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Metropolis, Valhalla

I was speechless as I looked at Wonder Woman floating above Mongul and me. His mind was going a million miles a second trying to figure out what he was to do next.

“Wonder Woman...Barry told me many things about you during our time in Tibet.” I said holding back the anger in my heart. I noticed the Red Ring on her finger, it must be the ring that the Rage Lanterns use.

“I’m sure, how is Barry doing by the way?” She said with her fake atmosphere of love.

“He’s dead.” I said to her bluntly.

“Oh well...that is truly a tragedy.” She said as I just continued to glare at her.

“Who is your companion?” she asked.

“You should know with all of those T-Spheres floating around the planet you enslaved.” I said as Mongul looked at her.

“I am Mongul the III, companion of William West.” Mongul said as he stepped in front of me.

“Listen Diana let’s cut to the chase, what do you want from me and how did you find me?” I asked with the anger coming into my voice.

“When you fought the beetle agent I sent after you, that electrocution his armor released placed a tracker on you.” she said as she walked towards him with the beetle men not to far behind.

“As for why I am here, if you do not know already there has been a resistance against our government and they have recently...kidnapped my son Jonathan.” She said with tears coming to her eyes. I could tell that parts of the tears were real but others were to sway me.

“Our research has shown that you have come into contact with a member of the resistance Code Red, we would like for you to go to her and find the base of the resistance informing us where the base is.” She said to him smiling. She put her hand on my shoulder.

“We would like you to join the government and take these nuisances down, you will get a full pardon from Superman himself on any acts you committed against the government.” she said to me. For once in my life the anger was impossible to hold back. It was one thing for her to show up near me but another to ask me to work with her after what she did to my family. Barry told me of how she killed my mother, father, uncle and grandfather. There is only one thing on my mind right now.

“You know what I think about your offer Diana?” I said as literally a small bolt of static electricity appeared near my eyes. In that one moment I built up the density in my fist more than I should have. I smashed my fist into her at my top speed sending her flying into a building crashing out the other side.

“YOU CAN TAKE YOUR OFFER AND STICK IT UP YOUR @$$!” I screamed as I ran at top speeds to where she was. I looked behind me for a nanosecond to see Mongul beating down on the two beetle men. As Wonder Woman got up she said a few words trying to see where I was coming from.

“William just wait...let me explain.” She said right before I hit her again with a high density punch to her face.

“YOU KILLED MY FAMILY! MADE ME RUN AWAY TO HIDE IN THE MOUNTAINS FOR MY WHOLE LIFE!” I said as I kept smashing blow after blow at her body in all places. I took her sword from her and attempted to cut her but she regained her footing and dodged all of my attacks.

“You are just like your grandfather, kind hearted on one side but rash and violent on the other.” she said as she got her lasso back and wrapped one of my arms with it.

“You need to calm down you are acting just like Orion would.” she said before I snapped again.

“DONT YOU DARE MENTION MY GRANDFATHERS NAME!” I said as I swirled around in a tornado making her spin around me. As the lasso came undone from my arms I grabbed them and started to spin even faster with Wonder Woman still hanging on. I let go and she went into a nearby Hawkman, killing him. I ran after her again like an idiot but I am filled with almost as much rage as she normally has. I did another punch at her but she dodged it, grabbing my right shoulder and squeezing it until it broke. Pain surged through my body but I put it to the side. I did a swift roundhouse kick but like before it was too basic and predictable. She easily grabbed it as she smashed her elbow on my knee breaking my left leg. This time I screamed in pain as I grabbed my leg with my good arm.

“I have tried to be reasonable with you because of who your grandfather is, but you are testing my patience.” She said lunging at me putting me in a bear hug. I looked into her eyes they were also filled with rage but they had another emotion in them, sorrow. I could care less. I added more density into my forehead and smashed it into the ridge of her nose making her let go. As a blood like fluid came out here nose I added as much kinetic energy I could into my good fist without knocking me out and dashed at her. Before I could make contact with her she spat some kind of red acid out of her mouth at me. I could feel the heat from the boiling substance. I was able to phase through the attack right as it made contact with my skin but I had to lose the density in my fist. As I added as much back as I could I did one final punch that was supposed to either knock her out or just flat out kill her. She was expecting that. She grabbed my fist mid punch and looked at me smiling.

“You should have just worked with us the easier way.” She said before breaking my hand with one quick motion of her fist. As tears finally started to stream down my face from the pain I collapsed on the ground with Wonder Woman putting her foot right above my heart.

“One last chance you either help us or I will be forced to take you to Superman himself.” she said putting pressure on my chest. I mutter in a few words while gasping for air.

“Burn....in.....hell....Diana!” I said as she looked down at me frustrated. I felt her push down harder as my breathing started to slow down. I felt like my chest was going to cave in on itself. Before I passed out from lack of oxygen I saw a shadow go over my face as Wonder Woman looked up. She was tackled by Mongul into the side of a building. He kept smashing her into the ground as she hit him back blow for blow. I crawled with my good leg and the part of my arm that was not broken to find some place to get up but I saw Mongul flying over me. He may be stronger than Wonder Woman but she is a better fighter. As i continued to crawl away she picked me up by my broken leg holding me upside down.

“Just close your eyes and this will be over quick.” She said as she pulled her leg back ready to kick me. There was nothing I could do. My body was in too much of a strain to vibrate my molecules to do anything. I’m at her mercy. Just before the kick reaches my face, it stops mid kick with a loud crack. She let go of me and grabbed her foot in pain.

“OW! What the hell?” she said before looking at me. Then she jerked her head to the side as if she was being punched. I could loosely hear a quiet voice in the small breeze passing by.

“No Diana Thissss onemust beee free.” it said like a broken record player. I watched as she fell to the ground passed out. Whatever saved me is either invisible or already gone. Mongul emerged from some rubble and picked me up.

“Are you able to be moved?” Mongul asked as he found the Astro Harness and picked it up stepping on it. It started to take off before Mongul touched the controls.

“Where....are we....going?” I asked trying to stay conscious.

“I don’t know the controls are not responding.” Mongul said as my vision faded to black.

Abandon Warehouse

As my eyes opened I saw us come to a stop at an abandon warehouse.

“The Harness stops here.” Mongul said picking up the Astro Harness over his shoulder. He walked up to the warehouse and kicked the door down. He walked into having two rods being pointed at him with energy at the ends of them.

“I've already at one person come in unexpected I don’t need another.” A girl said not letting Mongul out her sight.

“I just need to get him some medical attention, we will leave after that.” Mongul said trying to calm the girl down. Before she could respond another girl walked out of nowhere. It was Red.

“William? What are you doing here? What happened to you?” She asked coming towards us signaling for the other girl to lay down her weapons. I looked at her and smiled.

“Hey it’s you.....I was able to find you.” I said laughing before I blacked out again.

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I'll read tomorrow when i have time to comment properly.

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@bronze_surfer: That was a very good read. Though I'm still behind on Flash, I really did enjoy this chapter. I enjoyed the action packed segments, as well as the dialogue which in my opinion was executed very well.

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Really great job! Mongul seems pretty tough!