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(Takes Place immediately after The Deranger #2)

Abandon Warehouse

I watched as Superman killed Hawkgirl on live television. I speed off to where Deranger was. Both him and Code Red were watching the television as well.

“We could have stopped him, saved at least a few prisoners.” I said to Deranger

“That would put an unnecessary risk to either you or Code Red, we have bigger priorities than saving some prisoners especially since one of them will simply resurrect eventually.” he replied to me.

“Then what is our biggest priority, use Super baby as a means of trade?” I asked staring at him.

“That’s the plan use him as some sort of bargaining chip.” he said standing up.

“Well when you figure out what you really want from...” I started to say before I felt a giant thump in my head. My vision started to blur but I put it aside.

“Just forget it.” I said as I walked out of the room. I sat against the wall as my vision kept blurring. Out of nowhere a bunch of words appeared in front of me. Sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide with fluorine plus Radion and temperatures of 100,000,000 degrees Celsius. I have no idea what any of those chemicals mean but it seems like it could be important. I went into another room and got a voice recorder to record the formula. As I finished Mongul walked into the room I was in.

“I did not know you had an interest in chemical formulas.” he said sarcastically.

“Normally I’m not but those chemicals literally appeared to me right after a giant headache.” I said putting the machine away.

“If I’m not mistaken, Sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide with fluorine is the chemical formula for Kryptonite.” Mongul said as we walked out the room.

“Then whatever that is has something to do with Kryptonite so it has to be a little important, maybe we should go and talk to Deranger about it.” I said before getting a certain look from Mongul

“I would advise against that.” he said in a serious voice.

“Why would you say that?” I asked as we passed a group of basic soldiers.

“Before you awoke Deranger was in a not very stable mood, he was upset that I brought you here and was not very trust worthy of me in general, Code Red calmed him down so that when he tried to recruit you it was not in a negative manner.” Mongul said as we kept walking.

“Well he does not seem that bad, anyone who leads a resistance against possibly the most powerful being in the galaxy has to have tons of stress.” I said in response as I approached the door to my quarters.

“Look if anything gets out of hand we can always leave, it’s not like he can be the only one fighting against a guy who is this powerful.” I said as I entered my quarters taking a deep breath. Mongul had good points, I just joined up with a man who I don’t even know at this point is mentally stable. But that has to be put aside for right now. I need to go into the depths of my mind to remember any obscure information Barry told me or anything the Mother Box showed me that I missed. If there is one thing the flashes are known for besides our super speed is there small memory. As I go into the depths of my brain I do remember being told of something called Radion, basically Kryptonite for New Gods. 100,000,000 degrees Celsius is just that. Adding those two together with kryptonite though does not make much sense. What benefit could you gain from.... that’s it! How could I have been so blunt? I race out of my quarters to where Deranger and Code Red where last. But I hesitated before I knocked thinking about what Mongul said. Apparently Destiny did not want me to have time to think as Deranger opened the door and stared at me for a moment, having my hand in the knocking position.

“Can I help you William?” he asked with Code Red whizzing past us to do whatever she is going to do.

“I think I got something from the Mother Box that could help you but we have to discuss it in private.” I said looking into his one visible eye.

“I was going to go discuss tactics and trade possibilities with Escrima but I can hold off for a few minutes.” he said as he walked back into his quarters with me following. I sat at a chair facing him with him leaning back against his own chair.

“Shoot.” he said calmly.

“Well do you know anything about Sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide with fluorine?” I asked with his face I assume unchanging.

“It is the chemical formula for normal Kryptonite so what?” he said. “What I tell you we cannot use unless we have no other choice to use it.” I said with him rolling his eye.

“Fine just get on with it.” he said in a bored and yet annoyed voice.

“What the Mother Box showed me was not just the chemical formula for normal Kryptonite but it gave me the formula for another kind of Kryptonite.” when I said that it caught his attention.

“Which would be?” he asked looking at me seriously.

“Black Kryptonite, the kind that makes a double of a kryptonian based on the opposite of their personality.” I said with him staring at me like I had just told him the codes to a nuclear bomb.

“So you just happen to know the formula for the second best Kryptonite to use in our current situation and you don’t want to use it in battle unless we have no choice to, might I ask why?” he asked now with more annoyance in his voice.

“Two reasons, one we don’t know if it makes an exact copy based of your opposite personality so it could make another evil superman and two I don’t know if you have been paying attention allot but Superboy is still around but he seems like he has a good heart, with the amount of solar rays he has been absorbing I would guess he is stronger than Superman when he became president.” I said as I leaned in closer.

“Now I think we both know who a stronger than normal superman, evil version of Superboy is and he is the last thing we need during this time.” I said being more serious than I was before. He looked at me for a moment before responding.

“Fine we won't use it unless the situation has no other options, just give me the formula and I will see if it can at least be made.” he said calming down a little.

“Sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide with fluorine plus Radion and temperatures of 100,000,000 degrees Celsius.” I said slow and simple.

“Well to let you in on a resistance secret, we have 3 pieces of Kryptonite and could generate the temperature in a day or two but Radion... that is one of if not the most rare material in the universe.” he said getting up and walking out of the room.

“If you were to somehow find some of it, that would be a great help.” he said before he closed the door. I let out a giant breath of air as he left. Not as freaky as I originally thought but tense none the less. As I was about to get up I felt an eerie presence. I looked around me and saw nothing. Even adjusting my eyes to super speed I did not notice anything. As I left the room I did see one thing though. For a fraction of a second I saw a man in a suit similar to mine aside from the fact that his suit was yellow with a red lightning bolt... and his eyes were just completely bizarre. It’s probably just some sort of side effect from the Mother Box. Time for a little research with Mongul to see if I can find any Radion in any quantity on earth. He was made by the previous third smartest man alive after all.

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Very good! I liked seeing Deranger and Will clash in this issue. It seems they may not get along that well... "Evil laugh"

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Very well written. I enjoyed this chapter; however, there was one part that confused me a little bit:

“Now I think we both know who a stronger than normal superman, evil version of Superboy is and he is the last thing we need during this time.” I said being more serious than I was before. He looked at me for a moment before responding.

The sentence structure here didn't make a lot of sense to me and I wasn't exactly sure what it was that William was trying to say.

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@delphic: It's saying that if they were to use black kryptonite on Kon-El, it would result in a evil version of him which would most likely be some form of Super Boy Prime