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continued from here part 2

Co-written by @blackreaper aka AweSam

News outlets across the globe were reporting on what was dubbed the Cairo incident. In Metropolis Lex Luthor overhears a reporter speaking on the television behind him and turns as she speaks, "The fight which was apparently responsible for a dust cloud that could be seen as far away as the south of France seemed to have come to a head in the now deserted streets of Cairo where the two men identified as Captain Marvel and Black Adam clashed. A large portion of the city has been leveled and millions have fled in terror. Eye witnesses seem to be unsure of which was the aggressor....."

Lex turned back to his project shaking his head, "Kids these days."

On the streets several members of the resistance stand among a crowd of people watching video of the battle on a large screen in Planet Square. One of the men whispers to his comrade, "Deranger needs to see this."

Washington DC

Superman stands in silence as the T-Sphere report plays over a large screen. In the background a reporter on the television states, "At this point there are some who doubt even Superman could stop these two."

Wonder Woman wanted to speak but thought better of it as heat vision sliced through the T.V.

The Rock of Eternity several hours earlier

Zidain and Chris look upon the angry Wizard who demands, "What is the meaning of this."

Chris was the first to answer, "This lunatic tried to kill me for no reason."

Zidain scoffed, "Was I supposed to just allow you to kill me?"

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Zidain then turned to Chris, "Lie all you like wizard, it changes nothing."

Zidain then looked to the sky and yelled, "Shazam." He then looked around confused as nothing happened then to Chris, "You stole my power."

The wizard then stated, "Nothing was stolen I simply disrupted it temporarily."

Chris started to speak but a glare from the wizard silenced him, "The two of you displayed a level of reckless arrogance that will not be tolerated, you are possessed of the wisdom of the universe yet you behave like ignorant children."

Zidain no realized that Chris wasn't the wizard and looked upon the real Shazam, "Why did you send the boy to attack me?"

Chris gave a hateful look, "Who you calling boy?"

The wizard raised a hand as he answered, "Child, if I wanted you dead, it would be so. Where did you get this notion?"

Zidain explained Mira's vision as Chris and the wizard listened intently. As he finished Shazam turned away in the direction of Kahndaq and was silent for a moment as the two boys glared at one another. Suddenly the wizard turned with a look of urgency, "Your friend was under the control of a sorcerer. This man has brought something to Kahndaq, a force of pure destruction that must be stopped."

Zidain stood, "I can handle it, send the kid home before he hurts himself."

He then shouted the wizard's name and changed before shooting into the sky. Chris looked to Shazam, "Should I go after him?"

The wizard gave an exasperated expression, Chris shrugged, "Fine. Shazam!"

Then he was off.


Black Adam lands near where he'd last seen Mira, Chris followed closely behind, "I thought I told you to stay out of this."

Captain Marvel looked down, "I missed that part were you became my boss."

They were interrupted by the sound of screaming some miles off.

The two sped off in the direction of the uproar. Chris was the first to see the beast and stopped mid air. He caught Adam by the shoulder as he flew by, "We have a problem."

Adam rolled his eyes, "Don't be a coward."

Chris pointed to the beast, "That's Doomsday!"

"And that's bad?"

"Well if you consider a guy who defeated a Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Maxima with one hand literally tied behind his back before beating Superman into a coma bad, then yeah."

Black Adam started to descend as Chris spoke but took pause at the part about Superman, "Fine, follow if you must but stay out of my way."

Doomsday stood amid the remains of a town he'd destroyed upon arrival as Black Adam and Captain Marvel landed before him. Marvel looked on, "We need a plan of......"

Adam was off before Marvel could finish so he sighed and took off after him. Adam flew in to strike but was swatted away as Marvel flew in for a strike off his own, Doomsday kicked him in the gut sending him flying away where he landed a few yards behind Adam. As they rose Adam looked back, "Perhaps a plan would be helpful."

Marvel gave him a hateful stare, "You think so?"

Marvel then pulled himself to his feet as the beast walked toward them, "Okay, we take turns. One distracts while the other attacks."

Adam looked on him incredulously, "That's it?"

Marvel shrugged, "I'm working on the fly here. Go."

Marvel then shot towards Doomsday looking to strike as Adam went around to attack from behind. As the creature lunged for Marvel Adam slammed several hard shots into his lower back causing him to turn giving Marvel a clear shot at his jaw. He then attempted to grab Marvel leaving his side open for another attack from Adam who drove an elbow into his ribs and sent him to the ground. Marvel then shot up high into the air and then back down at super sonic speed. He slammed feet first into Doomsday's back and drove him down.

Zatara sat a few hundred feet away, in a small building in the town staring into a monitor that was linked to a T-Sphere floating over the battle. As he saw the creature be slammed down he looked to the corner of the room, "Your turn."

Back in the battle Doomsday rolled over and gave Marvel a hard punch to the gut and jumped to his feet. As he stood above him Adam charged in from the back. Just before he made contact he was kicked into the ground. He looked up to see Isis floating above him with a glazed look in her eyes, "What the hell are you doing?"

(To be continued)

*Before anyone points it out, in the Death of Superman arc Martian Manhunter was in the guise of Bloodwynd and yes I know Guy Gardner was wearing Sinestro's yellow ring at the time.


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Part 4 will be the conclusion.

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Awesome! While there were a few typos that doesn't matter. I really like how they're not getting along and while I'm a bit sad that Bob didn't get a cameo it was still awesome!

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@tommythehitman: I had his cameo in there it just looked completely shoe horned

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Like it, Good job, good descriptions etc.. Lol at the doomsday introduction.

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Really like this one! :D great job you guys

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@joshmightbe: @awesam: "Well if you consider a guy who defeated a Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Maxima with one hand literally tied behind his back before beating Superman into a coma bad, then yeah."

Doomsday = bad times for shazamers! :)

Good work

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Part 4?

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@18hunt: Its been up Kev just hasn't added it to the library yet