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continued from here

Weird old guys.

A bar near the campus of Kansas State University 2000

An old man walks in, he sneers at the college kids wandering around before spotting his friends. Before he made it to the table a young man stopped him, "Excuse me sir, I'm a bit of a boxing historian and correct me if I'm wrong but are you Ted Grant?"

He got a bit of a grin, "Why yes I am, want an autograph?"

The young man shook his head, "No I just had a question. What round did you go down in when you fought Frazier?"

Ted's eyes narrowed, "5."

He then went to his table grumbling about young punks. As he sat he gruffly asked, "Alright Nelson, what was so important that I needed to come all the way to the middle of Kansas?"

One of the three men at the table named Kent Nelson, tossed out a tabloid with a headline about the Red winged angel."

Ted was unimpressed, "That's nice, want to go look for Bigfoot later?"

One of the others, Alan Scott picked up the paper, "I doubt anyone at this table can be too skeptical about urban legends."

The forth man, Jay Garrick nodded, "That may be but I'm with Ted on this. And even if it is true, still doesn't explain why we're here."

Kent sighs, "I didn't want to come any more than you did, Nabu insisted and saying no isn't always an option."

Ted crossed his arm and sat back in his chair, "Okay, what does the helmet want?"

"He just said that this angel or what ever was a student here and I needed to meet him."

Alan leaned in, "You think Hawk is back, reincarnation was his thing right?"

Jay eased back, "The whole angel thing fits."

Nelson shook his head, "No Nabu wouldn't be so concerned with that reincarnation happens all the time."

Ted looked around the table, "Anyone else coming?"

Nelson looked down, "No, Dodds wanted to but he's not doing well. Barely remembers his name most of the time. the rest are either dead or not interested."

Clark Kent walked in to the bar pushing Lori's chair and looking for a table. He wasn't exactly a regular but Lori was curious about why half the campus hung out here.

The four old men looked down at the bag Kent brought with him as it started shaking. Kent slammed it shut as a beam of light started to pour out. Ted looked over, "Well something's got him worked up."

Kent forced the bag back down to the floor as Clark and Lori passed and the men looked up to see Clark giving a curious look to the bag as Kent forced it under the table.

He shrugged and went on to a table with Lori. Jay looked over to Kent, "That's him, isn't it?"

Kent nodded.


Clark woke in the morning and gave a stretch, he noted that the bed in Lori's room was infinitely more comfy than his at the dorm. He thought it a shame she couldn't use it. He walked into the kitchen and saw Lori staring at the back of a box of pancake mix. She looked over to Clark, "Ah, I was going to surprise you with breakfast."

He walked over and kissed her, "You've never used this kitchen before, have you?"

She shook her head. "Cooking has never been my thing."

Clark smiled, "Well, allow me."

She backed away from the stove and handed Clark her mixing bowl, " I got chocolate chips."

He nodded,"Yes dear."

They then chuckled as he proceeded to make breakfast for them."


As they finished up breakfast there was a knock at the door, Lori quickly grabbed a blanket and wrapped herself up as Clark headed to the door. He opened it to see the four old men from the bar last night.

Alan stepped up, "Is your name Kalal..wait I said that wrong, what was it Kent?"

Kent replied, "Kal-El"

Clark looked the men over,"Nope, no one here by that name."

The Helmet of Nabu ripped itself free of Nelson's bag and floated directly in front of Clark's face. Ted nodded, "Something tells me you're lying."


They were now all in Lori's living room as Clark stared incredulously at them, "The Justice Society was just a story."

Lori tapped him on the shoulder, "They have the Helmet of Nabu Clark, where I come from that's kind of a big deal."

Clark looked over, "Well I'm from Kansas and I never heard of it."

Kent looked over to Lori,"And where are you from,Ma'am."

She moved closer, "Atlantis."

Clark eased back in his chair, "Okay, look I'm not sure why you're here but trust me I'm nothing special."

The voice of Nabu boomed from the Helmet,"You are Kal-El of Krypton."

Clark's eyes went wide, "How do you know about Krypton?"

The Helmet replied, "I know a great deal. You were spared the planet's destruction by your father and were delivered to Earth where our yellow sun granted you powers far beyond mortal men."

Clark stopped it before it went further. Kent stood, "Look kid, we've all had our doubts. I wasn't exactly thrilled when my life got claimed by a metal hat but that's just how things go."

Clark shook his head, "I'm already doing my part, I've done everything in my power to help as many people as possible. So why are you guys here?"

Kent shrugged, "I don't know exactly."

Jay chimed in, "It wouldn't be acting this way if it wasn't important."


The four spent the day at Lori's house while she and Clark went to their classes. Ted flipped through channels until he noticed the news, "Guys I think I know why we're here."

The reporter at the seen stood in front of what appeared to be a large black wall, "The mysterious black dot appeared earlier today and seemed to expand until it completely engulfed this area that we're told is a now defunct cemetery that has lain unused for the better part of a century. Scientists and authorities are baffled by the occurrence and have been so far unable to penetrate the area despite rigorous effort."

Clark and Lori came in to see the men dressed for action, Ted looked over,"Suit up kid, we got business."

(To be Continued)

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Wow. I suddenly noticed that this is the 21. part, already.

This is very cool. Though, it sometimes bothers me that superpersons always meet other superpersons by accident. Then again, stuff like that happens in our world, too. So, I guess it`s realistic and credible enough.

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@joshmightbe said:

The Helmet of Nabu ripped itself free of Nelson's bag and floated directly in front of Clark's face. Ted nodded, "Something tells me you're lying."

Very cool! The magic helmet thinks you're a liar Clark :)

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: This wasn't an accidental meeting, Nabu was forcing an encounter and this story serves the point of introducing Clark to concept of magic

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Okay, I`m guessing then, that for some reason there`s been a misunderstanding on my part.

Also, finally a multi-parter! Yay!

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: When you bring in Dr. Fate you need an extra chapter

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@joshmightbe: This is great as usual. I really want to see him meet up with other justice leaguers. Also It would be cool to see you do this for batman and flash and other leaguers.

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@thespideyguy: I'm currently debating whether to do Barry or Wally as far as the current flash in this world goes, on the one hand I like Barry a lot but the Wally fan part of me really wants to give him some spot light since no one else will

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Been sick for a couple days, 22 will be up soon

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Nice scene with Ted Grant. Added to my FF Long Box. :)