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continued from here part 1

Co-written by @blackreaper AKA AweSam

Captain Marvel flew toward Black Adam, Adam did the same. Marvel threw a punch but Adam dodged and drove a knee into his enemy's gut. He drove a hammer blow into the back of his neck driving Marvel into the ground. Marvel then rolled away as Adam drove a foot down intending to crush him.

He grabbed Adam's leg and twisted the ankle sending him down. As he landed Marvel attempted to drive a fist into his face, Adam caught his hand and shot into the sky. He then hurled Marvel away to give him a moment to regroup. Marvel stopped himself mid air and turned and sped back. Adam attempted to dodge and attack as he had before but less than a second before impact Marvel turned and delivered a hard kick sending Adam several miles away as he gave chase.

Adam landed and skidded for a few hundred feet along the sand as Marvel came to continue his attack. Adam responded by slamming his hands together creating a shock wave that sent Marvel reeling as he rose back to the sky. He caught Marvel by the cape and lifted him above his head before bringing his spine down hard across his knee.

Adam gave a hateful grin as he let Marvel fall believing himself victorious for a moment. Marvel then halted his descent and shot back up to deliver a hard uppercut that sent Adam up through the clouds.

Isis could no longer see the fight as they pushed on. Marvel broke through the clouds and went to punch Adam who again caught his arm, this time spinning him away toward a rocky outcrop. Marvel halted right before hitting rock and grabbed hold of it as Adam flew down to strike like a missile. Marvel ripped the outcrop from the ground and spun clubbing Adam away.

Marvel attempted to strike again but Adam smashed the stone and fired off a left hook across Marvel's jaw. He then turned and wrapped his arm around Marvel's neck and attempted to break it. Marvel realized what he was trying to do and launched them both into the sky, barely missing a passing jet as they rose. Marvel did his best to shake him but Adam would not let up. Frustrated Marvel turned down and shot toward the ground. Marvel rolled to drag Adam across the rocky terrain at super sonic speeds and leaving a dust trail that could be seen from Europe.

Adam finally released as Marvel crashed sending them both tumbling for nearly a mile. They both jumped to their feet within arm's reach of each other. Adam gave Marvel a hay maker blow that sent shock waves across the ground, Marvel returned in kind. For several seconds they stood trading punches like heavy weight boxers. Finally Adam had had enough and snatched Marvel by the neck holding him to the sky and roared, "Shazam!"

Marvel broke free just in time to avoid the thunderbolt. Adam barely avoided being struck himself. Marvel then appeared behind him calling down a thunderbolt of his own before moving away. Adam leapt away as it struck and then drove a shoulder into Marvel's gut. He drove him into the sky as high as he could go without leaving Earth and then shot down aiming Marvel's head toward the ground.

The two dropped down into the middle of a busy street of Cairo. The city was rocked by the impact. As the buildings rattled glass from shattered windows rained down. People began to flee the area as Marvel rose to his feet. Before he knew where he was Adam was back on him driving several rapid shots to his face and chest.

Marvel fell back a few steps into a truck. He grabbed the side of the bed and swung the truck around slamming it into Adam when enough force to completely destroy it. Adam was knocked into a nearby parking garage. As Marvel looked around at the carnage they had caused a small car crashed into the ground next to him. Suddenly it was raining compact cars as Marvel swiftly dodged.

Marvel again took to the air in an effort to take the fight out of the city. Adam mistook this for an attempt to escape and hurled a large SUV that slammed into Marvel sending him crashing through several buildings that were brought down by the impact. As Marvel pulled himself from the debris Adam descended on him. He then delivered a savage uppercut to Adam's jaw that sent him flying out of the city. Adam crashed down in a junkyard for military vehicles. As Marvel pressed the attack Adam grabbed the gun arm of a nearby tank and swung it with all the force he could muster. The impact sent Marvel into the stratosphere. He managed to stop himself before completely leaving the atmosphere.

As he came back down he saw Adam coming up toward him so he sped his descent to meet him. The two slammed into each other and went spiraling off. They were mere inches from slamming into the Sphinx when they both roared,"Shazam."

Suddenly they were enveloped in energy and disappeared.


The Rock of Eternity

Marvel and Adam crashed to the ground returned to their mortal forms. They rose from the dirt eyeing each other when they heard the sound of a clearing throat behind. They turned to see the specter of Shazam floating before them with an angry scowl on his face.

Fortress of solitude

Zatara looked through the scope of the phantom zone projector while taping on the control panel, "Ah, you'll do nicely."

He then activated the projector and pulled a massive creature from the zone. The creature leapt out into a sphere of mystic energy as Zatara spoke, "Er'uoy rednu ym lortnoc."

The creature's eyes glazed over as Zatara took control.

(To be continued)

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We'll have two more issues for the crossover.

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*Me reading about them having a phantom zone resident* Well where screwed.

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Just bumping so people know this is up

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@joshmightbe Wow. That fight was brutal! I loved it! While there wasn't much story untill the end, I really enjoyed it!

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@tommythehitman: This whole part was just meant to be the battle. It's a crossover after all.

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Josh & @blackreaper

Wow. This really was action packed. If these two get it together, then the league in in trouble. And my guess on the critter at the end is Doomsday.

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@tommythehitman: Well this was more to show a bit of what they're capable of when they cut loose. Also them crashing through the capital of Egypt had to capture the League's attention.

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@wildvine said:
And my guess on the critter at the end is Doomsday.

Doomsday? I don't know what you're talking about...

I don't know what you are talking about

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@4donkeyjohnson: Part 3 will be up soon and I'm thinking about including some reactions from some of the various players in this world

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@awesam: @joshmightbe: @blackreaper "They turned to see the specter of Shazam floating before them with an angry scowl on his face" You boys are in trouble! :)

The creature leapt out into a sphere of mystic energy as Zatara spoke, "Er'uoy rednu ym lortnoc." The creature's eyes glazed over as Zatara took control.

And then they died! :)

Can't wait to see what happens

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