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This is a new universe new characters. We need three more writers All must have a unique character and unique story lines. Also we need artist. We also have a website to post our ideas so if you want to join post here and i will PM you the URL.

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I'm interested blacklighting2. I'm very flexable as far as writing goes, just tell me what you're looking for and I can give you an example within a couple days.
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"This is America a third world country ruinned by proverty, corruption, crime and me. When I signed on for this presidency job I swore to protect the world but so far I did nothing." said Obama with an unsatisfied look on his face.

Two giant doors opened in front of him leading into a lab. Thousands of scientist working on huge computers and others watching for results. A scientist in his mid twenties came running in the lab.

"I hav it I have it." said Dr.Rick looking very excited like a little kid.

"What do you have." asked Obama as he turned to him.

The scientist was shoke with joy. "Hyper biological substance is finish."

Dr.Rick ran down the Hallway to show Obama and Obama followed shortly after. At the end of the Hallway a tube with a boy inside was glowing. The boy's eyes open and with one flick of a finger a the tube was broke. The boy was about 6'0.

"How do you like me now Obama." said Hyperboy.

In SanFransico a yellow cab drove into an empty spot near the school. Then a young asian girl carrying a bowl of rice stepped out of the car.

"Have a nice day uncle Hun."said Wendy.

"You two." said Hun then he drove off into the distance. Wendy pulled out her labtop as she walked to the front door of the school.

On the other side of school a block down a girl is listening to her I-pod singing along with it. "Walking my way down town walking fast." Then a loud scream is heard. Angel stops she sees that its coming from her mom.

"Mom whats wrong." asked Angel.

"My purse it was stolen." said her mom.

Angel ran off to find who did it. Then a vlack boy not to far from the scene over hears.

"I guess my job is never done." said Kyron. Kyron felt glad there was a mission for him to do 1st period was boring anyway. Kyron ran to an alley to change his clothes.

"Meet Black Energy." said Kyron as he put all his energy to his feet so he could leap on top of the building and catch up to the robbers,

At the front steps of school Wendy noticed a woman crying to the police about her stolen purse. Wendy started to press buttons on her Labtop.

"Buster theres a theft in progess." said Wendy.

In Wendys house lights flashed in the basment. Then a robot appears from the shadow.

"Im on it Wendy." said Buster.

Buster turned on the boosters on his back and flew in a hole that was in the basement under a mat.

"your not getting away." said Angel

"Boss the girl is following us." said Johnny. Then the three robbers run down another street and an aromored trucks pulls up.

"Get in you fools."said Bill.

"You took long enough."said the boss. Then the truck pulls off.

Angel stops dissapointed that she can't catch them.

"Damn my powers wont work this far back." said Angel.

Then Black Energy jumps down from the building.

"No worries little girl I'll stop them." said Black Energy Then he loks at her closer. "Angel?"

Angel didnt know didnt know who Black Energy but saw him once or twice on the news.

"How do you know me.?" said Angel.

Black Energy didnt have a way to get out of this so he put a twix candy bar in his mouth.

"Mrgh." grumbled Black Energy as he ran off to the armored truck. Buster was not to far away he folowed closely behind the truck. Angel knew Black Energy was hiding something and she had to find out what so she followed him.