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(Rated MA for partial nudity, violence and just to be safe. DC owns the characters but we built the world)


The White House

Superman’s fingers pressed holes in the Presidential desk as Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter left the Oval Office. As the door clicked shut he pulled Dr Fate’s helmet from the desk drawer and put it on, sighing with relief.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

“You wanted to see me?” said Firestorm as he entered

“Yes” Superman’s voice reverberated oddly when he spoke with the helmet; it made Firestorm’s skin crawl. “You are going to Gotham and you are going to find this girl.” he handed a piece of paper with Zara Lawton’s picture to Firestorm “And you are going to turn her into glass, bring her back here so I can shatter her into dust”

“Why not get the Hawks to do it?” scoffed Firestorm.

Superman grabbed Firestorm by the throat and slammed him back first into the floor “I grow tired of your complaining Jason! You’re just a seventy five year old man when you’re not Firestorm remember!”

“You keep putting your hands on me Clark,” threatened Firestorm from the ground “And I’ll turn your bones to mercury!”

The Oval Office went silent as the pair stared at each other, Firestorm unnerved due to the expressionless mask with hollow eyes.

“Do as you’re told Jason or I’ll pull you out of Firestorm, and whoever else you’ve got in there since Ronnie died!” growled Superman as he shunted Firestorm a few extra inches into the floor. “Do you understand me?”

“Yes…sir” said Jason as he pried himself out of the floor


Purple Clinic, Gotham

Zara flexed her arm “Thanks”

“Can I tell you something?” said the technician as he lifted his goggles up “You’re a pretty girl…”

“Can I just stop you there stud.” said Zara “Not interested”

The technician looked at her “Okay, but neither am I” He tapped his wedding ring “What I was going to tell you is; you stink! You smell like someone vomited week old excrement all over you and then coated it with rotten meat. You need a shower, a scrubbing brush and a soak in perfume. Now please leave”

Zara stood there, mouth wide open unable to speak. The technician walked off leaving her alone in the room. Zara grabbed her stuff and headed for the door.

“You stink” mumbled Zara “I know Brainiac! I’ve just come out of the sewers. Smart a…” Zara stopped her muttering as she walked out of the clinic and into a semi circle of Hawkmen.

“Ahh crap!”

“You’re under arrest Lawton!” said the lead Hawkman “Easy way,” a Hawkman held up a pair of handcuffs “Or hard way” The other three tapped their maces into their palms “Don’t mind your choice”

Zara looked around at the five Hawkmen before her. She heard the door lock behind her and saw a T-sphere hovering above scanning her with its blue light. Her shoulders slumped and she dropped her bag at her feet.

“I’ve always been easy” smiled Zara and slammed her foot into the groin of the handcuff holder, dropping him like a sack of potatoes as the other Hawks started the “hard way”

Zara covered her head with her hands but nothing came. It also got very cold. Zara looked up to see the five Hawkmen all flash frozen like statues. Zara got to her feet.

“Holy crap! I’ve got super powers!” she exclaimed looking at her hands.

A motorcycle squealed to a halt beside her “Sorry to burst your bubble babe, but that was me!” The attractive woman in blue and white extended her hand “Now come with me if you want to live”

Zara looked at the woman, then the T-sphere, then the frozen Hawks and then the woman again. “Who are you?” asked Zara as she jumped on the back of the bike.

“Captain Cold. By the way, you stink” the bike shot off down the street.


SHADE Agent Grell looked at the T-sphere footage and grimaced “Cold”

“Who are you?” demanded Firestorm as he landed in front of the Purple Clinic “And what is that?”

“SHADE Agent Grell sir” said Grell “And these are victims of Captain Cold and Zara Lawton”

Firestorm looked at the statues “Are they alive?”

“Possibly sir” replied Grell

Firestorm’s hands charged with energy “Well, let’s see if I can change them back”

Ice and Hawkman pieces exploded everywhere knocking the pair on their butts and blowing out the clinic’s windows.

“What in god’s name?” screamed Grell holding his ears.

Firestorm picked himself up from the ground and snarled “Potassium!”


Captain Cold looked at Zara as the hid in a safe house under the New Trigate Bridge that led out of Gotham. “So?”

“So what?” said Zara defensively

Cold smiled “What is it with people from Gotham? So uptight and guarded. Okay rub your eyes for me”


Captain Cold’s smile vanished and she drew her cold gun “Rub your eyes or I turn you into a popsicle”

Zara rubbed her eyes furiously “Happy?”

“Almost; strip”


Cold cocked her gun making it hum “Strip!” Zara grumbled and dropped the trench coat standing before Captain Cold in her bra and pants “What part of strip did you miss?”

“Now look here…!”

“No you look here!” snapped Cold “I don’t know who you are! I don’t know if you’re covered in tracking devices or an updated SHADE agent. Now you backchat me one more time and I’ll freeze you solid and leave you here!”

Zara unclipped her bra slowly and covered herself with her arms as she dropped it at her feet. She turned and slipped her pants off before turning around, embarrassed and naked.

“Thank you” said Cold “Now in the shower because you smelt bad when we were outside and in this small space, it’s like a hobo is trying to climb in my nostrils!” Cold motioned with her gun “Go!”

Zara sidestepped over to the open shower “Is there like a curtain or anything?” Cold waved her gun at her “Geez, I was just as..”

Cold raised a finger to her lips “Silence is golden


“The trail ends here” said Grell as he stood on the bridge watching the traffic “The T-sphere’s go dead for thirteen seconds which is where they vanish”

“Great! Superman’s gonna kill me” moaned Firestorm.

“They may have vanished but unless they teleported, thirteen seconds won’t get you very far”

Firestorm’s head flared with anger “This sucks!” He rubbed his chin “Hey…Grell was it?”

“Yes sir?”

“What did that Lawton chick look like again?”

Grell fished into his pocket when Firestorm stopped him “Show me” SHADE Agent Grell morphed into a perfect replica of Zara Lawton “That’s pretty darn cool! But the eyes, they look…”

“We have contact lens to complete the change sir” replied Zara/Grell

“Just close your eyes” said Firestorm as he fired a blast at her and turned the SHADE agent into a perfect glass statue of Zara Lawton “I haven’t got time for this %$#@&!”

And with that he scooped up the statue and flew back to Washington.


“Are you happy now?” asked Zara snidely as she towelled off “See everything you wanted too?”

“Still with the Gotham sass” said Cold as she stoked the fire that was Zara’s trench coat, bag and under garments “Maybe you should’ve kept some soap for your mouth”

“So what happens now?” asked Zara as she put her hands defiantly on her hips.

“Well that is up to you?” said Captain Cold “Do you want to put your costume and your mouth to good use?”

To be continued


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Ahhhhh what the f$#& is up with the formatting??? Seriously, my apologies for the changing fonts, bolds & stuff, not my fault.

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Wow. Firestorm is a dooche! I liked this a lot and my favourite scen was where Zara thought she had superpowers.

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@batkevin74 said:

Ahhhhh what the f$#& is up with the formatting??? Seriously, my apologies for the changing fonts, bolds & stuff, not my fault.

Actually, it makes it more fun. By the way, I'm copying the whole picture thing. Nehehehe!!

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@batkevin74: Great job, I like the dialogue between Zara and Cold

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I'm keep waiting for that moment when Firestorm finally makes Superman snap and kill him. It hasn't happened yet but I'm pretty sure that's how it's gonna end for Firestorm.

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@tommythehitman: Honestly I don't like Jason as Firestorm, so he probably comes across as more of a d!^k than he probably is. But yeah he's dooche!

@blackreaper: I had it all fine and then half went weird bold, the some stayed small...just annoying! But yeah pictures do at times help get readers in the mood and help the story flow

@joshmightbe: Hopefully they'll be Thelma & Louise :)

@dngn4774: Firestorm and Zachary Zatara, even Martian Manhunter to a degree, live at the whim of Superman. He's powerful enough to kill them whenever he felt like but they have powers that make them actual credible threats to him. So he's the whole "friends close, enemies closer" but more than likely Firestorm is going to end up dead for lying to Superman and general doochery as well when Zara pops up alive and well later

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The attractive woman in blue and white extended her hand “Now come with me if you want to live” Ahhh Terminator 2 :)

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@4donkeyjohnson: Well if you can't reference a good film (and in context) then when can you I say :)

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@batkevin74 This series continues to be incredibly cool and interesting, I could try and nitpick at a few things but this was pretty much flawless, good job!

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@irishlad said:

@batkevin74 This series continues to be incredibly cool and interesting, I could try and nitpick at a few things but this was pretty much flawless, good job!


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@batkevin74: “You keep putting your hands on me Clark,” threatened Firestorm from the ground “And I’ll turn your bones to mercury!” - Would that even work against Superman?

Also lady Captain Cold eee. So excited, she's so cool, really cool.

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@impurestcheese: Don't see why it wouldn't work, Firestrorm's powers work on pretty much everything. Superman's bones though kryptonian are just really dense calcium. Regardless it's a good threat

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@batkevin74: Okay. No absolutely nothing about Firestorm but do know Superman pretty much is a flying brick. Except for green rocks and magic and that purple guy

That's the one