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Continued from: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/corrupted-deranger-1-1456647/#9

Part of CORRUPTED which is a DC FF, all owned by them though the stories and some characters are original

Original art work comes from here: http://komickarl.deviantart.com/art/Deathstroke-the-Terminator-41221242 I did word paint over it, but its komickarl’s work.

From the Journal of Jay Slade Quinn aka Deranger:

If you’re reading this, then I’m dead! I know it’s kinda morbid, but this is MY journal and if you’re reading it; then either I’m dead coz you killed me; I’m dead and you found this or hopefully, hopefully I’ve put a kryptonite bullet through the forehead of the spit curled tyrant and I’m reading this to my grandkids…

Escrima turns out to be a descendant of Manhunter…the third one. Not the robot and not the ninja guy with the mask, the girl. She finally decided enough was enough and chose Keystone to make her stand. Nuklon and her had a fling, gallows love affair type thing before her efforts of making a Hawk headed graveyard caught the League’s attention. I got her story and she got mine because I need to know. Details are everything. SHADE agents are good at copying but details are their downfall, so if they get the password and finally perfect a contact lens, asking questions about small details can save me from being killed!

I tell Escrima about Code Red, my fiancée. She’s THE lynch pin. Without her, this Arkham Resistance…(she keeps pushing for us to rename as Hush). But I don’t tell her everything yet…


“…and then I’ll break her spine!”

“And you called me nuts” I joke but Escrima is off in a rage cycle, plotting all the things she WOULD like to do to Starfire “Are you ready?”

“Why are we going back to Keystone?” snapped Escrima “We ran, like cowards to watch them…”

“Are you finished?” I growled “Have you ever run a terrorist cell under the noses of gods before? Huh? They swept in, killed everyone they SAW and left. There’s an extra battalion of Hawkmen, several Vanguard and probably two Sandmen hanging around. But to them, we’re over! They are looking for you, but not here. The reason that my grandfather ran the Bat gauntlet for so long, was whenever he escaped he’d go BACK to an old hideout. As clever as the world’s greatest brain in a jar was, he never really learnt from history”

“Your grandfather was…” Escrima paused hoping Deranger would finish her sentence “Umm Two-Face?”

I gave her a slightly shocked look. “You’re wearing a black and purple mask!” she yelped “Who?”

“The Joker”


“And Deathstroke”

“The Ravager?!?”

“No, she was my mother” I chuckle and contemplated removing my mask to really give her a fright, but baby steps “My father was Batman”

“The brain in the jar? Holy weeping Jesus!”

“No, my father’s name was Batman. Batman Quinn” I look to the sky, talking about my folks makes me angry and sad “Okay we’re going back into the Museum. Did you ever find Deathstroke’s stash of Velocity 9?”

“What’s Velocity 9?” asked Escrima

“It’s drug that grants temporary super speed” I reply “So it’s still in there, good!”

“What do you need super speed for?”

“My fiancée can move at nearly light speed” I tell her honestly

Escrima stops and scratches her head “Are we going back just to get you, basically, meta human Viagra?”

“No…I hadn’t thought of that actually. Now it’s all I’m thinking of. No, the Velocity 9 will allow us all to strike several locations simultaneously and be gone before they can react”

Escrima stopped “Okay, here’s the bit where you let me know what the plan is funny guy?”

I look at the powerful woman wielding not one, but two of the most powerful ‘sticks’ in existence “We’re taking out the Purple Rays”

From the Journal of Jay Slade Quinn aka Deranger:

World’s gone crazy, and I speak with authority on the subject of crazy. Seems there’s a Captain Marvel or a Black Adam or both appearing over Kanhdaq, something’s happened in France and it seems that Deadshot is alive!

Code Red’s been gunning across the country and these are the reports she’s managed to drop off for me. I could check the internet or watch TV, but I’m paranoid! There’s talk of T-sphere TV! So I stay off the grid. Pen and paper. Face to face.

And once again the rumours of the Bludhaven werewolf reappear. Every few years this thing pops up, never seen but I believe it’s real. Like the croc men in the Gotham sewer or the killer trees in Louisiana!


The Hawkmen and the Sandmen had gutted the place. It barely looked like a tribute to a fallen hero before, and now it resembled a marble abattoir. The garden of Hawkmen heads on spikes were replaced with human shish-kebabs. It turns my stomach. Escrima is having a hard time since Nuklon’s head is missing. I go to say something comforting but all I’ve got is jokes.

“He was a head above the rest”

Escrima glares at me, I shrug “You want compassion, best get a dog”

Escrima screams and slams the Mega-Rod into the floor, it’s like a bomb went off.

“Let’s draw attention to ourselves” I mock “I get you’re hurting…”

I’m pinned against the wall, the humming Mega-Rod inches from my eye. Escrima is on the verge of hysterics or murder “You say another word…”


“Tony?” Escrima lets me go and runs to the boy I beat up on the steps “You’re alive!”

“Only just” he replies “Bastards!”

I look him up and down and draw my revolver “How will our enemies hear us?”

“From the whisper to the scream” he replies.

I holster my weapon, he turns to say something to Escrima when I step up, redraw my gun and blow his brains out.

“WHAT THE #$#%^?” screamed Escrima coated in bits of brain and blood.

I place a finger on her lips and point with the gun muzzle to the corpse on the ground, losing rigidity and turning into a SHADE agent.

“I broke his nose yesterday,” I reply as I fish some phosphorus from my pouches and ignite the body “Seeing as there’s no purple clinic in Keystone, that was clue one. Also he gave the wrong password to a question he shouldn’t know the answer to, means I’ve really rattled their cage”

Escrima wiped the blood off her face and stared at the burning body before spitting on it “Let’s your stuff and get out of here!”


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@batkevin74: Nice! I liked the whole detective mode that Deranger went into at the end of the chapter.

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@dngn4774: You're not paranoid if they're ACTUALLY out to get you! :)

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something’s happened in France

Stuff like this makes me smile. Great story even if it was a bit short. Also Deranger is a heartless bast@rd.

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If you’re reading this, then I’m dead! I know it’s kinda morbid, but this is MY journal and if you’re reading it; then either I’m dead coz you killed me; I’m dead and you found this or hopefully, hopefully I’ve put a kryptonite bullet through the forehead of the spit curled tyrant and I’m reading this to my grandkids…

Hah! That made me laugh. Good job.

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Sorry I didn't comment on the first, I read it on the go. So far this is going great, I'm still pretty eager to have Captain Marvel meet Deranger, even have their first encounter planned, its not friendly.

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@joshmightbe: Excellent, I'll PM you so we can set it up as I'm going to start my run to EVENT 1 next chapter of Deranger which gives 2 issues to meet and greet all those who are joining up so a CM/BA meeting will be in order :)

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@batkevin74: One more left. This keeps getting better and better bats. ^_^

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