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Metropolis 2034

Carter Hall held his wife's broken body in his arms. One of her wings had been pulled out of her back and snapped. Bane wasn't alive anymore. Carter had made sure of that. The battlefield was filled with the screams of hero and villain alike, they'd spent too long playing with kid gloves. This was war. He carefully placed his wife's body on the floor and rose into the sky. He wasn't sure how many of his friends and allies were bleeding to death below him, he didn't give it much thought. All he knew was that he wasn't going to let anyone else get hurt. Out of all the screams one sounded the loudest. the screams of a Man of Steel. Carter looked down and saw Deathstroke firing a Kryptonite bullet into Superman's chest. Carter knew what he had to do. He flew straight towards them as Deathstroke placed another round into his gun, Carter didn't have time to swing, all he had time to do, was fly. He flew straight in front of Superman just as Deathstroke fired his weapon, straight into Carter's skull. Carter collapsed in a heap on the floor, he didn't know if he'd saved Superman's life, all he knew was that this was the end.

Michael Track screamed as he was born. He didn't stop screaming even when the doctors told his parents what gender he was, and didn't stop screaming when he was placed in his crib. The doctors weren't sure what was happening, nobody did. Mike himself wouldn't find out for years to come.


2065 Coast City

The Sandmen patrol silently flew above the skyscrapers. No one wanted to stay in Coast City anymore. It was the place you went too when you weren't wanted anywhere else. The President barely payed attention to what was happening in the city, he meant it as an insult to the long dead former Green Lantern known as Hal Jordan. However this time was different.

"Alright Sandmen, a group of rebels had been smuggling weapon shipments. Special kinds of equipment. Equipment that was apparently capable of wiping out a dozen of Hawkmen in a single night. May Rao rest their souls." Mike said into his helmet's mic as his team hovered above the docks. "Sandmen, fan out. Recon the area. Make sure their aren't any nasty surprises. We don't want another Keystone. Sandmen are hard to replace! I don't want to have to haul you out in bird bags! Starfire and Wonder Woman won't be backing us up on this one."

The Sandmen flew out in different directions without a word. Sandmen weren't known for being chatty. Which made Mike unique. He hovered in the air for a few seconds waiting for his men to report in. He didn't usually get chances like this to think. He thought about everything that had happened recently. Boom tubes in Paris, the events of Keystone, Lightning bolts across the world. These rebels were brutal. However the side he was fighting for wasn't much better. he didn't like to admit it but he was starti-

"Sir. We have located the shipment. Several armed targets. All armed with the weapons from the JLI Museum. I'd suggest we all attack at once sir." Track stared at his communicator and frowned. sometimes he wondered if he'd chosen the right side. He flew to the location his HUD was pointing to and surveyed the scene. His man had been right. The smugglers were carrying several strange weapons. One was stood on two aerodiscs, another had strange gauntlets on their hand, while the last one. A woman didn't have any strange weapons, all she carried was a pistol. She looked familiar, however Mike couldn't remember where he'd seen her before.

"Kind of hot." Mike thought.

Suddenly the woman turned and stared straight at Mike, her eyes widened and she shouted loudly to the other smugglers before firing. Mike was his straight in the chest with the pistol blast. His Nth metal could only block so much, something he was reminded of as he felt a sudden pain in his arm. He shrugged it off and flew straight at the woman. He pulled his war axe out of it's holster and raised it above his head, he wasn't going to kill the woman. Superman had been getting annoyed about where all the shipments were coming from. They needed a prisoner. Mike had chosen her over everyone else. In the blink of an eye he flew straight at the woman and hit her in the face with the butt of his axe. She fell to the floor and Mike turned to face the other smugglers. The one with the gauntlets fired a yellow energy blast at him. Mike didn't have time to react, nor would he if he did. The blast would hit his new found prisoner if he did. He took the blast to his chest knocking him backwards. It hurt, however it was definitely not life threatening. He pulled himself off the floor and flew straight towards the shooter, he didn't bother killing him. He didn't want to kill anyone, only when necessary. That's what he'd taught himself, that's what he lived by. The side of the war axe whacked the man in the face. It was enough to break his nose, maybe knock out a few of his teeth but it was a lot kinder then what someone like Wonder Woman would have done to him. The man fell to the ground and Mike turned towards the man with the aerodiscs. The man raised his hands in the air, he clearly wanted to surrender, Mike smiled at him and pulled a pair of shock bracers from his belt. The shock bracers were experimental, they were designed to deliver electric shocks to keep a prisoner incapacitated. However before Mike could plant them on the man's wrists he saw his fellow Sandmen grab him by his limbs and tear him apart. The man screamed as his limbs were pulled from his body. Mike watched in shock as the lifeless torso of the man fell to the ground below him.

This greatly disturbed Mike, he didn't say anything as his team killed the smuggler with the gauntlets below him. He just watched. He turned as he heard moaning behind him. He saw the woman from before getting up off the floor and walked towards her. He helped her to her feet and grabbed her by her waist, before flying her away to a nearby building.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" The woman screamed as Mike landed on a nearby skyscraper.

"Calm down lady, I'm trying to save your life. The government show mercy at times. Sandmen don't."

"No not that, why are you with... him?!"

"Who? The president? Just who are you?"

"You... don't remember? Of course. You've not been to the memorial."

"I'm sorry?"

That was when he remembered everything, the memories of a hundred past lives passed through his head at once. He remembered who he had been. Who he was, who SHE was.

"You... you're Hawkgirl." Mike said.

"Obviously, and you. Are Hawkman. A hero. It's been a long time my love."

"Wow. This is... awesome."

"You haven't retained his personality it seems."

"So... what happens then?"

"You're on the wrong side. I don't know how but you've made the wrong choice. you need to join the resistance. Here I have a-"


Mike turned as he heard the woman shouting. He saw someone he wouldn't want to fight. Ever.

"Explain yourself Hawkman!" Starfire shouted as she walked towards them.

"Oh. Ma'am. I was questioning this priso-"

"Don't treat me like a fool. I heard what she said to you. Surrender Hall! Surrender and prepare for questioning!"

"Like hell!" Hawkgirl yelled as she pulled her pistol out of her pocket. She fired it at Starfire hitting her in the arm. The bullet bounced off her and melted.

"That was a mistake!" Starfire yelled as she rose into the air and flew straight towards them.

"BRING IT!" Mike yelled as he prepared his war axe.

Hawkgirl pushed Mike down as Starfire flew above them.

"Not yet Carter. I need you alive if you're going to stop these guys. Quick take this communicator. Get to Metropolis! Activate it!"

"What about you?"

"I'll kick her ass! Get out of here!"


"Don't make me kick your ass!"

Mike flew into the sky as Hawkgirl fired her pistol at Starfire. He activated his suit's camo mode and flew towards Metropolis' general direction.


Resistance HQ (Or as I call it Badass central)

Mike screamed as he felt electricity surge through his body. This is what had been happening for the last few hours. Constant streams of electricity sent to him by a homicidal maniac.

"So let's go over this again. Where the hell is Hawkgirl?" The Deranger said as he turned the electricity off.

"I don't know. Last I saw Starfire was attacking her."

"Not good enough Hawk. I'm afraid I'm going to have to put a bullet in your skull if you lie to me again."

"I'M NOT LYING! You have to believe me. I. AM. HAWKMAN!"

"...How many of my people have you killed Hawk?"

"Hundreds. It was like someone else was in control of my body. How many of my people have you killed?"

"Thousands. I'm pretty sure everyone has killed a few dozen by now. Even that clone kid's killed one. Why?"

"Killed any Sandmen?"

"Yeah. They're by far the toughest."

"I'm the leader of them. At least I was. Imagine having a Sandman on your side, imagine what I could do in battle with you. I have the powers of the original Hawkman and the skills of a Sandman. Imagine that."

The Deranger was silent for a second as he pondered the question.

"Why should I believe you?"

"Look at me! You've been torturing me for hours now! From what I've heard the government are already aware where your base is! They're already planning an attack. What do we gain from sending me here, I want to join you."

"That... is really not convincing."

"Come on. You're supposed to be insane. Make the insane choice."

"... You're in."

"Thank you."

"However. If you do ANYTHING. I find suspicious, I won't hesitate to put a bullet in your head. Hawkman or not."



The White House

"WHAT?!" Superman yelled.

"I lost Track, apparently he's switched sides." Starfire said nervously.


"Sir, from what I heard he appears to be the reincarnated version of Carter Hall. AKA Hawkman. The prisoner we captured appears to be his wife. Hawkgirl."

"This. Changes things. I want men searching for this man. Find Carter Hall and bring him to me! Alive."

"Yes sir. What shall we do with the prisoner?"

"Kill her. If she has any wings make her feathers into a dress. It's mine and Diana's anniversary soon and I thought she deserved cheering up after Kahndaq."

"Yes sir." Starfire said as she walked out of the room.

Superman looked outside of his window.

"Well Carter. Just what have we gotten ourselves into?"

The End!

Thanks a lot to @dngn4774 for helping with the plot to the story!

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Superman's such an ass, yet such a caring husband. Great job! May Wonder Woman never forget Kahndaq.

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@awesam: Heh. I don't think even New 52 Wonder Woman will forget Kahndaq!

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@tommythehitman: It's written out nicely. This character was well thought out. I know it's just a oneshot but I want to read more of him.

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Very well done sir. I've said this before, but you just get better and better.

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@dngn4774: Well I can't take all the credit. You came up with the story. Give yourself... 5% of the credit.

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@tommythehitman: Just read through, and I have to say I'm very impressed. I really liked the first chunk of it where you brought Carter back in. The only thing I sort of critique is your dialogue at the end. I just don't see any reason for Starfire to have to say AKA Hawkman. Also that last line leaves me questioning just why Superman would say that.

Also what happened in Khandaq? Did that happen in the Brain or another book, if it did don't spoil it cause I haven't read it yet.

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@tommythehitman: "Kill her. If she has any wings make her feathers into a dress. It's mine and Diana's anniversary soon and I thought she deserved cheering up after Kahndaq."

WOW! What a pr!^k!

I hope we see more of this, maybe another one-shot. Have to remember to put this in my Deranger run

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@tommythehitman: Nah, he's become a dooche, he's not the Superman we all knew and loved. He went down the slippery slope, got CORRUPTED and now, even though he believes his way is correct, he's a bad guy! Bad guys make pr!^k and d!^k moves all the time, its how superheroes manage to win; catching them monologing or overhearing their nefarious plans :)

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