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17 Years Ago...

"I would like a word with your master..." Superman said coldly as he hovered above the charred corpses of several palace guards.

"Defiler!" Talia Al Ghul yelled as she witnessed what the Man of Steel had done. "How dare you desecrate this sanctuary!"

"Enough Talia." Ra's Al Ghul said as he slowly walked down the steps of his kingdom. "I shall not run."

"You've been causing a lot of trouble for us recently Mr Ghul. Was bonding Etrigan to Ms Riley meant to lacerate Batman or not?"

Ra's Al Ghul sighed as he realized what had happened.

"I was hoping for that stupid demon to kill you honestly Superman. If you're here to kill me then you should know it will mean nothing. By the way... isn't that Hal Jordan's power ring you're wearing?"

Superman growled as he grabbed Ra's Al Ghul by the neck before carrying him into mid air.

"I'm not going to leave anything of you to resurrect." He muttered as his heat vision started to activate...

2065, Stryker's Island..

"Okay everyone." Deranger said into his communication headset. "Hit your targets and if you can... hit as many Hawkmen and SHADE agents along the way!"

"Okay D. Get ready for your drop. Red's coming to pick you up now!" Escrima said through the headset.

Sure enough half a second later a red dash grabbed Deranger by the arm before pulling him straight in front of the White House all with a kiss on the cheek for luck.

"God I love my fiance..." Deranger muttered as he pulled his mask over his head.

"Sorry D. Didn't copy that."

"Where's Black Adam?"

"Currently a hundred miles upwards. Along with Captain Marvel."

"Can I get a sit rep on all the other teams?"

"Let's see... Kid Thunder. Hawkman and Chris Blood are at their clinic now. Captain Marvel is currently taking on Firestorm above Gotham... Captain Cold and Deadshot haven't radioed in for the last hour or so... we're sending in Timber Wolf to back them up. Oh yeah... and we're getting reports of a gigantic... Doom hound in Gotham as well. Which leaves YOU to go into the White House and capture that kid!"

"Understood." Deranger said as he placed a clip into his pistol. "Any advice on getting out?"


"Which is exactly why I brought the Velocity 9!"

"Nothing like drinking your fiance's blood for that extra helping!" A voice in Deranger's head muttered.

"Uh... okay Escrima. Radio Silence from now on! I'll tell you when to send Path in to get me out!"

"Roger that."


Deranger hid on the ceiling as he watched a group of SHADE agents marching below him. Everyone seemed in a panic and so far he hadn't seen any members of the "Justice" League. Which meant that whatever the rest of the rebels were up too was working.

"We need to get the boy out of here!" A voice yelled from up the hallway.

"Ah." Deranger thought. "There he is."

Deranger waited a few seconds for the group to appear before jumping down and pulling his guns out.

"Evening boys!" Deranger yelled as he started to squeeze the triggers of his SMG.

Half a second later the SHADE agents lay dead on the floor. The boy lay quivering in the middle of the pile of bodies.

"You're bullet proof?" Deranger asked as he walked over. "Good. Now I suggest that yo-"

"I suggest that you surrender scum." A cold metallic voice said as the gold band around the boy's arm unraveled itself into a gold string before liquidizing on the floor.

"Wait... Gold from the Metal Men?! I wondered what happened to you! What are you... his nanny or something?"

"I am the personal servant of Lord Superm-"

"Yeah whatever." Deranger muttered as he pressed a button on his wrist.

Gold screamed as a loud frequency fired from Deranger's suit causing his body to destabilize and melt.

"Yep." Deranger said as he picked up the boy and placed him over his shoulder. "Just in case I ran into Firestorm."


"Sorry about this kid." Deranger muttered as he fired some kind of gas into the boy's face. "When you wake up you'll be... safe... ish."

The boy coughed before closing his eyes and falling asleep.

"Time to go." Deranger pulled the Velocity 9 out of his belt before gulping it down. "Damn. That doesn't taste nice!"

Suddenly Deranger started feeling all tingly as his vision started to hype up. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion.

"Escrima? I need Path beaming me in! Now!"

"He'll meet you outside the gate!"

Deranger shrugged before picking up the boy and jumping out the window with him.

"DERANGER!!!!!!" Superman screamed as he flew down towards him.


Deranger sprinted as he fast as he could down the White House's gardens. He didn't look back. He didn't dare to. He quickly leaped over the fence and closed his eyes as he realized Path wasn't there...


The back of a "Garbage" Truck...

Deranger opened his eyes half a second later to see himself back where it had all started. Escrima waved to him in the background.

"Uh. I take it Path caught me?"

"Yeah." Escrima said as she turned back to her T-Sphere. "He says he's sorry. He's busy porting everyone back in."

"Well I for one think that mission went incredibly we-"

"GET THIS GIRL A MEDIC!" Timber Wolf yelled as he ported in. Covered in blood while carrying the unconscious Deadshot. "NOW!!"


3 Hours Later, an abandoned Warehouse...

"I know... that we've suffered heavy losses." Deranger said sadly as he stood on top of a crate of boxes. The surviving rebels looking up at him from below. "I know that at the moment it may seem like we've won nothing... but I have to make this clear to you all. It was worth it!"

"Really?" Kid Thunder asked. "I mean... that Superboy kid saved most of the Purple Ray machines... seems like we failed."

"Wrong! The Purple Machines weren't the main priority!"

"Then what was?!" The battered and bruised Black Adam asked as he stood angrily at the back of the room. His battle against the forces of Superman and half a dozen Shadowmen hadn't gone well. He'd had to run after a few minutes of fighting.

"The point? The point... of this ENTIRE operation is that we now have something that Superman doesn't! The point is... we now have Superman's SON!"

Everyone in the room looked surprised.

"We're staying here for another few days before moving." Deranger said as he started to step down from the crates. "After this we're going to continue hitting that big blue ba$tard. Until he can't get back up!"


"Escrima. You did well back there."


"Really. Couldn't have done it without you."

"Punch her in the face!"

"Uh. I'm promoting you to 2nd Lieutenant. Congrats. You just outranked Kid Thunder."

"Hon?" A voice said from the hallway. "Can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Come in Red!" Deranger yelled. "But... can it wait a moment?"

"Not really."

"Well... do you want me to stay or not?" Escrima asked as she stood uncomfortably.

"Doesn't matter." Red said with a smile. "It'll get out anyway."

"What will get out?" Deranger asked.

"D.... I'm pregnant."

Deranger's eyes widened.

"Well. Didn't see that one coming."

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Oh wow what a cliff hanger. That was great man.

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Dialogue designators please. Ras was way too conversational just before his death. "By the way... isn't that Hal Jordan's power ring you're wearing?" Translation, sure I'm about to die, but lets talk about your accessories.

When did the ring change? Thought it was the star heart?

Deranger shot into the group without knowing Superman's baby was bulletproof? What if he wasn't? What was the plan then?

This is Corrupted, not Injustice. Doomhound has no business in this universe.

Good stuff:

You moved the story forward. I might set my next issue about "now" in the timeline. You also tied all the stories together, which is great for continuity. This is a good story, I think you just rushed it.

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HA! Is that Hal Jordan's power ring or are you just happy to see me?

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@wildvine: Ra's didn't think Superman was going to kill him the way he did. With no way to survive.

Is it Starheart? I must have forgot.

Spidey did actually write a Doomhound story for CORRUPTED awhile back. But the group was dead at the time. So a lot of people missed it.

Thank you for the compliment!

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@tommythehitman: Interesting. Not my cup of tea (mostly because I'm DC ignorant). Will say one thing that baby is going to have a hard life if the world around it is that bad.

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"I was hoping for that stupid demon to kill you honestly Superman. If you're here to kill me then you should know it will mean nothing. By the way... isn't that Hal Jordan's power ring you're wearing?"

That line seemed pretty OOC for Ra's, my only real nitpick for this chapter. Pretty good stuff here! Personally, I would like to see D act a little more unbalanced but it takes a lot of organization to run a resistance group.

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Bumped for refreshing and returning