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Do not touch means DO NOT TOUCH

Fortress of Solitude 1996

Lana tugged her coat tight, "Holy crap its cold."

Clark chuckled,"You wanted to see it. Okay increase temperature to umm...68 degrees Fahrenheit."

The room quickly rose to a more comfortable temperature and Lana relaxed, "So this is, what? Your home now."

Clark shook his head, "Nah, I just like to hang out here from time to time. its nice to have a place to remind me where I come from."

She looked around, "So you're really the last of your kind?"

He nodded, "As far as I know, me and Krypto and this place are the last bits of Krypton. Its not so bad, I got Mom and Dad and a home."

She dropped the subject when she saw the look on his face, "So, you gonna give me a tour?"

Clark gave a half grin, "Yea, but don't touch anything some of this stuff is dangerous and I haven't figured it all out yet."


An hour or so later Lana wandered a bit away from Clark as he excitedly explained something that she had no interest in and she came upon a device with a large red sign above it. She was unable to read it because it was in Kryptonian so she looked to the machine and started fiddling with the dials. Clark looked over and noticed her, "Lana No!"

She started to step back but was enveloped with light. Clark made it to the device a millisecond too late and she was gone, "Jor-El what is this thing?"

The hologram appeared, "That is the Phantom Zone projector, it teleports prisoners to a dimension of negative energy."

Clark's eyes went wide, "Lana is in an alien prison?!"

The hologram coldly replied, "Yes, though she should be relatively easy to track being the only human there. Give me a moment to acquire her energy signature."

Lana appeared in a desolate landscape amid a large crowd murmuring to each other in a language she didn't understand. She waded through the crowd to get an idea what was going on and then spotted the make shift gladiator pit they all stood around with a very frightened looking man in the middle. Suddenly the murmurs were replaced with a loud chant as a bearded man stepped out. The crowd seemed to get very riled as they chanted, "Zod, Zod,Zod!"

Her eyes widened as she began to think she was about to watch a man die when again a light enveloped her, a second later she was back in the fortress where Clark sighed with relief, "I told you not to touch anything."

She shouted, "Where the hell was I?"

Back in the Phantom Zone

The crowd was now silently staring at the spot where the light had just appeared. Zod looked the place over and a grin appeared on his face.


Back at the Kent farm

Lana pulled off her parka and gave Clark an annoyed look,"For the last time I'm fine. Quit asking."

Clark sighed again, "Okay, fine."

She then turned to Clark, "Well I survived going to another dimension so screw it, Clark, you're taking me to a movie on Saturday. Dinner too."

Clark looked a bit confused, "Umm, Okay. Sure."

(To be continued)

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Awesome, you don't understand how cool this is. This is genius, brilliance. It should be published. This is awesome sauce.

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@thespideyguy: Thank you

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@joshmightbe: Great and now Clark's other greatest foe has appeared. What I wouldn't give to see guys like Parasite or Livewire get the attention they deserve.

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@impurestcheese: Well I'm trying to avoid the majority of his actual Super villains until he makes his public debut.

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@joshmightbe: That's not a barb at you it's one at DC in general. It seems that only Lex and Zod can make it to the big screen in their eyes. I'm not a big DC fan but even I know that the pair of them have literally been done to death. Honestly I think its time they gave somebody else a chance.

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@impurestcheese: I named my kid after Lex so I can't really help with that argument but I'd love to see his other villains on the big screen.

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@joshmightbe: Sure it would be nice. Personally I'm hoping (stupidly because it won't happen) for a Secret Six movie to come out.

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@impurestcheese: They might be getting an Arkham spin off game, not the same as a movie but that could be awesome.

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@impurestcheese: Its a rumor that spun out of a scene at the end of Arkham Origins between Amanda Waller and Deathstroke.

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