a loud gasp from the crowd. The news hadn't been made public yet.

"However rest assured, we are going to take measures against this!" Wonder Woman said as she stepped forward. "We now have two new heroes to assist us in the goal to take these criminals down!"

A curtain behind them opened, revealing two figures who walked onto the stage. Superman stepped aside and allowed the two to take his place on the pedestal. One was dressed in light mechanical armor, with a hood over his head. The other sporting multiple types of guns was covered in bandages and heavy armor.

"America, I proudly present to you the planet's two newest and greatest heroes! Knightguard and the Unknown Soldier!"

Both saluted proudly and smiled. Superman, Wonder Woman and Starfire started to clap. The crowd roared in approval...


5 minutes ago, Metropolis

"Reports are coming in across America as dozens of Purple-Ray clinics are destroyed in an apparent terrorist attack. News is coming in from Washington th-"

Tanya Bronson groaned as she got up from her bed. She'd left the TV on again. She looked for the remote with her hand but couldn't find it.

"Looking for this?" Dorothy Hawkins asked with a smile as she sat in her armchair.

"Come on. Suit up. The boss is gonna be pi$$ed if we don't do anything."

"Really? You think he could beat us together? I bet he wouldn't last long against the combined might of Sandwoman and Wildcat!"

"I bet..." Tanya said as she rubbed her eyes. "You'd be wrong. Come on. Get your gas mask on Sandy."

They both stood up at the same time and pulled their respective costumes out of a wardrobe. In a few minutes Tanya stood in her complete suit. Dorothy was having less success. She'd spent the last few minutes trying to adjust her mask properly. She hadn't even started on the fedora or coat.

"Just leave it. The coat and hat only slow you down anyway."

"True. But they're so cool..."

"Have you got your gas gun?"

"Of course."

"Then let's go."


Now, Still Metropolis.

"RUN!" The Hawkman yelled as he flew towards Martian Manhunter, wielding his waraxe like it was a great sword. He whacked it against the Martian's head causing it to snap immediately.

"Track. It's been awhile. Too bad you changed sides." Martian Manhunter said before grabbing him by the throat.

"Crap. What do we do?" Chris Blood asked.

"No idea. I think we're screwed." Kid Thunder muttered.

"Kid Thunder, the last time you met Skeets you defeated him with a single shot. You take Skeets down while me and Chris focus on the Martian."

Kid Thunder said nothing as he flew towards the hulking robot that had started firing several blasts of energy towards them.


Kid Thunder fired an energy blast at Skeets which was reflected by his energy shield. Kid Thunder barely dodged out of the way of the blast.

"Wow. This isn't going well."

Martian Manhunter gripped the Hawkman's throat tighter before throwing him into Kid Thunder's back. Both were sent flying through the air in a heap. Chris Blood charged towards Martian Manhunter pulling his sword off his back. He leaped towards the alien only to be slapped aside. Chris smashed into the pavement and became lodged in the concrete. Now all that was left was the Brain. Martian Manhunter slowly hovered towards him accompanied by Skeets. The Brain raised his fists attempting to look threatening. It didn't work. He wasn't Darkseid.

"Really? This is all you had? I honestly can't believe that we defeated you so easily. I'm... flabbergasted." The Manhunter said.

"I'm not going to let you win." The Brain said.

The Manhunter laughed. "Please child. If this is your best you may as well roll over and die right now."

The Brain flew across the street as he was slapped in his face. He felt blood coming from his nose and knew he'd lost already.

"Perhaps if you still had your Nth Metal armor you would have survived longer."

The Brain's life flashed before him for the second time in two days. It was slightly longer this time but not much compared to people who'd lived longer then 48 hours. He closed his eyes as the Manhunter landed before him and lifted him up into the air...