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Convict N:Metahuman Empire #1

In the year 2023 Metahuman crime reached an all time high.Guantanamo Bay's Metahuman crime wing was opened as a super-max prison to hold these "freaks".The inmates were tortured mercilessly and their beyond human abilities were rendered useless by a new compound known as Rudanthium.The main ingredient in Rudanthium is an element that was discovered on Mars in 3015.When the element was brought back to earth it was combined with other earthly elements and Rudanthium was created.

In the year 3033 7 years after Guantanamo Bay's Metahuman crime wing was opened inmate 237591 otherwise known as "Papa Meta" was planning something big...A jailbreak.Papa had recruited many young Meta's from outside through lies and propaganda.He promised a spot on his high council when he finally took control of the world.For some though this wasn't enough.For them he used even stronger lies,he told them he was prophet and that God had gifted him with powers before all others because god knew he was great.To those that believed him he promised a place in heaven.

The breakout went down on April 9th 3031 at 12 am.The breakout started in an explosion of red energy  blasts and flying concrete.It ended with Papa cold bloodily killing the warden with a thin blast of energy straight through his head.

Fast forward 2 years to July 31st 3033.Papa had infiltrated the government as Senator John Lament campaigning on an anti-meta agenda.But today he took the next step forward on the thirtieth day of august 3034 Papa had a meeting with the President of the United States of America.The topic of the meeting was how to stop the metas from moving forward with their plans of massacre .When the meeting was 30 minutes in Papa said something that would change the course of history...

Papa-"This is the end of man-kind"

The President was shocked.He didn't know what to say.

President-"W--what do you mean?
Papa-"I mean that with your death the rise metas and the fall of mankind."

Suddenly Papa killed the president just as he had the warden years earlier.And with that a new age was upon the world.The first thing he did was put together a rigged election for president of the U.S. when he won he enacted a law that created an all meta army and political system.Then using this very powerful army he invaded the worlds largest and most powerful country.He invaded China.Followed by Russia and the rest of Asia followed by Africa and South America.Now he had his hands firmly around the worlds neck and no-one would dare oppose him.

But in the year 3043 something that would change the world even more happened.In this year a baby boy was born to a human known only as Mercy.This baby who would be seen as man-kinds savior was half Meta and half Human...
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u going to write any more?

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@UndeadAssassin said:
" u going to write any more? "
Of course i will!