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Rated MA, all our stories found here: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/corrupted-the-library-1453634/#46


Most everyone got a brief lesson on how to handle super speed by Code Red, god it was good to see her! She’s relayed a message from Captain Cold and set the wolf man, who I always thought was a myth, up with the old man, Dr Eld. People call me crazy…he wants to turn Superman gay with that synthetic pink kryptonite he carries about on that cane of his! Idiot!

Red got my head back in the game. She had to jet off again, several pingers went off and she’s about duty first. That’s probably why I love her so much, makes this fight worthwhile.

I hand Escrima her vials of Velocity-9 “You got the plan?”

She nods “Yeah, but I still don’t get how wrecking hospital equipment, that poor people need, is going to bring down the League? Killing Hawkmen, I can see”

“All killing Hawkmen got was you, nearly killed, Nuklon ACTUALLY killed and the League looking for you!” I flattened out the map of the United States “My way gets them chasing their tails. Since they don’t have any speedster on their team, we only really have to watch for Superman …” I unfurl a kryptonite bullet “And he won’t be a problem”

“Is that a…?”

“Yup! My grandfather made them. Had a whole bunch before spitcurl threw every other bit of kryptonite into space” I load it into my gun.

Aim for the throat

“What did you say?”

Escrima looks at me “Nothing? You were talking then trailed off”

I look at her, thankfully my mask covers my face concealing my horror that the voices are back, and so soon.

We never left

And we never will!

“Just move to your target zone!” I snap as I storm out of the room tapping my temple, I look like a spaz but I don’t care!


I look at the watch my father gave me. The glass is cracked and the leather strap is frayed, held together by gaffer tape, the anthropomorphic mouse on the face has faded. I place it into a storage box along with my journal and a time delayed pinger, if that blue bastard gets me, he isn’t getting my watch!

Everyone knows the plan…well their part of the plan and the risks they entail.

Step 1) Take Velocity-9

Step 2) Destroy as many purple rays in your target area as quickly as possible

Step 3) Don’t stop running

Step 4)….

Well, they don’t know about step four. I know about step four.

Step up

"Shut up!"

I put on my disguise, the gold-psuedo suit based. I’m going into the White House through the front door and out the back disguised as their kid’s nanny. Dr Eld and some other eggheads built it a while back but it never passed muster. Finally it has and if it hasn’t, tough!

In twelve minutes all hell is going to break loose. Three dozen speeding people commintting vanadalism at Mach 15 whilst I’m WALKING into the lion’s den to snatch a kid…I somehow think my grandfather’s are smiling proudly, my parents not so much…wherever they all ended up.

If it all works out it should go like this: Hawkman factory explodes, we hit the purple rays, League gets informed, sends probably Starfire or Zachary Zatara to Arkansas whilst Manhunter responds to the purple ray hits. If Captain Marvel gets my message he’ll be in Metropolis as a big red target hopefully coaxing out Superman or Wonder Woman…hopefully not Firestorm…he’s small fish, I want big fish!

Smiling fish

Grrrr! Hopefully Outsider joins the party, tough if he doesn’t…serve that prick right!

Should’ve killed him!

SHUT UP! I snatch the kid, detonate the suit in the White House and make a run. They give chase, hopefully Superman, I pepper him with bullets and then pop him with the green k bullet when he’s overconfident and blow his face off.

Problems: The Brain! Hawkman recruit! Dr Eld! Velocity-9! All of these are potential traitors or steps that can go wrong.

I don’t trust the Brain! He let a SHADE agent into our ranks

I don’t trust Hawkman, because he’s a Hawkman! Leopard and spots.

Dr Eld…he’s brilliant but I have my doubts about the Gold suit.

Velocity-9, it’s over thirty years old.

It’ll be fine

How would you know one eye?

STOP! PLEASE! Let me concentrate!

I pace around getting the feel of the suit when there’s a crackle on the handheld radio. It’s time. I break one of the rules I’ve lived by most of my life, I pick up the radio and speak into it.

“Operation Purple Smile…GO!”


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Nice. There's a lot of distrust.

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Great chapter, one point about the part you mentioned about Capt. Marvel, at this point he actually has Black Adam and Isis with him so the League will have a huge problem if they head to Metropolis. CM and BA have a sort of dysfunctional sibling thing going on at the time, they might beat the crap out of each other but they're not going to let anyone else take them out.

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Awesome! I smile every time Deranger mentions some of my guys. Also it kind of makes me think of an old Justice League cartoon where all the heroes are doing their own thing round the world.

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Also is it weird how whenever I read the part where Deranger scratches his temple it makes me scratch my throat?

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@batkevin74: I love the voices in Deranger's head. It's a little confusing but that's the beauty of it. I was hoping you'd through in a voice that constantly mocks him through the use of humor, but this worked out very well.

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@tommythehitman: Kev probably inserted some subliminal messages... Made me scratch my forehead.

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@dngn4774: Well he's a prime candidate for mental illness, considering his lineage :)

@project_worm: @tommythehitman: (old timey hypnotist voice complete with swirling patterns) I can make you touch your nose :)

@joshmightbe: Well that works better for Deranger. He knew about Marvel, and if Marvel has got backup then whoever turns up to Metropolis is in for an old school a$$ kickin! :) (The hologram is basically Deranger saying "Hi, I need your help. Need you to be at such and such at this time and date. You do and I'll tell you how you really got your powers....it's a lie, he's just goading him to get there)

@awesam: That happens when a lot of stuff goes wrong in a short space, especially Sharpshot. Also didn't really know how to play the Dr Eld angle from Timber Wolf, so distrust works best :)

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@batkevin74: Could either be an action heavy scene or some comic relief depending on who Superman sends to take out Marvel.

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@joshmightbe: Could be himself, could be Superboy-Man (Connor) could be Cyborg (who we haven't seen yet)

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@batkevin74: Might be at least a moral victory for the resistance if someone actually drew some blood from Supes in public

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I somehow think my grandfather’s are smiling proudly, my parents not so much…wherever they all ended up.

That part made me smile. I'll show you later why. >: D

Kinda short, but it works. Love how you tied everything together. Also love Joker and Slade's voices in his head. Pure genius good sir.

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@wildvine: Good, I do love an inadvertant link to stories! Yeah Jay's got some issues

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@batkevin74Awesome chapter I really enjoyed it, and I'm looking forward to Operation Purple Smile. Also doesn't look like I'm going to be in the competition much longer, so I can start devoting time to Corrupted again.

Grrrr! Hopefully Outsider joins the party, tough if he doesn't…serve that prick right!

The Outsider finds your insults amusing....

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@delphic: Still early days in the FF tourney and what five people voted so far making it what 3 to 2...that's ultra pessimism! :) Do a shout out and rustle up some reads which lead to votes

Anyways I thought just having Deranger slag off Outsider would be a good way to set up their relationship and expand on any backstory as need be. I do wonder how Outsider will react when he see's Operation Purple Smile going ahead though?

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@batkevin74: Well two of my friends did vote against me. :P I'm not really worried about it though, and I've already forgiven the traitors. XD I had a lot of fun writing that one, and even if I lose I still have the work.

I hope I can start working on some more Corrupted stuff soon. Outsider and Kon-El are only two of many parts of the story that need to be developed. It's been a weird breeding ground for characters, and with every idea more characters keep emerging.

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fun read so far. cant wait till next one.