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Washington DC

A Blue Beetle walked into the oval office with Wonder Woman and Superman standing by his desk. She had some bruises and cuts from whatever happened in Kahndaq.

“You called for me sir?”’

“Yes I did, as you know recent terrorist events have been sprouting across the globe and a particular one had slipped under us while we where worrying about the bigger issues.” Superman said.

“What would that be sir?”

“A new speedster has come onto the scene and we want you to take him in.”

“But how am I supposed to track him with his speed sir?”

“A SHADE agent has given him a drink which contained nano bots that have cut off his connection to the speed force for now.”

“He was last seen heading towards the Mississippi River, now go and take him into custody.” Wonder Woman said dismissing the Beetle. As he walked out Superman took out a T-Sphere.

“What are the known facts about the speedster?” He said to it.

“The Speedsters identity is William West, Grandson of Wally West and Orion, he had disappeared off of public records after the death of his parents and grandfather, he was recently found running from two dead Hawkmen.” After this the T-Sphere de activated.

“So he has both New God and Speedster blood in him.” Superman said to Wonder Woman.

“Yes, he is the last known to have any New God blood after the destruction of New Genesis and Apokolips that is on earth.” Superman sighed at the mention of New Genesis and Apokolips.

“A shame that we don’t have any New Gods of our own to combat him with.”

“If you wanted any you shouldn't have destroyed their home world.” Wonder Woman walked out of the office and Superman looked at the desk. “Sometimes I wish I didn't.”

Present Day

Red gave William a hand helping him up as they looked at each other.

“So what is your name?” She asked him.

“It’s William, William West.” She looked at him smiling.

“So you’re related to the Flash eh? Are you a speedster?”

“A what?” he said to her with confusion as she chuckled.

“Someone who moves super fast to put it simple and most are connected to the speed force.”

“So that’s what it is called, yes I guess I am a speedster.”

“Then why did those giant flying rats have you imprisoned in this building?”

“Well I was running from this guy who was in all black and I got tired and I got onto a weird space device and I flew to Egypt where I stopped for supplies and I was ambushed by some Hawkmen who I escaped from and then a SHADE agent was in disguise and he gave me some kind of drink with nano bots that has made me be slow for the past day.” He said really fast. She looked at him knoding her head. “Interesting I have definitely heard weirder stories.”

She did super fast pokes at different spots in Williams body with her fingers being as dense as a police baton.

“OW! What was that for?”

“Getting rid of the nano bots, they tried to use it on me and my friends a few times and I learned how to combat them in a body.” He looked at his hands and did some super fast punches in the air to be sure that his speed was back. “Well… thanks.”

“So you seem to be new at the speed force thing. How about you come with me and I show you a few tricks.” She said walking out of the building. William followed her, “Sure it’s better than just running around the country.” She smiled and looked at him.

“Now try and keep up William.” She zoomed off faster than anyone William had ever seen, even faster than his Uncle Barry. He ran after her barley being able to keep up and it’s not helping he just got the speed back so his body is not ready to go from the gate. She stopped running in front of an abandon town with a bunch of bricks blocking the gate.

“So are we going to run over the gate, because I already know how to do that?” She smiled.

“Nope were going to go through the gate.” After she said that she vibrated her molecules fast enough that she passed through the bricks. “Come on try it!” she said from the other side of the gate.

He started to vibrate his molecules and move towards the gate. He has vibrated himself to be invisible before but never enough to be able to move through solid objects. As he passed through the bricks his nose started to bleed. It quickly stopped and he wiped away the blood. “You’re a quick leaner that is good.”

She stuck one of her fingers up. “Now time for me to show you this,” her finger started to vibrate fast and eventually it looked like it was still. She then smashed it into the ground which shattered some of the rocks that were around us. “You simply increase the density in your finger to make your punches more powerful.” William started to vibrate his fist to the same speed that she did and he smashed it against a pretty big rock that was next to him. It shattered into a few hundred pieces.

“Well that is all of the time that I have to show you know,” she started to walk off away from him, “If you ever need to find me just run around the earth a few times and you should be able to.” She smiled and zoomed off again this time leaving William in the dust.

He ran around and got up to a tall hill that was looking over the abandon town. He relaxed against a lone tree that was standing tall over the rest of the hill. He looked around to see he was basically in the middle of nowhere. He took out the ring that was miraculously still in his pocket. He clicked it to dawn on the flash costume.

He ran around the zone of nothing until he found what seemed to be a small bunker. He tried to open it but it was locked. He phased thorough the hatch and went into the bunker. He felt around for a light or power switch and found one. He pulled it having all the lights turn on revealing a room with one giant tube in it.

The tube was covered in a sheet and had dust all over it. William yanked the sheet off to reveal a giant man who was yellow inside of it.


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Woo! Continuity. Also, good job. I can see some instability with Superman and Wonder Woman. Also, some regret with Superman.

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@bronze_surfer: Nice use of Code Red, I'm liking William more and more