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"Bruce." Superman said as he floated into the Batcave. "We need to talk."

"There was a time I would have stopped you Clark." Batman said sadly as he stared at the Batcomputer.

"I know Bruce. There was always a debate over who would beat who."

"I would have tried to stop you from doing what you're doing now..."

"And what exactly have I been doing?"

"You killed the Justice Society of America."

"And now you're going to...?"

"Do nothing. I would have stopped you." Batman said. Turning his head slightly. "That was before Metropolis... so many people dead."

"So you're on my side?"

"Yes. For Tim, Dick, Barbara and Jason... for Alfred."

"You've made the right decision."

"I hope I have."

Superman nodded before flying back out the way he came. Batman looked sadly back towards the computer screen showing the file for Dick Grayson.

"Rest in Piece Richard." Batman said as he tapped a message in on the keyboard.



"Bruce..." Starfire said as Batman marched out of the elevator doors. "I didn't know you were back..."

"I've been back for 6 months Starfire." Batman said as he shoved past her. His new machine like body forced her backwards more then he had intended.

"What have you done to my cave?!" Batman asked as he looked out across the room.

"Uh. Superman ordered that it be turned into a training facility for the Hawkmen and SHADE agents."

"Tell Superman that now I'm back. I'm in charge of what happens in my home!"

"Well what exactly do you want to do?"

"Tell Superman... we need to talk."


"You want to do what?!"

"You're not using my home to train your Hawkmen!"


"Yes. I have a better idea anyway."



"Conner Hawke. What name have you chosen?"


"Your weapon of choice. Two Pistols and your bow. You do realize that arrows are in short supply these days?"

"Yes sir."

"Congratulations Conner." Batman said as he walked down the hallway towards the assembly room. "You're now the first graduate of the Batcave."

"Thank you sir."

"You know your mission?"

"Infiltrate any groups of rebels that I am able to find. Gain their trust and then reveal their locations to you or Superman."

"Congratulations son." Batman said as he held out his robotic hand. "Good luck."

"I'll make you proud sir. I'll make everyone proud..."


2065, Stryker's Island

"We're too late Bats." Knightguard muttered as he kicked the cell door in. "The rebels have already gone."

"It doesn't matter." Batman muttered as he shoved past. "We need to find out where they're going next."


"Well. He didn't last long." Knightguard muttered as he noticed Sharpshot's dead body. "Why did he have a key?"

"It was his signalling device. They wouldn't think to check it. Look where it got him." Batman nodded towards the single bullet between Sharpshot's eyes.

"Whatever. Guy was a dooche."

"We don't have time for this. Whatever the rebels are planning to do we need to fi-"


Batman looked surprised for a moment before activating his holo com.


The image of Martian Manhunter popped up on top of Batman's wrist.

"Batman. I don't know what you're doing. But Metropolis is under attack!"

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I really liked the segment with Starfire and Batman in the cave, but overall it was a little too fast paced for me, though you are attempting to cover a large amount of time in this segment.

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And Tommy a few lines of non-descript talking is good but then you've got to identify the talkers.