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(Rated MA due to several instances of the word bitch! Plus some blood. DC's product with which we are playing with)


"Suck on this you freak!" Zara pointed her wrist cannons at the chest of the large reptilian man and unloaded.

The guns whirred and clicked, but nothing happened.

“Oh crap! No bullets!” whined Zara as the crocodile man let out a huge guttural roar. Zara turned tail and ran but go to steps before she was tackled into the water. Zara struggled, thrashing her arms and legs like a maniac. Suddenly he let her go. Zara shot up to the surface.

“Where’d you go you scaly bastard?” screamed Zara as she whirled around. The water rippled but the giant lizard was nowhere to be seen “Yeah you’d better run!”

The sewers went quiet, just the splashing of her feet in the muck and the dripping of water.

“Oh this can’t be good” muttered Zara. She banged the guns on her wrists together, trying to make them work as she frantically looked around for her attacker. Zara spied the shaft of the Hawkman’s mace she’d taken. She reached for it and stopped. The tunnel was now eerily silent, the shaft almost mockingly standing up.

“Oh I’ve seen enough classics to know if I touch that, he’s going to jump out” grumbled Zara as she hovered her hand nearby. Seconds took forever as now the only sounds were her heavy breathing and the dripping.

“Oh this is just crap!” Zara grabbed the hilt and the water behind her exploded as the killer croc leapt out of the water. Zara swung the mace only to have it jerk from her hand. She looked back, another one! Expletives echoed through the sewer system as Zara leapt away narrowly as the first croc nearly sliced her with his massive clawed hands. The two crocs eyed each other off. Each grunted and sorted at the other, like a ritual display of alpha male. Zara couldn’t care and took off through the water. Her splashing caused them to turn from each other and both head after her.

“AHhhhhhhhh” Zara screamed as she ran, trying to get away. She spied an old rusted ladder leading up to the surface. Turning, she watched as the two crocs charged her. Zara took a deep breath and at the last second did the splits, the two giant reptiles going over her head. Zara scrambled from the water and headed for the ladder.

“Ah crap!” she jumped and stretched but the bottom rung was still six inches away from her fingers. Zara pressed herself against the slimy tunnel wall. The two croc men slowly crawled from the water towards her.

“Alright you damn walking handbags!” yelled Zara “You want some, come get some!”

The crocs roared in unison, making her shudder. The larger one leapt in followed by the slightly less large one, not wanting to miss a meal. Zara got a hand up but the powerful blow shattered her forearm and she hit the floor. The less large one tried to stomp on her but Zara kicked her legs off the tunnel wall and using the slippery floor, shot between his legs. The larger croc man then slapped the smaller one out of his way. Zara scooted along on her butt as fast as she could push herself as the larger came at her. The other croc leapt onto the back of the big one and sank his teeth into the neck. The roar thundered through the tunnels.

The two crocs tore into each other with fury and anger. Zara sat stunned by the ferocity as they ripped into each other.

“Get up you silly bitch!” she told herself “Whoever wins, wants to eat you!” Zara got to her feet “Okay”

Zara looked at the two beasts, checked the ladder and inhaled “Here goes nothing!” Zara ran at the pair, used the little one as a step ladder to hop off the head of the larger one to leap up and catch the rusty old service ladder. Zara clung on for dear life as the pain in her right arm raced through her whole body.


Zara looked up at the ladder “Oh don’t you dare!” she snarled as the moorings on the ladder shunted away from the wall.


Zara began to cry as she started to half haul, half scramble her way up the ladder. The ancient bolts jarred away, the ladder jerked and swayed. Zara glanced down at the two crocs still tearing strips off each other.

“Oh this is just fuuuu….!” screamed Zara as the ladder came free and she rode the rusted projectile down to the ground. The ladder cracked the larger croc on the shoulder and the sheer weight and momentum drove him into the ground, the rusted arms of the ladder piercing his chest and back pinning him to the floor. Zara jolted off the ladder, screaming as her broken arm smashed into the unforgiving concrete. She got to her feet and grabbed a piece of rusted ladder in her left hand and headed for the other croc man.

“How do you like being chased huh?” she yelled as she clumsily swung the metal bar in her off hand. The croc backed up as she went ballistic. She tagged him on the hand and he retreated into the water “That’s right! That’s how us Gotham bitches roll!” She awkwardly threw the bar after it. Zara turned back to the larger croc wheezing from his fatal wounds.

“Oh man” she looked down on him as he coughed blood. Zara picked up another piece of metal and stood near the head of the beast.

“You’re too big to drag to a Purple Clinic, even if I could, you’re a crocodile and you busted my arm! And I can’t just leave you here to bleed out like a…seriously if you’d just left me alone I wouldn’t be here and you’d be eating pigeons or cats or whatever you freaky monster things eat” said Zara as she fumbled with the bar “See! I can even put you out of your misery coz I can’t hold…forget this crap! Circle of life bitch!” Zara tossed the bar away and walked off “And the rest of you scaly things hiding out there, you come at me and I’ll mess you up too! Okay?”

Zara slowly trudged away into the sewers.

A Purple Clinic, Gotham

Zara sat in the waiting room, wrapped in a stolen trench coat with her costume stuffed in garbage bag beside her. The other people waiting kept giving her dagger stares due to the rank smell emanating from her. She didn’t care; she just needed her arm fixed. The old television in the corner showed grainy images of a large Superman head lying on the White House lawn. Zara smiled.

“Ms Lawton?”

Zara nodded and headed in to the room. The technician screwed his face up at her smell.

“What’s wrong, asides from…?”

“My arm” she held it up with her other hand, the snap evident.

“Arm on the table” he motioned as he stood behind the controls “Do you use any potassium rich creams or have any cybernetic implants?”


“Do you suffer from HIV, cancer or hereditary baldness?”


“Please state your full name and social security number into the T-scanner and you’ll be done in about six minutes”

"Zara Genevieve Lawton. Nine eight sev..."


< Lawton, Zara Genevieve checked into Gotham Purple Clinic #1939 three minutes ago. Relation to Dominguez, Helen: lover/girlfriend/significant other. Note: genetic relation of Lawton, Floyd aka Deadshot…cross reference T-sphere footage from Dominguez apartment…confirmed. T-sphere on route. Hawkman patrol on route>

SHADE agent Grell read the update and smiled. He was about to do his boss, Martian Manhunter proud.


Captain Cold looked at the intercepted transmission she pulled off the SHADE internet and grimaced. She grabbed her cold gun and quickly scribbled a note

-D, may have new recruit. Off to check. Rendezvous with you at the place CC-

Cold rolled the paper up and pinned it to the wall with a small spike, the end a pulsing red LED light. She grabbed her pack and kicked over the drum of ammonia to soak the floor. Seconds a later a red blur flashed through and the note was gone.

“That was fast Red,” said Captain Cold slightly bemused as she hopped on her motorcycle “Even for you”

To be continued

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Female Captain Cold is awesome. Good chapter.

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@batkevin74: Nice work! I'm guessing the female captain cold is the daughter of golden glider and chillbaine?

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@blackreaper: Thanks

@dngn4774: Well I thought about that, but GG has been dead for ages so I may have to work it out, maybe even try something new

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Nice escape from the crocs, sure it was pure luck but still really cool.

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@joshmightbe: Zara is completely out of her league, which is fun to write. Dumb luck and coincidence are her two best friends

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Nice! Are the croc's descendants of Killer Croc? Also, a new Captain Cold. Awesome.

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Lol. Zara is becoming even more likable. Very good use of Captain Cold and Killer Corc. Also:

“That’s right! That’s how us Gotham bitches roll!”


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@wildvine: Probably, didn't delve to far into their history but probably, but who in their right mind who even contemplate having intimate relations with Killer Croc!

@tommythehitman: I am actually quite proud of that sentence :)

The new sexy Captain Cold will be revealed more next chapter, hopefully her origin also which I'm plotting in my brain as we speak

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@batkevin74: :-P Female Deadshot as well. It's like heaven for me. Attractive female super villains. Whoop.

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@batkevin74: :-P Female Deadshot as well. It's like heaven for me. Attractive female super villains. Whoop.

Well they're kinda anti-heroes/good guys here but based on the golden oldies

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@batkevin74: Stop killing the dream pleasssse

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