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part 1 continued from here

Fawcett City

Chris sat day dreaming in class eager for school to get out so he could try out his new powers. He'd convinced his father that the lightning strikes the night before had hit the back yard and not his bed room and had been impatiently waiting for a chance to see what he could do all day.

His teacher suddenly roused him, "You're wanted in the principal's office. Take your things with you."

Chris shrugged and grabbed his bag. He exited the room and headed toward the main office but stopped as he rounded the corner. He saw two Hawkmen standing beside the nervous principal while several T-spheres floated around. The principal pointed down the hall to Chris and the Hawkmen began to march toward him. Chris instinctively bolted.

They chased him down the hall and through the gym out into the football field. As the two behind him closed in, two more descended from the sky and had Chris cornered. He looked around and took a deep breath, "Okay then, Shazam!"

The thunderbolt struck instantly transforming him, much to the surprise of the Hawkmen. He shot up in the air just in time to avoid one swooping down on him and punched another hard in the face sending him crashing through the stands. Chris then flew off at blinding speed toward his house to check on his family.


Upon arrival he was shocked to find his home burning. He burst through the door and saw his father lying on the floor next to his mother in a pool of blood. He searched the place for his Grandfather but Freddy was nowhere to be found. As he came out he saw a dozen Hawkmen approaching, including those who had been at his school. The wisdom of Solomon was telling him to get away and work out a plan but rage over powered that.

He flew off fast enough to create a sonic boom and half a second later his fist connected with the face of the nearest Hawkman. Teeth shot out of his mouth like bullets as Chris delivered another shot. He then grabbed him by the throat and roughly snapped his neck. Two more then caught him one by the neck the other by the waist.

Chris glared at them and shot up into the air at break neck speed and began to twirl like a top. The Hawkmen were hurled away, only one returned. Five of them then pounced on him mid air and tried to force him down but he maneuvered two above his head and once again called down the lightning. He allowed them to be hit with it taking them out of the fight.

As the remaining Hawkmen stopped to regroup Chris had a moment to think and realized they had a whole army of these to send at him and was beginning to feel nervous. He dodged another attack but they encircled him weapons at the ready.

Suddenly an energy blast came seemingly out of nowhere and took out all but two of the remaining Hawkmen. Chris took advantage and knocked them out of the air before disappearing among the clouds.

On the ground a man sat down the large energy weapon he held and picked up the T-Sphere that had been knocked out by his weapon.

Chris flew down into the subway down into the cave where he had met the wizard. As he went back to mortal form it hit him that he had no place to go. Now that the initial anger had passed the thought of his loss got to him. He dropped down to the ground and began to cry.

Tawny the tiger appeared and nuzzled up next to the boy to offer some comfort.


Martian Manhunter made a futile request for a status report after the blast but received only static until one of the T-Sphere cameras came back on line. An image appeared that filled the Manhunter with dread.

White House

Superman sat in a meeting when the Manhunter came on the monitor. Superman glared up, "I'm in the middle of something."

Manhunter played the video in reply. Superman looked on in shock as the T-Sphere camera focused in. Lex Luthor seemingly in his prime gave a grin, "Did you miss me Clark?"

(To be continued)


I know its a bit short but it gets right to the point.

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Manhunter played the video in reply. Superman looked on in shock as the T-Sphere camera focused in. Lex Luthor seemingly in his prime gave a grin, "Did you miss me Clark?"

Oh snap! That's one hell of an ending! Nice work

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Awesome. Kind of like the Matrix at first. Good job.

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Lex will be important as the story goes on

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@joshmightbe: Good chapter! It's good to see that Chris got some revenge on those damn hawks and I loved the twist at the end. I'm kind of noticing that the families of our heroes have a disturbingly low mortality rate.

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@dngn4774: Well I never said whether or not Freddy was dead.

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Ah poor Chris. What's the point of the wisdom of Solomon though? I mean I've never seen Billy use it. Also as it turns out you could always have the wisdom of Stephen Hawking and still have the S instead of Solomon.

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@tommythehitman: I'm actually planning on Chris using that wisdom a bit more later on.

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@tommythehitman: Solomon, while I do respect Stephen I'll stick to the classics

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@joshmightbe: Also if you want to stay true to the whole religous angle that would work

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Really good. Nice fight scene. And the hook ending. Excellent work.