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Continued from: Book 1: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/corrupted-book-1-1452780/#16

Book 2: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/corrupted-book-2-1453103/#14

2013, Washington DC

Superman stood, his right hand raised “I, Kal-el, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and…”

Via satellite Lex Luthor watched, his hands balled into fists that shook with rage. He grabbed a wrench and hurled it through the screen and then upended the table in his hidden workshop.

2015, Washington DC

Martian Manhunter stood in the Oval Office as Superman looked up from his desk “We can fix most of this J’onn”

“Should we, is the question?”

Superman rubbed his chin “I think so. We can actually be proactive, we can move forward instead of just slugging it out on street corners”

“Bruce will come around” said J’onn “As much as he likes being the lone wolf, he always does better with a group”

“You’re right, thank you J’onn”

2017, Washington DC

“What do you mean unopposed?” stated Superman.

“Nobody’s even stepping up to the plate Big Blue” chuckled Oliver Queen “You have won the election by default and its only June. They’re looking at changing the constitution back to where you can serve three terms”

Superman gazed out the window “You should run”

“Clark, I did my time as mayor and I sucked. Just take the victory and enjoy the ride. Now pressing matters. As your Secretary of State we’ve had some interesting diplomatic requests”


“Mexico, Puerto Rico and Quebec. They are all formally requesting to join the United States”


“Are you kidding?” Oliver was almost stunned “We’ve got purple ray machines in every hospital. They only things they can’t cure is cancer! Of course people want to join because they want what we have. You’ve made the US THE place to be. Our dollar is strong, you’ve got Reddy on weather duty, we’re the pinnacle”

“Can they join? I mean legally, is there any way?”

“No idea, but Quebec is seceding from Canada, Puerto Rico has been a dominion of us for years and Mexico…well it’ll curb the drug problem”

“Do it! The statue does say; Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses”

2020, United Nations Building, New York

“The United States will willing accept any country wanting to join the United States” said Superman to the leaders of the world “We are here to offer the chance to truly step into the future. The Justice League has access to technology that can help the world. Join us, join me, join together and let us truly be planet of United Nations!”

Delegates stood and cheered. There were several notable dissenters: Black Adam the ruler of Kahndaq who promptly got up and walked from the room in disgust. The Chinese ambassador sat arms folded, unmoved by the speech. The Quraci minister busily chattered down the phone. Prince Brion of Markovia shook his head. The French ambassador yawned and reclined in his chair.

2022, Santa Prisca

“Are we safe?” asked Deathstroke as he stood next to Lex Luthor.

“I have Silver Banshee providing audio cover, Felix Faust has a mystic veil over the entire island, Weather Wizard brought in storms clouds and I sent Chemo and Giganta to attack California as a distraction. We are as safe as can be.” said Lex as he stepped up to the podium “I call this brief meeting of the Legion of Doom, to order!”

The assembled super villains slowly shut up as he looked over them.

“The world has simply rolled over and given itself to the alien!” he growled “He and his League have given the world the keys to the universe, in return he owns us! Countries beg to join the union to get access to food, water and healing. Soon all countries, all the planet will be his”

“Kahndaq will never stoop to kiss the feet of the United States as long as I draw breath!” yelled Black Adam as he hovered above the assembled group.

“Your neighbour Bialya has joined his union” said Lex “As has Egypt and Saudi Arabia. I wouldn’t say never”

“Blah, blah blah!” mocked a familiar voice from the back of the crowd “You just keep talking baldy, don’t you!”

“Anything sensible to add before I throw you into the sea, Joker” snarled Lex as the clown prince weaved his way through the crowd.

“When are we gonna have some fun?” he smiled "I have to gots to show my son my mad killin skillz!"

2032, Washington DC

Superman smiled and held out his hand “Welcome aboard Bruce. What made you change your mind?”

“Even though you don’t seem to age, I am turning fifty nine this year”

“Well old man, will you accept the position of Secretary for Justice and Prisons like I asked you to fill nineteen years ago?”

“Yes. I have some concerns though”

“We can discuss them with J’onn and Oliver” said Superman as he ushered his friend across the room.

2034, Keystone City

Black Adam held Impulse by the neck as he looked Wally West.

“You hurt him and I’ll rip you in half!” warned Wally as his costumed morphed over his body.

“I shall do more than hurt him” said Adam coldly.


“BART!” Wally raced at Black Adam as Bart’s lifeless body hung limply in Adam’s hand like a broken bird. Wally rained down thousands of punches, pummelling Black Adam.

“WHY? WHY YOU BASTARD?” screamed Wally.

Black Adam caught Wally’s arm and broke it “Because you two can alert the others. We can jam technology but speedsters need to be neutralised” Wally gasped and started to run but Black Adam punched the ground and shot the scarlet speedster up into the air.

“You and your League have acted like gods for too long” stated Black Adam as he grabbed Wally by the ankle and took off up to space “It is time you were shaken from your tree and reminded that you are not!”

Wally screamed a reply but the cold dark vacuum of space absorbed the sound.


Superman looked at the remnants of the battle. Hundreds of friends and foes dead in the streets. The smell and sights wreaked havoc with his super senses. His eyes welled with tears as he looked at his gutted cousin Kara. He ran his hand over the four bullet wounds Deathstroke had given him with the kryptonite bullets.

Wonder Woman landed beside him, coated in blood, her eyes dancing with fury “Are you okay?”

“If Carter hadn’t stepped in…” Superman shook his head “I’ll live. Unlike…” He looked again across the sea of the dead, wiped the tears from his eyes and took to the skies.

2041 China

Green Lantern hovered above the Great Ten, China’s most excellent superheroes. August General In Iron stood proudly before Hal Jordan.

“It is you, Green Lantern, who is the villain this time” he stated “You have fallen from your morale and righteous perch to be now the oppressor. China will not stand for Superman’s tyranny. I WILL NOT stand for it!”

“The League is…”

“The League is wrong!” pleaded August General In Iron “Look at what you want to do Green Lantern. You wish the sovereign nation of China to join your alliance or be taken by force! That is what your former nemesis Sinestro would demand”

Hal Jordan went to speak and then had an epiphany, the General’s words rang home “You’re right! What am I doing?”


Superman flew down to the Great Ten and Green Lantern “What is going on?”

“We have to stop Clark” said Green Lantern “What we’re doing is wrong!”

“You had orders Hal and you’re deliberately disobeying them” said Superman as he removed the helmet of Nabu “You are either with the League or against it. Which is it?”

“It’s not that simple Clark!” protested Hal “It’s not black and white!”

“Against!” Superman backhanded Hal, who got a shield up in time but was knocked away like a ragdoll. The man of steel turned on the Great Ten quickly, dispatching them quickly and ruthlessly. Hal returned and slammed a green wrecking ball construct into Superman.

“You’re a madman!”

“And you’re out of the League!” yelled Superman as he flew in close to Hal and wrenched his right arm off at the shoulder. Hal screamed as Superman slammed his fist through Hal’s chest killing him.

<Ring Status Report: Green Lantern 2814…> Superman used his arctic breath and froze the severed limb in a block of ice.

Martian Manhunter flew down “Superman?”

“I will be gone a few days” said Superman “I’m heading to Oa”

2048 Atlantis

Aquaman sat with the cyborg Demon Gate, the bounty hunter Lobo, the witch Circe, the son of the Key, Gentlemen Ghost, Ragdoll and Gazer; the daughter of the Monocle and Mirror Master’s daughter.

“The once proud Justice League is no more” stated Aquaman “I am ashamed of my association with it. It is time to set things right. I have gathered you all here to help me overt…” He stopped midsentence as Lobo morphed into Martian Manhunter.

“I expected better of you Arthur” said J’onn

“I expected better of US” roared Aquaman as he hurled his trident at the Martian. J’onn easily caught the weapon and then used it to impale Circe to the wall like one would pin a butterfly.

“Superman will be here shortly Arthur, to deal with you directly”

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It was interesting to read the League's slow decent into madness. Good work!

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@dngn4774: It's much better than "oh today we went bad!"

Evil or badness, is better when they just keep crossing the line until they can no longer see it

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Cool, Lex's fate will be shown in Captain Marvel's next chapter

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Good job! My favorite part was the superhero blood bath aftermath. I could picture it so well with your writing.

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Poor Green Lantern. I like how you're using the more obscure characters like The Great Ten. Who I've only heard of because of August General in Iron. Deathstroke is a badass as always even if he died. However he probably took a few dozen superzeroes with him.

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I accidentally removed myself from the pm because of my stupid phone so if anyone needs to ask anything about captain marvel pm me

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@falconpuuunch: Well war is horrid, super-war is HORRIFIC!

@tommythehitman: The Great Ten were created by Grant Morrison based of Chinese myth. August General In Iron is probably the best known. I'm sure Deathstroke killed more than his fair share, probably starting with the Titans!

@joshmightbe: I re-added you, hopefully. And don't worry, as soon as you learn how to use it it will be time for an update

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Gah, holy what! Best ending yet! Still waiting on what happened to bats.

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“You and your League have acted like gods for too long” stated Black Adam as he grabbed Wally by the ankle and took off up to space “It is time you were shaken from your tree and reminded that you are not!”

Nice work, very powerful stuff there! Also another almost patented cliffhanger ending with Superman on route to "deal" with Aquaman.

Corrupted is great...kinda sad I dropped the PM but this way is better, I get surprised on what you're doing!

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Ancietn history bump