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(All characters are owned by DC but the story is mine. Takes place in the CORRUPTED Universe. Rated T)

Keystone City

Iris looked up at Wonder Woman fighting Orion in the sky. She turned her head seeing her brother Jai impaled with a spear and her husband Scott hung from a street lamp by her magic lasso. Many of her ribs were broken and she could not lift herself off the ground. She crawled to a news paper holder and used it to get up and look at the fight from a better view. Orion and Wonder Woman was matching blow for blow but her Red Lantern ring was just over powering him. She punched him into a building and floated back down to the ground picking up her tiara. Orion charged at Wonder Woman who flipped back and put the red lantern ring to his heart were she made it explode out of his chest. He fell over his helmet falling off. She walked over to Iris picking her up by the neck and choking her.

“Please don’t make me do this Iris, where's Barry?” she said making the grip tighter as Iris gag in pain. She spit blood onto Wonder Woman’s face.

“Burn in hell Diana!” Wonder Woman took her tiara and slit Iris’s throat leaving her on the ground dead. She got her lasso and spear and flew off into the distance.

Barry was watching not too far away vibrating his molecules so Diana could not notice him. He went over to Iris and closed her eyes before taking the Astro-Harness that was crashed into the side of a building and a somewhat broken Mother Box from Orion. He ran to Wally’s old apartment with Iris’s son William there oblivious to the events. He used his special ring to put the Harness and mother box inside the speed force. He grabbed Williams hand and started to walk out of the building.

“Where are we going Uncle Barry?” William asked innocently.

“Just for a quick walk William.” Barry picked him up and ran to the mountains of Tibet, the last place Superman or the league would look for him.

Many years later.

William was in a market place purchasing some ingredients for dinner. He gathered them all in a sack and paid the man before walking back to his small shack a little bit away from the market place. He walked in prepping the kitchen to make diner as his old uncle Barry was sleeping in the corner. His uncle woke up with a small scream and William walked over to him. “What’s the matter uncle?”

His uncle looked into his eyes and just said what he has said the past few weeks. “The Black Flash,” the same figure that he has been seeing in his dreams. William fixed up dinner and got it on the table. He helped his uncle over to the table before eating. After they were done his uncle went back to his chair and started to sleep again. William went outside his hut and at super speed dashed up to the top of the Himalayan mountains were he spent most of his free time. He was vibrating so that the patrolling Hawkmen did not see him. However when he started to become relaxed a feeling just hit him out of nowhere. He felt like something was wrong and he looked to his side seeing a black streak run across the ground. It took him a few seconds to realize what it was and he ran back to his hut and full speeds basically arriving there in an instant. He burst in to see his uncle on the floor bleeding on the head. He was also coughing blood from his mouth. William ran to him and tried to help him but Barry refused.

“My time has come William, you have to get out of here quick to escape the black flash.” Barry said placing his hands on Williams head giving him what little bit of the speed force he had left in him.

“But…. I can’t just leave you….. I can take you!” William said with tears in his eyes. A screeching sound came from the distance has Barry said his final words to William.

“Run William.” Barry gave him his ring and with that William ran away from his hut at super speeds. He opened his eyes for a moment and saw the black flash run past him. He stopped and looked back seeing his hut explode. He ran back to see if his uncle was alive but found no body in the rubble. Two Hawkmen were starting to circle over the burning hut and come down at a moderate speed. They landed and ordered William to halt. William with anger used his super speed and somewhat super strength to snap the Hawkmens necks. There T-Spheres came up and started to let out a distress call similar to what happens to a green lantern ring when the user dies. He could see more of the Hawkmen coming so he ran off in a random direction to evade them.

A few moments later he stopped and rested on the ground. He looked around to see he was in the middle of a field. He started to walk around and saw what was left of the Great Wall of China. He dashed into the city looking at a TV mounted on a giant tower. It showed images of rebels being taken into custody near Keystone city. He figured out that that is where he needed to go. There was word of another speedster who was working for the rebels. He needed to find this person to get answers on the rebellion. He clicked the ring making a flash costume come out and go onto him. He looked identical to Wally. The Astro-Harness also came out and floated to William. He hoped on and started to fly off towards Keystone city.

Washington DC

Wonder Woman was sitting at her desk drinking some coffee when an agent of SHADE came up to her. “Ma’am, there is something Intel picked up that we think you would want to see.” She got up and walked with the agent to a floating screen. Her eyes widened as she saw what looked like Wally on Orion’s Astro-Harness.

“Send in SHADE agents to find out who he is ASAP!” She said in a firm voice to the agent.

He saluted with “Yes Ma’am!” and ran off to deliver the orders. She just kept staring at the screen having a flash back to a few days before Wally died.

“Well it looks like I am going to be a granddad Diana! Isn't that great!” he was so happy at that moment. She just wished that she could have stayed with him for a few more hours.

Phantom Zone

Darkseid was pondering to himself how to get out of this prison but has still yet to find an answer. He looked to his side seeing Lobo and Solomon fighting. He was about to break up the fight so that he could think better but then something bizarre happened. He saw the planet Earth. His view suddenly jumped to a field and saw what looked like the flash only on his sons Astro-Harness. He knew just by looking at him that this was a descendant of Orion. He smiled having a plan for the first time in a long while come to him.

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@bronze_surfer: Wonder Woman going to town! Nice. Minor typo/grammar "Please don’t make me do this Iris, where's Barry?” you forgot the H

“Burn in hell Diana!” Kinda needs an ! to emphasise her disgust at her.

I do like how you've started to knit two vastly different worlds (Flash & New Gods) together, and I really did like Diana remembering that she really did like Wally all those years ago, can't wait to see her face when a Flash gives her a smack in the mouth!

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Great chapter, not really sure why the Flash needs the Astro harness but its still a cool image.

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@joshmightbe: At that point he was tired from escaping Black Flash

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@bronze_surfer: Minor point here, the black Flash isn't really a standard villain, he's the actual embodiment of Death that comes to claim speedsters when its there time. At least he used to be not sure if that's been retconed or not.

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Oh I know that. He only appears in this issue since Barry is going to die. But I heard that black flash would go after other speedsters if they are close enough. His main target was Barry so William was a minor concern. But if you saw what looked like a super fast zombie I would bolt it too.

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It's cool. Unless he has a near death experience or starts to die I have no plans to use black flash. I just used him as a reason for William to leave

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Very intresting. Wonder Woman will not be happy at all about the new Flash that's quite obvious.

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