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Washington DC, During Operation Purple Smile...

"God I love my fiance..."

"Look at him." Lay Shiva muttered as she stood perched on a nearby rooftop. "He's pathetic. Nothing even!"

"That may be Shiva... which is exactly why we're keeping an eye on him."

Shiva glanced upwards towards the sky as she heard the sound barrier breaking. Somebody dressed like Superboy had entered the battle between Black Adam, Captain Marvel and several of Superman's forces.

"Can I get a sit rep on all the other teams?" The Deranger asked as he started to climb over the White House's fence.

"Why? Why must you insist on placing me in this position?" Shiva asked with mild amusement as Deranger jumped over the side.

"To return the League of Assassin's to it's former glory... we must kill Superman. Something which WE can't do alone. That man below you represents the best hope for our goal."

"Then the situation must be more dire then I thought..."

Warehouse, temporary base of the Resistance...

"In the field. I'm always 5 steps ahead."

"Wow... THAT'S what he said?!" Code Red asked as she stood next to Deranger as he sat behind his desk.

"What the hell does that even mean?!" Deranger asked. "That little punk is more trouble then he's worth!"

Deranger sighed as he leaned backwards in his chair.

"Look. You need to calm down. Okay? Now that we've got William on the team... and Superman's kid we're finally gaining an advantage!"

"Yes. But now I have to worry about killing Superjerk before you're unable to help!"

"What is THAT supposed to mean?!" Code Red asked looking surprised.

"You're pregnant. Which means in a few months I'll have to keep you here. For the baby."

Deranger was quiet for a moment before realizing he'd gone too far.

"Look..." He said slowly. "I'm sorry.... I'm just... worried."

"You never told me your name was Jericho!" Red said with a smile.

"That's because it never came up."


The White House...

"I don't know who you are..." Superman said slowly/ He was breathing heavily beneath his helmet as the cowering security officer tried not to tear up in front of him.

"My... my name is-"

"We don't care." Wonder Woman said as she stood up straight. "You've failed us... and as a result our son has been kidnapped."

"I... I'm sorry..."

"Let me guess." Knightguard said from his seat looking bored. "You're going to say something along the lines of "I won't fail you again!" But then you go ahead and let... Wonder Woman die? Something like that."

Superman glanced at Knightguard for a second before turning back towards the Security Officer. Superman pulled his helmet off and placed it on his throne.


"No. You've failed us." Superman grabbed the terrified officer by the scruff of the neck before activating his heat vision. "But... you may still be of some use..." Superman muttered as he burned the officer's face off.


"So what are we doing with him?" Escrima asked as she walked down the hallway following after Deranger,

"You mean Supe's son?" Deranger asked as he shoved past Timber Wolf. "No idea."

"Well... what's the point of...?"

"We've got a bargaining chip against Super Scum. That's a pretty good deal."

"But with no real plan for him... he's just a waste of resources."

"Look! Aren't you the one who's supposed to be coming up with these ideas?! That's why we went to the effort of getting that T-Sphere for you!"

"Sir!" A foot soldier said as he snapped a smart salute. "You may want to see what's on the news!"


"All of these people... are traitors." Superman said as he hovered above several hooded figures. People from the press took pictures with their cameras and several helicopters hovered nearby. "Each have killed, tortured and MAIMED innocent people! For these awful crimes against civilized humanity I'll show everyone the monsters in human form!"

"What is he doing?!" Deranger yelled as he watched from the TV screen.

Superman stood next to one of the captives before tearing his mask off of his head.

"Let's see. Sam Dark. One of the rebel leaders on the attack on the Purple Ray machines! He was apprehended by Kon-El before he could do too much damage."

Superman placed his hand on Sam's shoulder before looking towards the crowd.


The crowd cheered their response. Superman snapped Sam's neck and let his body drop to the floor with a thud.

"That ba$tard's killing all his prisoners..." Deranger muttered as he watched in shock.

"I can go in there and get the remaining prisoners out!" Code Red said as she stood up from her chair.

"NO!" Deranger yelled. "You're not going anywhere near Superman till we're ready!"

For 5 minutes Deranger watched in horror as Superman slowly went down the line of prisoners killing each one of them. Until he got to the last one.

"Who... who is that?" Code Red asked.

The prisoner was the only woman there. Everyone else was either a man or some strange mutant. Superman tore the woman's mask off.

"SHAYERA HALL!" Superman yelled. "The reincarnated version of Hawkgirl! She was arrested for mass murder and the smuggling of illegal weapons! What do you say her punishment is?!"

"DEATH!!!!" The crowd screamed.

"Remember this... for your next life." Superman said as he placed his hands over Shayera's eyes.

"I don't fear death."

"You will. You will."

Deranger looked away as he heard the gasps from the crowd. Even from here, Deranger could hear Hawkman screaming in rage...

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@tommythehitman: First Comment. And now Superman starts killing off his friends. Honestly I think I know more about him being a jerk/world conquerer/el presidentae then I do as a hero. I wonder who's next on his hot list?

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@impurestcheese: Is it not obvious? Chuck Testa. The Leader of the original resitance

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@tommythehitman: I really enjoyed this. It's very well written, and the execution scene at the end was a good touch. It really shows how far Superman has fallen. I know for a fact Connor would not like his name being attached to this spectacle one bit. To be honest, last issue I rolled my eyes a little bit at the whole pregnancy thing, but I feel like you're handling it pretty well. Keep up the good work though, I've always personally felt that such situations were very difficult to write, but if you keep doing things the way you are doing, it may turn out alright.

Also, one minor note, Connor hasn't worn the Superboy outfit since 2034. It's fine though, and it's a pretty easy over sight, so it's not a big deal. Overall though very good job, and keep it up.

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@impurestcheese: it's a joke. You know from the commercial on YouTube? Whoever someone thinks an animal is doing something, NOPE! Chuck Testa

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